Cat Stories | Sweet Stories from Esperansa, Minky, Gabriell, Mittens and more!

Cat Stories | Sweet Stories from Esperansa, Minky, Gabriell, Mittens and more!

Cat Stories | Sweet Stories from Esperansa, Minky, Gabriell, Mittens and more!

 1. The story from Esperansa

I first met Esperansa (Hope in Portuguese) 4 years ago when I went to do my nails at the salon. I was having a really hard time in my life and was hopeless. She was near the door and wouldn’t let anyone get near her. She was really dirty and skinny, with fighting wounds all over her body. She was so beautiful and still so young (around 10 months). I was wearing a white t-shirt, I tried to reach her and she just came to me and jumped to my shoulder. My heart just stopped, and it was the best way to mess up a t-shirt. I just started crying and she rubbed her face against mine to clean up the tears. At that moment I knew I had to take her home and take care of her. After spending all my savings to take care of her in the vet, I discovered she was that skinny because she was allergic to basically most of the cat foods available in the market, so even if someone tried to feed her on the streets she would just throw it all up. They told me that if I waited another day she would probably be dead. I took care of all of her wounds and got her special food, and named her Esperansa because hope was all she gave me. We became inseparable, she follows me everywhere and sleeps with me under the sheets. And 4 years later, whenever I get home, the first thing she does is running to meet me and jumping to my shoulder. I couldn’t ask for a better “welcome home”.

By Barbara

Cat Stories Cat Stories
 Cat Stories Cat Stories


Esperansa is such a beautiful angel! Thank you for sharing! - ViviPet


2. The story from Minky aka smidge

I remember it being a real wet, miserable week in May. Huge thunderstorms every night. Unusual considering I live in Greece. I was walking home one night from work, now to see stray cats and dogs here is an everyday thing, however, this time I couldn't walk away, I see something Cowering underneath a huge palm tree down by the harbor. A tiny, scruffy kitten all alone trying to shelter from the pouring rain. Normally most strays will bolt when you would go close but this tiny thing just stayed in a ball shaking. I scooped her into my arms and began to walk home. I love a good 20-minute walk from my workplace and to my amazement, this tiny kitten stayed cuddled up in my arms all the way. It was like she knew she was going home. She would be safe. Unfortunately, I soon realized she was very I'll. She had a really bad flu which needed a month of antibiotics but still had a persistent cough. After many vet visits and tests, a cray confirmed she has a hole in her diaphragm which can only be fixed by risky surgery. I was told that she wouldn't see a year old. My best friend is now a year and 3months and loves her dinner and killing her toy mice and shows no sign of defeat yet

 You have such a big heart, Minky is very lucky! Thank you for sharing your story! - ViviPet

3. The story from Gabriell

It's one of the many similar stories actually, but to me, It was very special since the beginning. It was one of those Spring days with nothing interesting in it. I love to look through the windows so I was in my living room when I saw a black adult cat outside laying in my front yard. I went outside and tried to call the cat to me but soon I realized the cat didn't have an owner. It was scared and one of many cats I fed in my backyard. It kept my distance and It meowed in hunger and fear. I gave it food once, twice... three times. The next day my little cat friend was back. I randomly named it Laura even tho I didn't know it's gender. The cat was back the next day. And the day after. It even let me pet it I got to know which areas are okay to touch and which are not. So Laura became my cat but I soon got to the conclusion the cat is actually a male so I renamed him Gabriell. I thought this name suits a magical and elegant vibe he gives me. Gabriell is a grandpa who lost most of his teeth and since he didn't get proper care and love until l adopted him, he uses it 24/7 now. He loves to sleep on me and a lot of cuddling. When he wants to cuddle he softly touches my face or neck with his soft paw.

By Marijana

Cat Stories

 There are no better cuddles than from a furry friend! Thank you for sharing! - ViviPet


4. The story from Mittens

When I was 7 me and my 26-year-old cousin drove out to this house in the country, and we chose 3 kittens. She took 2 and I got 1, while we were in the car she explained to me that her leukemia was back and that she was going to die, and that Mittens would look after me for her. To this day whenever I'm crying Mittens will not leave me for any reason. Miss you Gemma

By Alex

 Mittens is such a sweet companion! Thank you for sharing! - ViviPet


5.  The story from Biti

My mom found her when she was a little kitten, dirty, with both her eyes closed and with a lot of bruises all over her. she put her in her shopping bag and brought her home. Lots of time, treatments and love and now, two years later, she is the best kitten ever

By Ana

Cat Stories

  This little kitten is a true survivor, thank you for sharing! - ViviPet


6.The story from Sophie and Sugar

I adopted Sophie and Sugar after I saw on my Facebook that they had been left in a trashcan in a parking lot. These sisters always cuddled as they fall asleep. I have had them for 3 years now. I am so sad. I noticed Sophie seemed off. When I took them to the vet, I found out they think Sophie has FIP. I don’t know what to do!? They say it is dry FIP. I’m so scared for my baby. I want her to be ok.

By Sara

Cat Stories

 Hope all turns out well, sending lots of love to Sophie! Thank you for sharing! - ViviPet


7.The story from Rocky and Chip

Rocky got his name from boxing all his litter-mates. He’s still super playful and sometimes I feel guilty because I’m too busy to play with him. So I adopted him a little brother, Chip, to keep him busy. Rocky and Chip took about a week to warm up but now they can’t stop playing. They wrestle and play all day long. It even keeps up and wakes me up early. I’m so happy they get along and are becoming best friends and brothers!

cat stories

By Andy

That is true sibling-love! Thank you for sharing your story! - ViviPet


8.The story from Rusty

I have had Rusty for four years. He was a farm cat before I adopted him. My uncle said that he was useless on the farm and was as good as rust on a tractor. That’s when I named him Rusty. He was the laziest cat he ever had. Rusty never caught any mice or anything according to my uncle. He said he was eating him out of house and home and for nothing. So, one day, I asked my uncle if he wanted me to bring Rusty to my house. He said I could have him, so I brought him home right away! Rusty fits in perfectly in my family. He sleeps with my 2-year-old and never lifts a paw when my son pulls his tail or puts him too hard. Rusty may have been a useless farm cat but he’s the best family cat. We love him even though we have to buy mouse traps for our shed still.

By Gina

Cat Stories

 This is just too funny, Rusty is secretly our relaxation goals! Thank you for sharing! - ViviPet 


9.The story from Belle

My sweet girl Belle is a Maine Coon. My husband is convinced she’d half tiger. So we decided to dress up as Aladdin and Jasmine for Halloween. Guess what? We won my sorority’s costume contest!

By K.

Cat Stories Cat Stories


Belle must make a cute terrifying tiger! We would have voted for her too if we could! Thank you for sharing! - ViviPet 


10.The story from Coco and Spot

My kitty Coco loves to watch out the window. Last Tuesday Coco was meowing and meowing. I looked outside and she was staring at a lizard. I decide Coco must be lonely or bored. Probably both. So I went to the pet store and bought Coco her own pet gecko! We named him Spot. Now he can watch Spot in his aquarium whenever he wants. Maybe he’ll spend less time at the window.

By Zoe

Cat Stories

We are sure that both Coco and Spot will become the best of friends! Thank you for sharing! - ViviPet 



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