Cat Stories | Featuring Beelzebub, Martin, Masha, Iris, Mour, Princess...

Cat Stories | Featuring Beelzebub, Martin, Masha, Iris, Mour, Princess...

Cat Stories | Featuring Beelzebub, Martin, Masha, Iris, Mour, Princess...

1. The story from Beelzebub

We had a really harsh winter in 2012. One morning it was so cold and there was so much snow that buses didn't drive so my mother said she'd drive me to school. I was getting ready, eating breakfast, when she went out to start the car and let the engine warm up a little. A couple minutes later she returned with the tiniest kitten I've ever seen, it was completely covered in motor oil since it had spent the night in our car, I remarked that it looked like something that crawled out of hell, hence the name. A few vet visits and vigorous washings later, we found that it was a long haired three colored female who is now our fluffiest spoiled princess.

From Matea

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This princess needs to be spoiled after what she has been through. Thank you for sharing! - ViviPet 


 2. The story from Martin

In the early summer of 2017. we were having some construction work done on our house. One day when I went to check what was going on, I heard the tiniest little meows ever. I looked around and saw an adorable white kitten with orange blotches. I told my parents about it, but they were against bringing another cat in the house and to not feed him. Nevertheless, I went to play with him and he immediately started to purr and cuddle and I fell in love with him on the spot. My friend had told me, a couple days earlier, that she wanted a male cat, so I called her and asked if she wanted this one. She agreed so my mother quickly drove me and the cat over to her place. We played with him until her mom came home, said the cat was ugly, and when her baby niece came home she had a screaming fit upon seeing the cat, so they decided to send the poor cat home with me. When I returned with the cat, parents started to feel bad for the guy so day by day they allowed him to be closer and closer to the house until he became a full fledged pet named Martin who chirps instead of meowing and loves to cuddle with me more than anything.

From Matea

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Martin was meant to be yours, it was destiny that he was found by such a caring hooman. Thank you for sharing! - ViviPet 


 3. The story from Masha

It was six months to the day we lost our previous cat during surgery. It was also my sister's bday and since she doesn’t live in the country, I took a friend out for a beer in my sis' honor. On the way back, we found a kitten in a tree, chased after by a pack of feral dogs (my country has a big issue with stray animals). My friend lifted me to get the kitten from the tree. I thought she will shred me with her nails, but she just cuddled and started purring. I called my sis and said, well I got you a furry bday present. She just said "Mila (our previous lost cat) sent her to us."

From Jelena

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Sweet angel Mila wanted another kitty to keep your family company, best present ever! Thank you for sharing! - ViviPet 


4. The story from Iris

One morning in August I was walking to my tutors place when a dog jumped in front of my face very excited. The owner then pointed out to a cat on the street and told me 'Hey, would you like to adopt this cat?' it was a calico fluffy kitten that was wondering around. Since last month one of my former cats passed away I really wanted to give my other cat a friend. So after I went to the tutors place because I couldn't postpone that meeting I went straight to the place I saw the kitten and took it. She was purring all the way to her new home and I saw happiness in her eyes. My mom got to name her Iris and was accepted on the spot by my other cat. It's been 3 happy years and she's a wonder. Waiting at the door and meowing when she senses that we're close to arrive home, very scared of the veterinary and doesn't bear to be left alone, I don't know what she went through on the streets and I know she got some trauma that shows sometimes but I am glad that now she's safe and happy.

From Andreea

So happy this kitty found a furrever home! Thank you for sharing! - ViviPet 


5. The story from Mour

When I was 5yo. my parents decided to buy a house. And since it had a garden my dad allowed me and my sister to have a cat. Once my dad's coworker actually asked him if he wants a kitten since their cat just gave birth. So after some time we went to their place to have a look. There were 5 adorable kittens! I immediately fell in love with black kitty who was climbing on everyone's pants. But my parents told me that the cat we will choose must be male (since he was meant to be outside and we didn't want to have kittens). So my dad's coworker helped me to pick one kitten. It was black-white with huge black stain on his back. He also had a brother who looked exactly the same just had one small white place it the big black stain. This one was meant for the daughter of the coworker.

From Lucy

All kittens deserve a loving home, so happy you were able to do this for one of them! Thank you for sharing! - ViviPet 


6. The story from princess

My beautiful princess is 9 years old. She is fatty, big princess. The official name is Bella, but she didn't answer when you say "Bella". In my language "kotka" means "cat". And yeah. Kotka is soooo jealous. Few months ago we bought a little doggie. She was sad. Soo sad. She tried to get out of the house, but she didn't achieve.

All Bella needs is extra love and she will be fine. Thank you for sharing! - ViviPet 


7. Nor & Molly

Well, I went to my mother’s workplace and there I saw a little siamese looking Kitten, I fell in love with her. After two weeks my mother came home with a box, from the box you could hear little meows, I opened the box excited and there I saw the kitty, I named her Molly and she became my cat. After two years Molly gave birth to Nor, she looked nothing like her mother but me and Molly still loved her. She was a cute little bundle of joy. Now I am writing this story looking at my cats sleeping and trying to help to find a cure to that awful disease. I hope these stories will make a change!❤️❤️🐈🐈

From Rianna

Cats always hold a special place in our hearts! Thank you for sharing! - ViviPet 


8. The story from Petey

I always thought I was allergic to cats. Then I met my boyfriend who had a cat. When I would go to his house, I never sneezed or anything. So, after a year, he and Petey moved in with me. And I’ve been fine! Maybe I’m allergic to every cat but Petey. I consider him a cat-son now! And I love him!

From Liz

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Petey is too handsome to be allergic to, glad to know you are not allergic to him! Thank you for sharing! - ViviPet 


9. The story from Sasha

Sasha was a stray cat just a month old when my brother found her inside the hood of a car. As I already wanted to adopt an animal he offered it to me and three years later remains the best companion for everything.

From Diana

Cats make the best companions, Sasha is beautiful! Thank you for sharing! - ViviPet 


10. The story from Pepper and Toby

I got married and Pepper and Toby were my flower girls for my wedding. Instead of walking down the aisle, they were pulled down in a wagon. They meowed the whole time. Let’s just say, they were the grumpiest flower girls ever! At least I didn’t make them wear ugly green dresses. Ahahahaha.

From Sasha

We are sure Pepper and Toby made the best flower girls, too cute not to be! Thank you for sharing! - ViviPet 



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