Cat Stories | Read about Riley, Lacey,Turbo, and Other Kitties' Stories Here

Cat Stories | Read about Riley, Lacey,Turbo, and Other Kitties' Stories Here

Cat Stories | Read about Riley, Lacey,Turbo, and Other Kitties' Stories Here

1. The story from Riley

My husband got me a touch lamp for my birthday because I always fumbled to find the switch on my old lamp. It’s one of the most thoughtful presents I’ve gotten. Unfortunately, he underestimated Riley, our cat.

Riley is sweet, cuddly, and spoiled. She always gets her way. She is also like an alarm clock that likes to wake us up by swatting our faces, meowing, and knocking stuff off the nightstand. She wants her breakfast on time, every day.

Well, when Riley discovered she could turn my lamp on with her nose, it was game over for sleeping in. The worst part is she purrs extra loud when she does it like she’s getting extra pleasure from waking us up. She’s lucky we love her.

By Natalie

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 Sounds like Riley has you wrapped around her little paw! Thank you for sharing with us! - ViviPet

2. The story from Lacey

My mom isn’t a cat person, but she adopted a cat last year after one of her dogs passed away. One night she let her cat, Lacey, out and Lacey didn’t come back until morning. Lacey was all dirty. This really scared my mom. So, she decided her cat wasn’t allowed to run free outdoors anymore. But because she has a dog that gets to go out, she thinks the cat gets jealous and wants to go out too.

She tried to walk her cat on a leash. The cat didn’t like it and she just ended up dragging it along. Then she decided her cat could go out supervised. The cat of course ran away from her when it was time to go in.

Now, she puts her cat in a harness then on a long leash that’s attached to her laundry line. Lacey gets to enjoy the backyard without getting too far away, but it looks ridiculous.

By Hannah

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 Looks like Lacey is a little explorer! Thank you for sharing! - ViviPet

3. The story from Turbo

Turbo was one of seven kittens in the litter that I fostered. He was always the first to do everything: open his eyes, use the litterbox, everything.

Turbo got his name because he learned to run before walk. He was always dashing over the edge of whatever he was one. He’d run off the bed, the sofa, the cat bed. I was always laughing.

When it was time to bring my family of fluffy kitties back to the shelter so they could find their new families, it was hard. I cried. I went home and my house felt empty. And there was just one kitty whose memories made me smile again and again. Turbo!!

So, the next day, I went to the shelter to get my boy. When I got there, there was a family looking at all the kittens. I was so scared they’d want Turbo. Luckily, when the mom picked him up, he got his claws stuck in her scarf and she was annoyed. They did adopt two of the sisters though. After they were done, I picked up my boy and never let him go.

Turbo is still silly. He plays and plays and plays. And he still makes me laugh and smile every day. I love him so much.

 By Amanda

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Turbo is such a great name! Thank you for sharing this funny story about your little speed racer! - ViviPet

4. The story from Sugar

Sugar was nine when she got diagnosed with cancer. The tumor was near her stomach, but the vet said it was still early enough to remove the tumor and save Sugar. Sugar had the surgery and recovery was slow. She had trouble walking and never seemed to get that spark back. I took her back to the vet for a follow up and the vet found another tumor. It turns out that Sugar had a rare type of cancer that grows really quickly. The vet said Sugar would get more and more tumors. So, I brought Sugar home and we spent one week cuddling and she got to eat whatever she wanted. Then I had to take her back in to let her cross the rainbow bridge. I held her as she went. I miss her so much, but I didn’t want her to live in pain. I think about her all the time.

 By KaylaViviPet Share Your Cat Stories

We're so sorry to hear about Sugar, but thank you for sharing these sweet memories with us! - ViviPet

5. The story from Nad and Scrunt

I have two cats: Nad and Scrunt. Nad is clever and can catch birds out of the air. She prefers to go outside and hunt rather than to be stuck inside.

Scrunt is not so clever. He weighs about 25-pounds and is very long (yes, he’s chubby, but he’s also just a giant cat). Scrunt likes to hang out on the couch or beg for treats. He also enjoys curling up on my cat when I watch tv.

So, I kind of have the best of both worlds right?

Well, one day about two months, ago. Nad was inside and I hear a crazy commotion from the kitchen. I run over, and Nad is hissing and puffed up and terrified in the corner. What scared her so badly? Scrunt got his head stuck in a plastic cup! I don’t know if the cup had milk in it that he was trying to reach or he just was curious, but he had somehow shoved his head so hard into the cup he couldn’t easily get it off. He was thrashing and squirming and blindly cornered his sister.

I pulled the cup off. His fur was a mess all pointed the wrong way. I’m glad he was OK, but he’s such a dunce sometimes.

By Audrey

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 Nad and Scrunt sound like the purrrfect pair! Thank you for sharing! - ViviPet

6. The story from Taco

My cat Taco loves to go on walks with me and my pug. Where we live there are a lot of places to walk to. So, we walk past a lot of people and shops. Everyone loves to stop and pet Taco and he loves the attention. Well, the little taco stand near our house now waits for us and gives my pug Bella her own dog treat taco and because they love my cat (and his name), Taco gets his own mini fish taco whenever they’re not too busy! They always say “Every day is Taco Tuesday!”

By Isabelle

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With that cute little face, we would stop and give all our attention to Taco too! Thank you for sharing! - ViviPet

7. The story from Monday

Meet little Monday, my lovely boy who’s been diagnosed with wet FIP this Tuesday after laparotomy... we’ve done blood tests, x-rays and ultrasound, too, and took some tummy fluid for tests. It all points to FIP.... I still don’t believe what’s happening to us. I can’t embrace this... we will fight as long as anything works but judging from what I've learnt in the past few days, FIP is not something you can successfully cope with... I cried myself insane in the first few days especially when Monday had to stay at the vets because of low body temperature after the surgery... But since he's back home, I took on a more positive approach and try to think we gonna make it. Still things are a bit surreal... I really hope they will find a cure for this awful virus...I will support any research, and my biggest dream is to see a cure for this monster disease so it it doesn't take any more cat lives! We are currently on a treatment with prednisolone, antibiotic and hepatoprotector. Also we added some iron today because our HGB value dropped a little.

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 We're keeping Monday in our thoughts and prayers that he will survive and live a long happy life. Thank you for staying strong and being a part of the journey to find a cure for FIP. - ViviPet

8. The story from Bernie

His name is Bernie We rescued Bernie from Egypt he was only 14 months when this silent killer took him away a one suddenly , we had him for 5 months 😢 just over a week ago he was a normal lively cat then we noticed his legs were all wobbly so we rushed him to the vet. She said she felt a huge mass on his tummy, so she did x ray, scan, and blood tests she said she suspected FIP, we took him home. We have never seen a cat go down hill so quickly it was heartwrenching, yet he was still purring his little heart off 😢 on Monday he could hardly walk, I rang up and it was confirmed FIP, that day I loved him, cuddled him and told him he would be in our hearts forever. We took him to the vet in the evening, there was nothing that cold be done as he was so small and weak, we had to make the most heartbreaking decision to put him to sleep forever 😢 😢 I cuddled him to the end. He will be coming home to us forever in a few days, the thing that makes this story so sad is that he had such a bad start to his life, he got rescued by Safe Haven Egypt off the streets and then we adopted him to come and start his new life with us 😢 😢 we love you Bernie, you will be in our hearts forever RIP little man and sleep tight 😢 💔
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 May you rest in peace and finally rest Bernie. Thank you for sharing with us! - VIviPet

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