Cat Stories | Read About Aldonza, Ink, Snow, Nora, and More!

Cat Stories | Read About Aldonza, Ink, Snow, Nora, and More!

Cat Stories | Read About Aldonza, Ink, Snow, Nora, and More!

1. The story from Aldonza and Ink and Snow

Mary Hardcastle My cat Aldonza showed up in my yard obviously pregnant. She was friendly enough that I think she was once someone's pet. I fed her through her pregnancy and even after the day I could see she had given birth. I knew the kittens were somewhere, but I never could find them. Exactly 6 weeks to the day after birth she brought the 5 kittens to my back porch almost as if to say "You feed them now". I fed all of them until the kittens were 8 weeks old. At that point I trapped the mother and the 5 kittens and took them to our animal shelter. I was able to arrange for them to spay, vaccinate, deworm and deflea her and then I was able to adopt her. The kittens were adopted out after being spayed or neutered. My cats Snow and Ink were born to to a truly feral mother that had kittens under my shed. I was able to catch them and socialize them. The other kittens I trapped and took to the animal shelter where they were adopted out.

By Mary

Your an angel Mary! Thank you for such a beautiful story-ViviPet


2. The story from Nora

My husband and I came home one night in the pouring rain, and I could hear a kitten crying somewhere close to the house. I searched all night with food and treats, but couldn't catch her.
The next night, I stayed up half the night trying with tuna in a trap. Finally, I caught this tiny, soaking wet, shivering little thing who was absolutely terrified of me.
It's been six months, and our sweet Nora has really grown into the most beautiful girl. She is sweet and snuggly and we love her very much!

By Jessica 

 We can see why you feel in love so quickly with Nora. Thank you for sharing! -ViviPet


3. The story from Chole

I had animals all my life including cats. But for several years, no pets. In 2011 I tried to adopt a brother/sister pair. I was allergic. I had to return them. I was devastated. So I started visiting friends & going to the shelter to pet the cats to build up my immunity. In 2014 I went to the Lancaster Shelter. I was looking at all the kitties & Chloe was meowing like crazy. She reached her paw out & grabbed my sleeve. She was adorable. I held her & adopted her. She was an onery one at first but has since become so loving & funny. I love her & her sister Sami that I got 4 weeks later so they would both have a friend.

By Debbie

 Chloe and Sami are lucky to have you! Thank you for sharing -ViviPet


4. The story from Pickles

My cat is super spunky. She loves to play and chase feathers and meow at strange times. Maybe this is because we named her “Pickles” because of her green eyes.

Well, about a year ago Pickles was doing her thing and rubbing up against the window and meowing and meowing. We just thought she wanted out or for us to open the window. So, we opened the window. When we did, we heard the tiniest peeps and rustling in the grass below the window.

It turned out there was a baby bird beneath the window. We brought the baby bird to the vet. She told us it was a fledgling starling with an injured wing.

We brought the starling home and Pickles was thrilled! Pickles protected the box we put her in and would check on her regularly. We nursed the starling we named Relish back to health and released her outside.

She never goes far from home and still comes inside when we open the sliding glass door. The vet has suggested we just adopt her since there’s a good chance other animals might see her as food and because she’s been hand fed and won’t really hunt on her own.

So, Pickles and Relish continue to be friends. Pickles waits by the door every day to greet Relish. So, Pickles hasn’t given us a choice, Relish is part of the family now.

By Mila

 Pickles and Relish are amazing names! Thank you for sharing!


5. The story from Toilet Breath

We love our cat, Toby, but he always ends up drinking out of the toilet. Ew!!! We try to keep the bathroom door closed, but he sneaks in from time to time. Well, one day, Toby went in behind my girlfriend as she came out, and I catch his fuzzy tail quickly dart around the corner. I open the door and he got so scared, he fell into the toilet! It scared him pretty bad. Hopefully he learned his lesson.

 By Alice

 Toby seems very mischievous! We always love a funny cat story.-ViviPet 


6. The story from Angel

Hi all. I wanted to share my story because I miss my cat. I adopted Misty from my local Humane Society in Jacksonville, FL. I knew she was the one when I asked to meet her, and she immediately began purring in my hands and gave me head kisses by rubbing her head against my chin.

She was just a 3 month old kitten when I brought her home. She loved to tackle my shoelaces and climb my jeans. By after a few months she became less playful and started sleeping a lot. I noticed she was struggling to breathe when I did get her to play. I brought her to the vet who took her temperature and examined her. He said her tummy was swollen and took some fluids for tests.

Later, the vet told me Misty had FIP. I had never heard of this before. And her health quickly got worse. We had to put her down two weeks later. I still cry all the time thinking about her. This was three months ago, and I miss her little whiskers and sweet mew very much.

 By Amanda

 Angel is in our prayers, thank you for sharing this important story. -ViviPet


7. The story from Fargo

Fargo is my male tuxedo cat. He is very sophisticated except for one thing… he likes to eat Cheetos. He can’t get enough of the cheesy puffs! And when he eats them, he ends up with orange dust all around his mouth! He looks like he has an orange goatee.

By Jeff 

Fargo sounds like our type of cat!-ViviPet


8. The story from Leon

Our brave Leon kitty came into our lives on June the 26th, 2016. He was 14 weeks old. My partner and I had moved in the month before and were SO excited to adopt a precious furbaby. Leon picked US at the shelter, mewing and purring away at us. He was a perfect, naughty, high-energy kitten. He never had any accidents in his litter box and ate and drank well. He was the absolute light of our lives.

A month after getting Leon, he started really scratching his ears. Concerned about the possibility of fleas, we took him to the vet. They simply said that he had food allergies, gave him a steroid shot and prescription food. This never helped and he continued to scratch.

The next month, suddenly, Leon had an accident on the floor. My partner and I were shocked, but just put it down to one of "those things". Within a week, the accidents happened everyday. Leon wouldn't even notice he had had an accident. His head trembled and tilted while he slept and he started leaking urine and refusing to use the litter box. We knew things were bad when he started losing control of his back legs. Our baby who used to tear around the house and climb his cat tower couldn't even jump on the chair now.

We took him to the emergency vet, where they had to physically express his bladder. They took a blood test for possible Toxoplasmosis and sent us home. We tried to keep him comfortable and encouraged him to use his litter box. We had to try emptying his bladder ourselves. The way he cried and looked at us was too sad. We took him back to the vet the next day. They said he probably had Dry FIP and said that they could test to confirm. My partner and I did not want Leon to suffer through invasive tests, only to confirm what he likely already had. He had changed, declined SO much in just a week. He wasn't our Leon.

We made the incredibly heart-breaking decision to say good-bye to him on the 25th of September 2016. We only had him for 3 short months. He died in our arms, the vet had tears in her eyes too. Not a day goes by that I don't think about our baby.

We have another beautiful kitty called Mochi. He is 3 months old. I worry everyday that he might get sick like Leon. I couldn't stand to see another baby suffer. So I love him and hold him and spoil him, you never know what tomorrow brings.

Please believe that a cure will be found and Leon story will help many others.-ViviPet


9. The story from Lorraine Madison

Here are pictures of Dexter (orange kitty ) and Madison (grey kitty) Dexter got sick almost as soon as I brought him home from the rescue center. Not having any idea what FIP was and a Vet who had only seen two cases in her 25 years we tried everything to get him better.After different drugs and many many tests when Dexter started to retain fluid it was determined it was FIP. His fluid was actually sent to Davis to help with finding a cure for FIP. A few weeks later I went to another rescue center and found Madison. It was love at first sight for us both and for the short two months I had him, there was a bond so strong he will forever be in my heart. Knowing the signs of FIP now, my Vet was also in contact with other Vets regarding FIP and as hard as it was to believe Madison also had FIP. He went from a running around the house to hardly moving with a very high fever. Finally he was retaining so much fluid I had to say goodbye so he wouldn't suffer any more. Loving cats so much and knowing how many need homes I did finally go to another rescue center and found Milo who is now best friends with Elliot my older cat. Both are happy and healthy. I want nothing more that to find a cure for FIP. I am happy to pledge a monthly donation until a cure is found!

This disease has taken too many precious pets. Thank you for sharing -ViviPet


10. The story from Lord Percival Byron Excalipurr of Cameowlot

It will be one year since Percy passed away, at 1:31am on the 5th, a few hours from now. We held our brave little warrior in peace and filled with so much love, as he made his journey, singing his songs to him and telling him what a good, brave boy he was, that it was ok, and that he could go. In the early dawn hours of Feb. 5th, Paul saw Percy on the steps. Percy was whole and as a kitten should be, full of the light he always possessed, and healthy, no longer with a swollen belly hanging from a painful skeleton. FIP had eaten our poor baby alive. Each day, Percy became thinner, weaker, and I remember gently tracing the horrors of each new cleft, each new place hollowed out, crevices that should never have been, his tiny, frail bones protruding as if his skin were just a thin, draped veil. And his beautiful, crystal blue eyes, pleading with me to help him. I remember tracing the length of his tail- each individual bone and joint showed itself, screaming at me through ridges and sharp bone threatening to cut through delicate skin, that FIP would take every part of who he was, consume and devour him, and that there was not a damn thing I could do about it. FIP never took his spirit, his courage, his warrior's heart, his fight, his will to live, his loving, sweet nature, or his grace. People often say, 'God will never give you more than you can handle.' I don't know if that's true. What I do know, is that He will give you the grace you need to take one more breath. And possibly another. We've been given a lot more than we can handle in the past year. While Percy was sick, I desperately wanted him to see buggies. I searched all over, and to my absolute delight, I found an aquamarine winged insect, a beautiful green blue, and shut the door to the room it was in order to contain it so I could show it to Percy. I lost track of the buggie, and Percy became too weak to be interested. I obsessed with showing poor Percy what buggies were, that I knew he would love to chase. I never had the opportunity. After Percy passed, I asked for something to soothe my heart; I asked for something that would confirm to me that Percy was ok and at peace. Soon after I found a ladybug, and when it passed, I put it in a small pewter box, my last gift from Percy. He knew how much I wanted him to see buggies. This was his assurance to me that he now had all the buggies he could ever need to chase and play with. "It's ok, mama, I have so any buggies that I'm sending you one. Thank you for loving me." Percy has been continually in my thoughts this past week. I asked for something, anything, to ease my broken heart. This afternoon, while upstairs, I found a tiny bit of love, a glimpse of eternity in the form of a ladybug, sitting right where I usually sit, in the soft, waning afternoon light, the same light that precious Percy lived his life within. I knew that my boy was close. I knew that my sweet baby boy loved me, and that although God may give us infinitely more than we can handle, He also gives us what we need to get through, and in the moments that we need them most. Grace, and comfort. Reminders that heaven sees us, God knows, and we are not alone and abandoned in our sorrow. I will forever miss and long for a tiny, little white Sphynx boy, an infinite, loving presence who filled my heart and took it with him when he died a horrible death from a cruel disease that ravages all who are forced to deal with it. I used to say that I would find Percy again, but I realize now That he's already found me.

 Percy story is amazing, and your perspective is so touching. We encourage this amazing cat community to keep sending in their stories! -ViviPet


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