Cat Stories | April 21st - April 27th/2019

Cat Stories | April 21st - April 27th/2019

Cat Stories | April 21st - April 27th/2019

1.The story from Marshmallow

 Hi. I just wanted to share Marshmallow’s (Mallow’s) story.
Mallow was me and my fiance’s first kitty. We got him because our other cat, Muffin, gave birth and we decided to keep him. He was such a joyful, loving and adventurous kitty! When he reached the age of 9 months we noticed he wasn’t himself. The visits to the vet started. At first, they thought he had liver problems, but when they did more test, FIP was diagnosed. We were devistated. Our personal vet told us he probably had the dry version, so the possibility to stretch his life and make it comfortable for him was high. So we had hope. We encouraged him to eat, to drink, to play. And he tried. So hard. He wanted to fight this and boy did he fight like a hero. His breathing got worse and we were worried sick so we rushed him to the hospital miles away, late in the evening. He had to stay because he was in such bad shape. He stayed there 3 days and we visited every single day. Before work, after work. Turned out Mallow had the wet version of FIP, the worst kind, he didn’t have much time left.. They called us every day in the morning saying he did okay and was stable. Until we got the phone call that they wanted him to go home, now that it’s still possible. He was the happiest little kitty when he returned home, and we were the happiest humans to have him back. We had him for a couple of weeks, he tried to eat and drink and really did his best. His breathing got worse, we thought the fluid in his chest was back but apparently, it was fluids around his heart that caused his breathing to get worse - and no vet wanted to risk-taking that fluid out.
So one day, he didn’t move for the whole day. No drinking, no eating, not even getting out of the sofa.. My heart broke as we had to decide to put him to sleep.. We stayed with him, holding his paw, giving him kisses, telling him it’ll all be okay.. He is now over the rainbow bridge being the happiest, playful little kitty he has been since we first got him. I just wanted to share his story with you guys, not to win, just for a chance for you to share it. I know this company has been raised because of losing a kitty to FIP, and I myself am raising money for FIP Research in my country too. Together with the Universitairy Clinic Mallow was at. I have had stickers made with Mallow on it to help raise awareness and had a design made of a Super Mallow to start selling pin. In honour of Mallow. Just, for Mallow. And for all the kitties who didn’t have a chance against FIP. For all kitties who might still have it, or can get it in the future. Thank you guys for donating a % off your profit to FIP Research. Since I been through the horrible journey myself, I can highly appreciate it.
(IG: @mallowthemarsh)

By Stefanie

"Thank you so much for sharing Marshmallow's story. We're so sorry to hear he lost his battle with FIP. He was a beautiful cat! Stories like Marshmallow's is why we created this Cat Community."- ViviPet Team


2. The story from Iggy

Iggy had a rough start in life, but thanks to a kind person he ended up at the Tiny Paws Kitten Rescue in Oklahoma. He had kidney issues and crystals, and his family decided to euthanize him rather than help him get better. The Rescue stepped in and took him to save his life. He got better, but couldn’t compete with all the cute kittens and stayed at the rescue for 3 years. When we met, it was all love. He’s the biggest cat I’ve met, and I love all 20 pounds of him. He’s the sweetest and most cuddly cat ever! He’s been my bestie for 6 years and just turned 11.

By Amber

"Iggy has such a sweet face! He's so lucky to have you! Thanks for sharing Amber. "- ViviPet Team


3. The story from Frog

Frog is a certified therapy kitty. He loves to visit people and bring them love. He also has a slight disability, it is called cerebellar hypoplasia. He has a funny walk and leap. That is why he is named Frog. He will hop right into your heart with his sweet cuddles.

By Jaetta

"That makes Frog much more unique! Thanks for sharing Jaetta!"- ViviPet Team

4. The story from Needy

I rescued Needy when she was three weeks old. I have anxiety, depression, ADHD, and am on the Autism spectrum. Needy is my Emotional Support Animal and helps me cope during a bad day. She is very vocal and expressive.

By Danielle

"What a great photo of Needy! Thank you for sharing her story, Danielle!"- ViviPet Team


5. The story from Olivia Elliott

Like so many others, I had not heard of FIP. I moved from Canada to Mexico in March of 2011 with my 2 cats. By May, Olivia had reoccurring fevers, loss of appetite and finally fluid in the abdomen. I could not believe that a formerly perfectly healthy 5-year-old cat contracted this while my 12-year-old cat did not. To this day, it is unknown if she was carrying the corona virus or contracted it some other way. My vet here tried interferon which did work for a while, but ultimately the battle was lost. That is why research is so important. There are so many unknowns in this puzzle. I would love it if no other cat or the people who worry about them, had to suffer through this. It is a particularly devastating disease. This is my favorite photo of Olivia who was burying herself in nice warm, fresh out of the dryer laundry and the way I will always remember her.

"Thank you for sharing Olivia's story! It's never easy losing a cat to such a fatal disease. Olivia seemed to have a great personality! "- ViviPet Team


6. The story from Eddie Martin

Our sweet little Eddie was diagnosed with FIP in May 2016. At the time we had no idea what it really was. My daughter went and researched an read everything she could. It was her first cat. They gave us two days, to two months. At the time we gave him in-home care, IV's, antibiotics, an vitamins. At this point, he was still eating and using the potty. But he was weak. There was a time we thought he was on the mend, as he started to jump around, be a little more active. But in July he started to take a turn for the worst, he was so bloated he couldn't move anymore. He passed away in my daughters arms. Sweet little Eddie was four and a half years old and he is missed every single day.

"We never want to experience the pain of having a pet go through such a terrible disease. Thanks for sharing Eddie's story!" - ViviPet Team


7. The story from Maximus

Maximus was diagnosed at 5 months. Max was neutered at 16 weeks and never seemed to recover. He stopped acting playful, slept significantly more, became extra cuddly, and he ate like he was starving yet lost weight. We didn't think much of it until he had an accident outside of his box and we noticed his urine was dark brown. It was Saturday so I planned to take him to the vet on Monday. The next day his stomach was bloated. By Sunday evening I was googling his symptoms and kept coming across something called FIP. It was rare, so I tried to put it out of my head. The vet took a look at him, did an ultrasound, and was concerned it was effusive FIP. My eyes instantly welled up as I knew the implications. They ran blood work and sent us home. When the results came back the next day they were textbook FIP. She gave us options that might have extended his life for a week or two. We were literally watching our sweet Max waste away before our eyes. I was worried to leave him home alone while I was at work...worried he was suffering and alone. On March 13, 2015, two days after his diagnosis, we made the difficult decision to end his suffering. Max was the perfect kitten and didn't deserve a life of pain. The vet was amazing and Max passed peacefully in my arms. In spite of the pain of losing Maximus, we adopted two more bengals and we are happy to report that both Bear_the_Bengal (18 months) and Neva_the_Bengal (11 months) are doing great.

"Maximus was so young when he was diagnosed. TThank you for sharing Maximus's story and helping bring awareness to FIP. " - ViviPet Team


8. The story from Cleopatra

CLEOPATRA “CLEO” April 1, 2016- September 6, 2016




"Look at those beautiful eyes!"-ViviPet Team


9. The story from Jenn Trof

Never heard of FIP until 1 day before I lost my Jinx. I came home from a vacation on December 16, 2014 and noticed he had a small seizure. The next day I took him to the vet. We thought he had epilepsy and started treating him right away for that. Unfortunately his seizures got worse to the point that I had to isolate him when I went to work from my other 3 cats. I came home from work on Dec 25, working the midnight shift, and noticed that during one of his seizures that his urine now had blood in it. I called the vet immediately and got the number for the emergency vet. I took him in right away. He was comatose at this point. When I left for work, he was walking around in the bathroom and did not want to be by himself. Big different in 12 hours. The emergency vet ran blood work, hooked up an iv, and had no answers until the bloodwork came back. The next morning after work I went in to visit him. There was no change. He was still comatose. The vet told me there was no indication on his bloodwork of what was wrong and the only thing they could think of was FIP. They kept the IV running, antibiotics and whatever else they could think of. I called the very next day when I left work, now the 27th. I was told there was no change at all in his condition. He was still comatose. I told them that I would be in shortly to say goodbye. I couldn't let him stay like this without knowing why. We originally thought it was epilepsy so me and my normal vet never ran his bloodwork back on the 16th. But since he most likely had neurological FIP, there was probably nothing that could be done for him at that point anyway. His symptoms took 11 days to take his little life from me. He was only 8 months old. My original vet has since been researching FIP more and not just going with the easiest diagnosis for others. Hopefully it will help someone else in the area.

"Thank you for sharing Jinx's story. He looked like he was amazing kitten to be around."-ViviPet Team


10. A photo share from Lucifer and angel

By Meghan

"Looks to be the purrfect cat napping time! Thanks for sharing this picture Meghan!"-ViviPet Team



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  • Such love for such beautiful kitties. So sorry for their losses.

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