Cat Stories | Mimo, Kirry, Wally, and Princess Buttercup Want You To Read Their Stories!

Cat Stories | Mimo, Kirry, Wally, and Princess Buttercup Want You To Read Their Stories!

Cat Stories | Mimo, Kirry, Wally, and Princess Buttercup Want You To Read Their Stories!

1. The story from Mimo

Mimo (at that time, known as Wonky) was found as a baby all by herself with no siblings or mother. She was adopted when she was around 3 months old by someone. At some point a couple of months after, this person decided that she didn't want her anymore and threw her outside in the middle of the cold Canadian winter and closed the door. 😾 So awful!!! I can't understand how people can do this. Thankfully, Mimo was found by someone and brought into our local shelter before frostbite set in. The owner was contacted several times, but she never came. Because of all of this stress and abandonment, Mimo developed severe allergies. She had scratched up her face and pulled out all the fur on the back of her neck, leaving a big raw spot of flesh. She was put on medication and hypoallergenic food and went to foster care at 7 months old. That's when she met her future mom (meeee!!). After 2 1/2 months of fostering and all of her wounds healed, we couldn't get her off her medication. Because of this, four vets recommended to put her down because the meds would complicate her health significantly with prolonged use and give her a very short life. They didn't even think she would make it to 1 year old. There was no way I was letting that happen! I wasn't giving up on her yet! So I decided to keep her and would deal with whatever happened. I promised her I would give her the best life I could for as long as she would let me. I continued to take care of her, kept trying to wean her off her meds, gave her only hypo food, and showered her with love. Two months later, Mimo was completely healthy and off all medication!! She's been happy and healthy ever since!! She's the best thing that has ever happened to me! I'm so lucky I found her. ❤️❤️❤️

By Priya 

(@mimo_and_kirry on IG)

"Thanks for sharing your story about Mimo! She's so lucky to have you!" - ViviPet Team


2. The story from Kirry

Since Mimo was completely healthy, it was time to get her a sibling. I met Kirry (at that time known as Starshine) at a Humane Society event a month after Mimo turned 1, and it was love at first sight. This shy boy was curled up in his litter box, trying to hide from all the strangers walking by looking at him. He had gone from event to event hoping to find a new home, but no one would adopt him. I can't understand why! Look how handsome he is!!! I adopted him soon after I met him - he was 6 months old. Kirry completes my heart and is best friends with her big sister, Mimo. ❤️❤️❤️

By Priya

(@mimo_and_kirry on IG)

"Kirry is such a handsome boy! Mimo and Kirry seems like the purrfect pair!" - ViviPet Team


3. The story from Wally

I rescued Wally on a Sunday morning when he was 4 months old and by the size of his paws, I knew he was going be a big guy and he is. I got him to keep me company as I needed that and little did I know that I would have someone laying at my door every time I walked in waiting to have his belly rubbed like a dog! He’s a unique little rescue bug I think he rescued me in the end. He’s nearly 2 now and I don’t know what I’d do without him!

By Jennifer 

 "Thanks for sharing Wally's story, Jennifer! He sounds like a sweet boy." - ViviPet Team


4. The story from Princess Buttercup

Hi! I'm Heather and I'm going to feature Princess Buttercup, although choosing was hard. I work with exotic cats, and own 4 domestic cats.
Princess Buttercup is the youngest in the house, the baby, the spoiled p'cup! Her story started with being picked up by our local humane, and being placed at my felines vet. Being good friends with a vet assistant there, I was asked, do you want a fluffy blind cat?
I was not in the market for a cat, as I had three. But, how do you say, nah...I do not want a fluffy blind kitty. Granted, I had never owned a special needs cat. I like a challenge.
Princess was found at approx 6 months old. she had a double eye infection, with one eye protruding and the other atrophied. Both eyes were surgically removed, and 3 days after her surgery she came to live with me, and the cat gang.
She was tiny, clipped whiskers, sutured eyes and a shaved face. But, she never ever stopped purring. She adjusted to home life so quickly. Nothing phased her. She was the easiest cat to introduce to the group. It took her about a week to figure out the home layout, but in no time she had the whole hose figured out. She made best friends with her brother, from another mother, Atticus. Her favorite toys were bell balls!
Then, everything changed. After about a month of living with me, I found a urine spot. It was so out of character, because she was a litterbox ace. One week later, we found the issue. She was having seizures. This tiny, three pound kitten, just seizing. It was scary and broke my heart.
Upon her first vet visit, she was diagnosed with Dry FIP. Having no idea what that was, then being brutally awoken to that awful disease, I took her to a different vet for a second opinion. We did a bunch of tests, and while we waited for results, she was started on some serious antibiotics. The seizures continued, with one every 5 days at the worse point.
Thankfully, the antibiotics worked, and her blood values cleared, making it clear that Dry FIP was a misdiagnosis (thank god). She was started on Meds for the seizures, and has been doing amazingly. for her first birthday, she got a huge party with PIn the Eyes on Princess, lots of friends and food, and presents!
Today, shes been seizureless for a few months, and will hopefully maintain that! Shes super fluffy. Loves her cat family. Still loves her bell balls, and has learned to love puzzle feeders. Shes like any other cat, and is given all the love. you can follow her adventure on Instagram @princess_buttercup_blind_cat

you will even see her loving sone vivipet merch!

By Heather 

"Thank you so much for sharing Princess Buttercup's story, Heather!" - ViviPet Team

5. The story from Mimi

Mimi was found while my husband was browsing for cat togs through a local app that usually sells second hand items - she was a kitten living with in an industrial area. her mother and brothers were involved in an accident and she was left to fend for herself. a pack of stray dogs took her in but they were the ones who also attacked her and left her with one ear. her rescuer took her to the vet but as he was taking care of elderly cats, he could not cope to care for this feisty active little kitten.
which is where we come in- the first time we met her, she just jumped on me and gave me a hug and since then she has been part of our little family’s adventure (together with her adopted big brother!)

By Julie

"Thanks for sharing Mimi's Story, Julie!"-ViviPet Team

6. The story from Kitty Mojito

I would love to share the story of inspiration. When we found Mojito in the shelter, she was a scrawny little thing with no claws, broken tail and burnt whiskers. Her past is a mystery but she connected with us right away. She was just a regular kitty, no fancy markings, not a pedigree or fancy breed. We took her home and she became the love of our lives.
Fast forward 6 years, she lives her best life now. She goes for walks in her bubble backpack or stroller, takes car rides to go on adventures, fubsraises for other kitties in need and has even appeared in a commercial for a pet food company.
The moral of this story is to never overlook the ordinary. The next time you are in a shelter or adoption event, take time to look at the plain, shy and old kitties. They have so much love and will make your life complete. Look at Kitty Mojito, she is now living her best life!

By Zafrina

"What an adorable picture of Mojito! Thanks for sharing this amazing story Zafrina! She seems to be living the best life." - ViviPet Team

7. The story from Nathan

Nathan was rescued as a newborn off the streets in Arkansas. At the time, I was living in Texas. A family friend saved him and while bottle feeding him, sent me a photo of baby Nate. I saw his little face and knew he was the one. I had recently lost my previous cat due to illness and I had been waiting for my next baby to appear. One look into Nate’s tiny face and I just knew. I drove 14 hours to be with him and helped feed him until I could take him home. He’s been my child and best friend ever since.
Nathan is extremely affectionate, very talkative, and incredibly loyal. He helped me get through the hardest year of my life after I left an abusive relationship and always falls asleep with me every night. He truly is the love of my life and I’m thankful for him every day.

By Brooke

"What a sweet story! Thanks for sharing Brooke." - ViviPet Team


8. The story from Kotika

Kotika, was always a wild-natured cat, as she is now and always attempts to escape the house for a walk. Now, she can open ABSOLUTELY any window, even a locked one! So one day I thought, why not take her for a walk to the meadow, where are no cars and it's safe, but before that, I didn't think about one thing, there is a fence with holes and what if she wants to go behind it, where she would be unreachable! That's what happened. First, she was visible to me, while she wasn't too far. I thought that she would come back by herself, I trusted her. There were spikes in front of the wire fence, I soon thought of a way to come through, I climbed under the spikes and then carefully over the fence. The sun was already setting, but I still didn't find her. I called her nonstop, I cried, I thought of the times when we had so much fun together and how I will never hear her purr again. Then suddenly when I turned around, I saw her behind me, her eyes were looking at me playfully, thinking it was a game. I told her that it wasn't and told her not to move so that I can catch her. But, she ran away again, but I didn't lose track of her that time, I ran straight after her, through the spikes, through the bushes, thankfully I had my phone with me, so when it darkened, I had a flashlight. Finally, after an hour of searching, I finally caught her, she mewed with sadness, that the game was over. She was shaking of cold, so when mum came, she put her in her coat to warm her and we went home. There we washed her and she went to sleep.
By Vera

"Kotika is such silly cat! We loved this story! Thanks for sharing!" - ViviPet Team

9. The story from Elga

Elga, these 4 letters represent the wildest experience that will unite us ! Yes, I have never touched it, I have never seen it jump, and I already love her so so much. I live in France she is born in Ukraine, and why ? I made terrifying encounters in France, exploited kittens, delivered to themselves, all that a few miles from me... I decided to adopt a beloved kitten, in a respectful breeder ! I will offer to her the best arrival possible, and all of that with you lovely products. Please help us 🥰 IG : elga_scottishfold

By Alice

"Elga is so precious! Glad she was adopted by you!" - ViviPet Team

10. The story from Hunter Ray

On June 28,2018 my soul kitty, Kitty Sunshine became my angel. She was my cat nurse for 12 years and I depended on her as much or probably more than she depended on me. As wise and loving as she was, she sent me a baby boy, Hunter Ray. Hunter was 9 weeks old and was in very bad shape. He had every type of parasite, ear mites and a very bad eye infection. He was still the most adorable little kitten I had ever seen! After MANY vet visits, ear drops, lots of eye drops and tons of antibiotics, we were able to save his eye. He’s partially blind in it but it doesn’t hurt him at all. He tested positive twice for Feline Leukemia and that broke my heart into a million pieces BUT since he’s been on the amazing supplements from @nhvnaturalpet his Leukemia symptoms have almost stopped. He will be celebrating his first birthday on April 20 and he’s grown into SUCH a handsome boy! He always knows when I’m sad or not feeling well and he is very good at making me laugh. We truly saved each other and continue to do so every day. He truly lives up to his name, Hunter Ray of Sunshine.

By Stephanie

"Glad to hear Hunter is doing well! Thanks for sharing his story :) " - ViviPet Team


11.The story from Moe Grey

Moe Grey is one of the sweetest cats I've known he's always happy ,very talkative loves his catnip and his older sister Chloe, Moe Grey came to me as a Re-homed cat ,he's had three homes that didn't workout due to lack of owners not being responsible or giving love and care ,Moe came to me sick unhealthy looking fur coat, I knew I could take care of him that God blessed me with him ,it took a year for Moe's fur coat to start looking healthy and for his stomach to feel better, Moe Grey is a sweet loving cat who loves attention and only wants to be the center

By Prudence

"Moe Grey's mane looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing Prudence!" - ViviPet Team


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