Cat Stories | Who's Pince, Anna, Chester, Selena, Daisy? Learn About Them This Week!

Cat Stories | Who's Pince, Anna, Chester, Selena, Daisy? Learn About Them This Week!

Cat Stories | Who's Pince, Anna, Chester, Selena, Daisy? Learn About Them This Week!

1. The story from Prince

It was July a year ago and we had a heck of a flood. I live on a slight hill and the water was running past my house and I was outside on my porch looking at the water. And I saw this clump of something, "maybe sticks" I thought but as it started to float past my mailbox, I jumped off my porch into action and flooded down the street in knee-deep water and found it to be two titty bitty baby kittens. I dove in a picked them up, put them in my shirt, walked home, dried the soak babies, and fed them baby formula... I was babysitting at the time. The next few days it was touchy but they made it and now a year later. My babies poepoe and prince are my survivors and the loves of my life. P.s. poepoe is black and white...prince in white.

By Naomi

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 You are truly a lifesaver to these two cuties, thank you for sharing with us! - ViviPet

2. The story from Anna

The day I went to pick out a cat from the shelter, I went with two friends and we met every single cat once. I still wasn't sure, so I went back into the main cat room to basically start over. As soon as I opened the door Anna started screeching at me from her bottom corner kennel to come to her. When I opened the door of her cage, she was out the door and on my lap before the door was completely open. She curled right up on my lap and started licking my hands. I knew right then that she was mine! Anna is now my spunky little weirdo! I never know what she's going to get into next.

By Ronni

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 You two are a purrr-fect match! Thank you for sharing! - ViviPet

3. The story from Chester

I had moved from KY to NC last year and finally, after 6 months of unemployment, I finally landed a job. Soon after that, I got a nice rental home. And once that happened I knew I needed to get a companion and a new cat. My previous cat had run away after staying with a friend when I was in between homes. One of the local adoption shelters was having a Black Friday adoption event. I headed to the shelter and spent a couple of hours there looking at each cat. Chester at the time was called Crimson. He just spoke to me. He was sweet, didn’t mind being held, and wasn’t all freaked out like a few of the other cats were. He also has a beautiful red coat. I decided he was the one for me and brought him home a couple of days later. Now 8 months later he is my loyal companion. He wants to be in whatever room I am in. And loves sleeping at the foot of my bed. Best decision ever made!

By Jennifer

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  It is paw-some to have such a loyal companion! Thank you for sharing your story! - ViviPet

4. The story from Selena

I had been promising my kids we were going to get them their first pet, a cat. We went to the Arizona Humane Society to look at cats on Valentine's Day several years ago. We looked at all the cats there and could not decide. My younger daughter brought me over to a Calico cat I'd missed and said "This one keeps looking at me." We went into the get acquainted room with Selena. She let both kids pet her and jumped up on the chair with me. So we had to get her. That night she jumped up on my bed and snuggled with me. She's been with us for 4 years now and we can't remember what it was like before she was here. She loves belly rubs and laying on people.

By Krista

 It must have been love at first sight! Thank you for sharing! - ViviPet

5. The story from Maximus

I moved to Denver in February for my career and did not have any friends. I grew up around dogs but my apartment only allows cats. Struggling with loneliness I decided to check out the animal shelter. Every cat I met would scratch me. When hope seemed lost the staff told me they just got a transfer that night. Looking at the pictures Maximus stood out to me. However, a mother a child overlooked at the computer and wanted to meet him too. I let them meet him first but he was hiding from them. I go in to the room to meet him and he jumps in my lap and wanted to play. I knew he was meant to be my cat. When I looked over his details I found out he was originally a street cat then has been in the shelter system for around 9 years. He has had multiple surgeries in the shelters and was finally transferred to a kill shelter. He has been my baby ever since. He greets me at the door whenever I get home and he follows me all over the apartment. Maximus also loves walks and car rides. Many people have complimented us on our companionship. I'm incredibly thankful that he is in my life and has added so much to my life.

By Shari

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 We wouldn't mind being greeted and followed around by Maximus, he's a cutie! Thank you for sharing you story! - ViviPet

6. The story from Mac

I adopted Mac from the shelter I was working at. Set to be euthanized due to suspected illness...he would sit in his kennel and scream. He would thrash around; flipping his food/water dishes and his litter box. As soon as the door would open, he would stop. He just wanted to be held. Just wanted to be loved. So they gave him a chance with me. He has since tested positive twice for exposure of toxoplasmosis. He has nystagmus of the eyes; is deaf; and doesn't walk straight. But he is my special boy. He sleeps in bed with me almost every night. He happily plays with toys; and certainly instigates shenanigans with his kitty-brothers.

By Paige

 You are a saving grace and Mac must be grateful that you gave him a forever home! Thank you for sharing! - ViviPet

7. The story from Daisy

I found Daisy as a feral barn cat. Daisy was living on my parent's property and I would stop by every day to check on her and feed her. One day, during the winter months, she decided to climb up into a truck bed to steal the engine's warmth. Little did she know that engine was about to be turned on! Daisy was gone for almost a week and I had no idea what had happened to her. I had finally decided, at that time, to try and socialize her as an indoor cat and she had up and disappeared! I was frantic. When she showed back up, she was missing the fur on her scalp and her back foot was mangled. She lost multiple toes, a few claws, and I spent the next few months nursing her back to health and convincing her that life as a spoiled bed cat is better than life as a feral! The first time she decided to crawl up on my chest and purr, I knew I had a friend for life. I adopted Daisy when she was eight years old. People say you can't teach an old cat how to live inside, but they're wrong. Today, Daisy lays on my chest every night and purrs until we both fall asleep. I call her my little noise machine. Last year, on her tenth birthday, Daisy began to show worrying signs at the vet. After a year of diagnostics and most of my savings going to the vet, I found out she has a heart deformity. These days she takes twice daily medication for it but it seems her days as a feral cat were always going to be numbered, hurt foot or not, and she might not break the record for the longest living cat (even though I am trying my best to make sure she does just that) but she's living out her sunset years with all the grace, joy, and sassiness she's always had. Nowadays I tell people that with enough patience and love any cat can be the perfect companion. Rescue a friend and they will stick with you like cat fur sticks to velvet--trust me on that.

By Blake

 cat stories cat stories

 Cats are the purrr-fect companion and we can't agree more! Thank you for sharing your story! - ViviPet

8. The story from Closure

My childhood cat Blanca had to be put to sleep after she got sick. It was the saddest thing I’ve ever gone through. I cried and cried for days after. It was so hard to look at where she used to lay on the windowsill. It took me over a year to feel brave enough to look for a new best friend. I didn’t want to dive right in, so I began volunteering, first. I spent every Saturday spending time with the cats. Cleaning their litter boxes. Playing with them. Petting them. All that stuff. I loved the cats but none were as sweet as Blanco. But one week ago a cat was brought in. A family found her in a local park begging for food. I knew she was the one!! When I went to clean her litter, she began purring and rubbing against my arm. How cute!!! And she kept meowing for me to come back after I was done. She’s super sweet and playful. I named her Jazz. I really love her. Blanca would be happy that I have a new cat that is different from her but just as sweet. I’m so excited to get to know her better and make sure she's happy and comfortable.

By Vivian

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 We're sorry to hear about Blanca, but we are glad to see that you have found a new friend! Thank you for sharing with us! - ViviPet

9. The story from Sugar

My cats are allowed to play outside. They always come back. But about two weeks ago, my cat Sugar never came home for dinner. I searched and searched and called and called and called. I left food out and water. I decided to hang signs around the neighborhood. I put Sugar’s picture and name. FINALLY! I got a phone call last night. A lady had my Sugar! She said Sugar was begging at her door to come in and it was really hot out, so she let him. She thought he was a stray. Then she saw my sign on the stop sign and recognized him! I have him back now! I’m so happy he’s home! I don’t know if I should let him back out, but I might. I don’t mind if he visits her as long as he comes home after!

By Cindy

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 Yay, so happy to hear that you were reunited with your fur baby! Thank you for sharing! - ViviPet

10. The story from Goosey and Nugget

Goosey is 15 and Nugget is 7. Nugget tries to be like Goose. He still follows him everywhere and watches him from across the room. Goose had to have surgery for cancer and Nugget would come and groom him. I hope that Goose heals quickly and doesn’t get cancer back. Nugget will be so sad.

By Fen

 We're keeping our thoughts and prayers that Goose will have a speedy recovery. Thank you for sharing with us! - ViviPet

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