Cat Stories | April 14th - April 20th/2019

Cat Stories | April 14th - April 20th/2019

Cat Stories | April 14th - April 20th/2019

1. The story from Minos

I was working in a low cost, high volume spay/neuter clinic as a Vet tech. It was the day before Thanksgiving and an elderly couple who owned a farm had trapped a feral Mom and two kittens, who were only about 5 weeks old. It was freezing cold and blizzard weather so we begged the couple to sign the cats over to us to let us rehabilitate them and adopt out the Mom and babies after spaying and neutering. We knew in that weather those babies would of never survived. Thank God they agreed! So Mom went to the Shelter and the babies went home with fellow workers to be rehabilitated. When they were brought back two weeks later to go to the adoption center and I saw the male tuxedo, I just fell in love again and knew he had to be mine. So I took him then and there before he even had a chance to go to the adoption floor, we named him Minos. He was the sweetest kitten and ended up becoming best friends with our 100 German Shepherd. Unfortunately 3 years later our Shepherd passed and then 3 months later our older 14-year-old cat to HCM. Minos went into such a deep depression that he ended up with FLUTD. We were devastated for him. We did every treatment we could. Finally four months later, the same coworker who rehabilitated him had two boy kittens she was bottle feeding who would be needing homes, so we thought, why not give it a shot. At first, we were nervous, hoping it wouldn't make the FLUTD worse, but it only took about a month for him to take to them. And to our delight he started acting like a kitten again, running around and playing!! Those two kittens gave him a new life! Achilles & Atticus. That was May 2016. He hasn't had a flare up since before that. Unfortunately, though he was just diagnosed with HCM, just like our other cat. So once again we are devastated 😿💔. He just turned 6 years old. But we will do whatever we have to and fight until the end for him, our dear feral baby.

By Jennifer

"We love this story of Minos. Such an inspiration to never give up, and keep fighting. Sending Minos all our love" -ViviPet Team


2. The story from Layla

My cat Layla was Originally my brother’s cat from the litter he had. She was born without a tail and couldn’t use her back legs, first she was giving to someone who liked cats with disabilities but it didn’t work out, so a month later she came back home to my brothers home. So my mother and I took Layla in to our house and she has been with us for 6 years now

By Dover

"Layla's story reminds us that we shouldn't judge based on disabilities. We're happy to hear she has a happy home!" -ViviPet Team


3. The story from Chocolate pudding

Chocolate pudding aka chunk was born on my bed 16 years ago, he is a very cranky cat but He’s loveable when he wants to be.I can’t imagine my life without him.

By Dover

"Chunk has that purr-fect stare down! Catitude is everything!" -ViviPet Team


4. The story from Dolly

I first Dolly when I used to work at my old nursing home. I fell right in love with Dolly, she is very sweet and gentle. Last year in lost my job, dolly had no where to go so I took her home. I always made sure she was feed, had water and treats.

By Dover

"Dolly is beautiful! Thank you or sharing your sweet story!" -ViviPet Team


5. The story from Stella and Luna

My fiancé and I adopted our first ever cats nearly one year ago, Stella and Luna. I had wanted cats my whole life, but my fiancé wasn't as convinced. After we had adopted them, he completely changed his tune - I think he might be crazier about these cats than I am! Now he shares pictures of them and talks about them all the time, our friends joke that he's become a "cat daddy". It's so wonderful waking up to our kitty family every day, we're thinking of adopting even more!

By Anita

"Once you get a cat you wont go back, these kitties are fur-midable. Thank you for sharing your adoption story!" -ViviPet Team


6. The story from Spike

My handsome kitty you see here is name Spike. He just turned 18, and has been my sidekick since my grandparents brought him home. What makes his story special is his “nub”. Not sure if you can tell in this photo, but he doesn’t have a tail. But his nub is not the focal point here, it is his hip in front of the nub. You see, Spike is a special kitty saved by our vet. One night, he was lying underneath a car snoozing. The guy that owned the car didn’t see him or give him time to run away. The guy ran over him. Right over his little kitty hip! That didn’t stop Spike. It actually fueled his need to get help. At the time, we had a long log at the end of our steep driveway to prevent cars possibly going down the hill and into the lake. We also had small sets of stair on the outside of the house to the kitty door. Instead of lying in the driveway, Spike used his front paws to climb over the log, up two flights of small stairs, and in the kitty door to the sunroom! Since his hip was broken, his back legs were useless. He was barely a year old! I saw him lying in the sunroom and started to pet him. He kept trying to bite me as a warning, so I knew he was hurt. I told my grandparents and we rushed him to the kitty hospital. The funny part is while the vet tried to take an X-RAY, his nub kept going in all different directions! Once we knew what we had to do, we had him operate on Spike. Almost $3,000 on Care Credit and 17 years later, Spike is still roaming around the house! I’m so thankful we were able to do the surgery. I still have my buddy by my side giving me all the cuddles! 

By Miranda

"Spikes sounds like a super kitty. Our hearts are melting for this happy ending. Thank you for sharing your story Miranda" -ViviPet Team


7. The story from Booger

Booger was found in the middle of a busy road around 1 AM. I stopped after seeing his eyes shine in my headlights and no attempt at running away. He was hit early the prior morning and left for dead. Hundreds drove over him, no one stopped. I wrapped him in a blanket and took him to my friend's house where we thought would be his final hours. Booger had other plans. After 3 days of proving he wasn't ready to go yet I talked my parents into letting me take him to the vet and assess his damages. He had a broken hip and required extensive surgery. I didn't have the funds for that, so I fundraised. Another 3 days and he did it. His story went far enough to get him his surgery and a second chance at life. I sadly lost Booger 6 short months later to bone cancer, but because of him I've rescued more. Before meeting Booger I never had a cat and I always said I never would. Booger changed my life forever.

By Victoria

"We are so moved to hear your story! Angels like Booger are a blessing" -ViviPet Team

8. The story from Jamie

I got my baby girl through a rescue website when she was around two years old. She has become quite a chunk , but it gives me more to love about her. Sleeping all day and going into places she does not belong are her favorite activities. She has turned out to be an attention hog and like to get up in the middle of the night asking for food, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Love being a cat mom to this ridiculous girl!

By Christina 

"We all wish to be spoiled like Jaime. Its good to be a cat!" -ViviPet Team

9. The story from Cleo, Roscoe, Belle, Dodge, Mopar, Nikki, Maddie, tony, Tobi, pumpkin, sofi, ziva, blackey, mia

Where to start.? I have 2 cats and my mom has 12 we've always had cats ever since I can remember. Rescued ones we've some handed to us and some have found us. Roscoe and Cleo are mine aka mousers and peony 🙄 Dodge was a little kitten in the middle of a highway no more than a handful looked like she had been beat up cars were swerving to miss her that's why we named her Dodge. Belle was found in our yard did not belong to any neighbors just showed up one almost being got with the mower. Mom has always loved black cats we rescued Maddie from the flea market. Toby had jumped out of a dump truck sitting at a red light went into another ladies car who had a German Shepherd couldn't keep him mom was actually going to take him to the pound but he convinced her other wise. Toni was fixing to be taken to the pound and they took him instead. My grandmother is no longer able to care for sofi and pumpkin I insisted they stay together and she took them in. All the others she had gotten from someone because they needed a home...blackey is a beat up can't you can't get near but comes down out of the woods to eat and goes back to where ever he lives. Not sure where. They all have their own stories and have feelings too my Roscoe is grey and white & huge Cleo is a small calico. They are all just like our kids since we can't have any.

By Jessica 

"Thank you for sharing Jessica! We certainly believe cats could be like kids, and we love them just the same!" -ViviPet Team


10. The story from Penny

Penny has had the purrfect fairy tale story. At just 4 weeks old, Penny and her siblings were thrown into a dumpster. Thankfully their cries were heard and all 5 kittens were rescued by a kind and caring animal lover. The kittens were all able to thrive and eventually found their furever homes.
I was lucky enough to adopt my ginger princess who was just this little ball of orange fluff and full of ginger-tude! Penny has had some obstacles to overcome health wise. Every day Penny brings happiness and love to all those she comes in contact with. Even though she has health issues she deals with on a daily basis, Penny is their to comfort others who need it. Penny has become great at knowing when to offer up her belly for a belly rub, lay on a lap, cuddle next to someone, or give healing purrs to whomever needs them.
When Penny is not comforting others she loves to meowdel for the camera in her latest fashion choices. She soaks up all the attention and love she is showered with and gives it back ten fold!
Penny is an advocate for pet adoption and tries to share her story of being thrown away with all who will listen. In advocating for pet adoption, she also spreads the message of the importance of spaying and neutering pets.
While Penny’s fairy tale has many more chapters still to be written, she has already been guaranteed to live happily ever after!

Penny lives here with 4 other rescue kitties, and has helped foster kitties on their way to finding their furever homes.

By Shannon 

"Penny is a super model in our eyes! Thank you for sharing Shannon" -ViviPet Team

11. The story from Stormie

So anytime I am eating chips and my siamese cat is near he's always got to have one if no he will paw at me until I do.

By Heather

"Sharing is caring, even when it comes to chips! " -ViviPet Team

12. The story from Purrdix

My husband and I trap feral cats and take them to the shelter to be fixed and then we release them. We work with a cat community here. I care for a feral colony out behind my husband's warehouse and I ended up trapping a 7-month-old Male kitty. I decided to try and tame him and it has been a long road. He was very feral and hard to work with. He stayed in our barn for a few months and we gained his trust with food and by sweetly talking to him. 3 months in and he would let me lightly touch him. I brought him into my home in a 3 tier cage so he had plenty of room. He met my other cats through the cage bars. They learned to trust each other. After a month we let him out full time and he still hid in the cage most of the day but ventured out when we weren't around.. anyways its been a year and 5 months and he comes up to me now and loves being pet. He begs for food and talks to me. He loves my other cats and follows them around and cuddles with them. I think they make him feel safe. He sleeps at the end of our bed. He was absolutely worth the hard amount of work we put in. Most people won't try to tame a cat after 10 weeks as it is incredibly difficult. I think he's thankful or I can only hope he is. He still gets a little scared if I try and hold him but every day he becomes more trusting. I love him so much.

By Heather

"Thank you for sharing Purrdix wild story Heather! Building trust is not easy, and we love this happy ending " -ViviPet Team


13.The story from Da Vinci

I found Da Vinci one cold morning in the parking lot of a local deli. My mom raised a feral colony and this little guy stuck out from the rest with his frosty blue-grey fur and his willingness to let random strangers pick him up. He came running to me, asked to be picked up, and fell asleep in my arms. The lady who ran the deli explained that a random woman dropped him off at the colony and left in a minivan, leaving the poor little guy to fend for himself, almost running into traffic to chase the van. It took a day or two for me to come to get him, but the Deli Cat came home with me. At the time, I was a special education teaching assistant and my kids were studying the Renaissance, a time of great discovery and renewal. One of these great figures was Da Vinci, so Da Vinci is what he has become. He's so friendly to strangers, loves to play in reusable grocery bags, and checking himself out in the mirror. So thankful that he discovered me.

By Amanda

"Di Vinci is so handsome, and we bet he knows it! Thank you for sharing Amanda " -ViviPet Team

14. The story from Sadie

Our cat, Sadie, was left on the side of the road in a box with other kittens. A kind lady picked them up, brought them into the corner store my brother (and I) happened to be at and we peeked in at them.
They were all so small and fluffy! One kitten in particular (Sadie) looked up at my brother with her sad blue eyes and he was done for. lol
We took her home with us and she has been being spoiled ever since. While she's no longer a tiny kitten with sad blue eyes, she still has us all wrapped around her paw. ❀

By Kelly

"Sadie is beautiful! Your so lucky!" -ViviPet Team


A photo from Rosie & Milo

By Sullivan

"We love how amazing this modern cat tree looks in your home! Thank you for sharing Sullivan!



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