Cat Stories | Minnie Mouse, Princess, Mipu, and Vojko Want You To Read Their Stories!

Cat Stories | Minnie Mouse, Princess, Mipu, and Vojko Want You To Read Their Stories!

Cat Stories | Minnie Mouse, Princess, Mipu, and Vojko Want You To Read Their Stories!

1. The story from Minnie Mouse

Special story of a strong little soul that has had numerous medical problems: Minnie Mouse kitten, 4 month old, weighing in at 1.5 pounds, 6 months at 2.14 pounds 12.4.18 and now 8 months old at 3.13 pounds 1.23.19! She was rescued as critical and as a "CH" (cerebellar hypoplasia and Ataxia - Neurological conditions), Rescued from a Broward Kill shelter. But that was only the beginning of her many problems. She is riddled with parasites and deadly 10 ft. tapeworm, anemic, malnourished severely underweight, nerve damage left hind leg, abscess right rear leg and stunted growth (quarter of the size she should be for this age), broken tail, Staph and Strepp infections, bacterial yeast infections in sinus, ears and eyes, severe skin allergies, URI and God knows what else :'( Thanks to many involved in her rescue, she has ended up with me at Tiki Kiti Rescue Rehab and Sanctuary for special needs felines. Minnie has already been to Vets and will be on going for a while until she is cleared as healthy by Vets. Please consider making any donation towards her medical care, PT and evaluations.** Thank you for your kindness and consideration for Minnie Mouse, our new little warrior ♥ Dana * Thank you so much for helping me, help the animals

By Dana

Cat Stories  Cat stories
  Cat stories


Minnie Mouse is the definition of warrior, sending lots of healing vibes! Thank you for sharing your story! - ViviPet


2. The story from Princess

I begged for a cat for months before we met my cat, princess. Every day I would ask my dad, who always said he hated cats if I could get one. After 3 months, my parents took me to the local shelter to meet the kittens. There was only one cat available for adoption that day, and it was Princess. She and I clicked immediately, and we took her home that same day. Now, just over a year later, she and I are nearly inseparable.

By Aaliyah


 When you've found your forever friend, its the best feeling ever! Thank you for sharing! - ViviPet


3. The story from Mipu

He was really really young and terrified, I found him blocked in a car tire, he thought I was going to hurt him and was so scared poor guy. I took him home, and gave him proper care, offering him a loving family. And he got used really fast, he's now 4 years old and he's healthy and happy living here with me and my family ^_^

By Armina

cat stories

A little TLC (tender loving care) goes a long way! Thank you for sharing! - ViviPet


4. The story from Muffin

Muffin was on the street. She was never anyone's pet, but she has such a beautiful and kind personality that she was never afraid of mean towards people. When we found her, she was just laying in the grass. Later we found out she had severe pneumonia, and her nose was in very bad condition due to allergies infection. We took her home, and after two weeks of meds and lots of love, she got better. She befriended our canine girl Tami, and now she is a healthy, happy, food demanding cat. And just like our dog Tami, she is a part of our family, and we love them both to the Moon and back!

By Ines

 cat stories cat stories


 We are so happy Muffin is part of a loving family! Thank you for sharing! - ViviPet


5. A sweet story

Now he isn't my cat anymore, but I can say for certain that our meeting was one of the most memorable memories of my life. It was a sunny day. Me and my sibling had been bugging our parents for a pet, specifically a cat for a long while. So when we passed the local pet shop, my mum had to drag me and my sister away as we begged with all we had to take a look. I don't know if our pleading worked or if her love for cats overpowered her heart when she took us inside the shop I was literally in bliss. I asked the shop owner if they kept kitties. He directed us to a tiny cage where numerous adorable kittens were snuggled within each other. I immediately crouched down to get a better look. It was sad really. Even though it may sound strange, in my country stray cats seem to have a better life than the ones in shops. The cage was crowded, the kitties were too tiny, thin and smelled bad. It hurt a lot to see them in that kind of state. They were all so colorful and unique so I assured myself they'd all get bought and live a good life. Because I couldn't hold myself longer, I snuck my finger through the bars to touch the fluffy cuties. Out of nowhere, the tiniest head busted between the tangled kittens. It was significantly different from the others, no enchanting colours and too small. The kitty just came closer to my finger until I could touch it, and then the next gesture got me struck. It licked my finger. With eyes closed and still wrapped between its siblings, it kept snuggling and licking my finger. I knew right at that moment that I didn't choose the kitten, the kitten chooses me. My sister joined me squealing in happiness and that day another member joined our family. Even though now he belongs to another owner, that cat brightened my- no, our lives for that time we were together.

By Ramenya

cat stories

  Pets are like family and they light our world! Thank you for sharing your story! - ViviPet

6. The story from Vojko

We had some food leftovers we decided to share with stray cats or dogs, and the first animal we saw was Vojko, as friendly and curious as a kitten can be. He is two months old and there is a whole life full of love in front of him. He would let us pick him up and carry him as if he knew we are taking him to a warm place full of snacks and treats just for him. It was as if he adopted us. He now sleeps like a baby, has a warm place to stay and always has food to eat and a loving family. :)

By Igor

cat stories

  Vojko looks like such a sweet kitty! Thank you for sharing! - ViviPet

7. The story from Princess

Princess is a long-haired cat. She has flowing white fur that I brush at least four times every week! Well, yesterday she snuck out when my neighbor came over. She’s so sneaky. All I found was a puff of white fur in the doorjamb. We both looked for her outside. Under the bushes, under the cars, in the backyard, in the front yard, everywhere! She was hiding really really well. I cried when it started to get dark. My neighbor felt bad. She kept looking and grabbed a flashlight. We tried calling her name. We tried leaving treats out. We did everything we could think of. All the worst thoughts ran through my head: she got attacked by a dog, she got hit by a car, she was brought to the pound. I went to bed at like one in the morning. I could barely sleep. I was so sad and scared. When I woke up today, I started to check the website of the animal control. I didn’t see her. When I pulled up the lost and found page on Facebook, I saw a cat that looked exactly like Princess but brownish gray. I figured I would message them just in case. And guess what? It was MY PRINCESS! She was so dirty, she changed color. So, I went to pick her up. She was a mile away from home when she was found. She was covered in dusty dirt and scared. I don’t know where she got so dirty but I am so happy to have her back. I will give her a bath after she calms down a bit. I’ll brush her too!

By Charlotte

cat stories

 Glad Princess is safe home, best happy ending ever! Thank you for sharing! - ViviPet


8. The story from Jewels and Shills

My cats Jewels and Shills compete for my attention. Jewels like to swat Shill's tail and try to climb on her when she’s on my lap. And Shills likes to crowd Jewels off the pillow. They are so silly and jealous.

By Natalie

cat stories

 Competing for attention is the name of the game! Thank you for sharing! - ViviPet


9. The story from Angel and Bear

My cat Bear has always been a love bug! He weighs 20 pounds and loves every stranger he meets. I wasn’t surprised when I let Bear out one day and he came back with a friend. Behind my big brown Bear, a little white girl cat came prancing inside. I posted pictures of this cat everywhere! Around the neighborhood, on Facebook, and on Nextdoor. It’s been three weeks and I’ve decided to keep her and name her Angel. Not because she’s my Angel but because she’s Bear’s angel.

By Amelia

 Such as sweet story! Thank you for sharing! - ViviPet


10. Photos from Mika, Grga, Koraljka, Loganica, Srecko, Kimi, Tina, Shrek.

By Ivana

cat stories  cat stories


Kittens every day, all day! Thank you for sharing! - ViviPet



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