Cat Stories | Who's Raven, Cheddar, Mozzarella, Sima, and Baskerville? Read our stories now Meow!

Cat Stories | Who's Raven, Cheddar, Mozzarella, Sima, and Baskerville? Read our stories now Meow!

Cat Stories | Who's Raven, Cheddar, Mozzarella, Sima, and Baskerville? Read our stories now Meow!

1. The story from Raven

Raven came to me and I know that it was meant to be. I wasn't looking for another pet because I have a 9 year old Husky, who is one half of my heart. I've had him since he was 10 weeks old and I always wanted a cat but I wasn't sure if he would be ok with me bringing a cat in. August 31st 2018 I heard a knock at the door. It was my mother in law. I opened the door and she had the tiniest black kitten in her arms. She said that her neighbor asked her to find a home for this kitten because she couldn't keep her. My mother in law agreed and said she would try to find her a home. Her neighbor agreed and said id she couldn't find a home she'd take her back. My mother in law is never one to turn a cat down that needs help. She feeds all of the dropped and abandoned stray cats in the neighborhood even though she can't really afford to feed them. I of course, held this tiny black kitten and fell in love. I talked to my fiancé about keeping her ourselves and he left it up to me. I decided that we would keep her. I kept her in a room with a baby gate up so Jaxx our Husky, could see but not touch her. If her barked, I would shut the door so,he couldn't see her anymore. When he would calm down, I'd open the door so he could see her. After a about 4 days of that, we introduced Raven and Jaxx to each other. It was amazing! He was so sweet and loving to her! I couldn't have asked for more! Now, Raven and Jaxx are best friends and it's so cute to watch them together.

By Rachel

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 They are the cutest best friends! Thank you for sharing! - ViviPet

2. The story from Sylvester, Mrvica and Black

That was last summer a neighbor cat gave birth to Kittens in our backyard and there were three of them Sylvester, Mrvica and Black. The first to die was the black after him died the Mrvica. Sylvester was small and skinny even though he ate a lot. He's very fond of us all to cuddle, and sometimes he's very bored he likes to hang around our feet. He likes to play a lot. He was supposed to go to someone but he started coming into our house, so he stayed with us. He's a very nice cat, even looks like a cat from a cartoon Tweety if you know that cartoon. He likes to sleep on a chair, and once he's asleep, he sleeps all day. I love him so much!

By Unknown

 We wouldn't mind cuddling with Sylvester all day! Thank you for sharing! - ViviPet

3. The story from Cheddar and Mozzarella

After loosing a kitten do paleuk, we thought we would never get another cat. We met Cheddy and Mozzy (their nicknames!) through a friend who new someone that worked in a shelter. Cheddy and Mozzy are real brothers and the only ones in their litter. The mom gave birth to them in a garage but never came back (we think it's because she was afraid of the dog that lived in the house). So the lady took them in and took care of them for 5 months, unti we got them 😁

By Andreia

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 Those nicknames are paw-sitively adorable! Thank you for sharing with us! - ViviPet

4. The story from Sima

Sima was my roommate’s cat, but then the woman moved out and abandoned her. I took her in, fed her and we did all the cat things together) but then my other roommate (from a different room) said he hated her meows and she threw Sima out into the street in the center of our big city while I was away. I looked for her for 2 weeks but she was nowhere to be found! She had never been outside before, so I knew she must’ve been scared. But there were many potential ways this could’ve gone, really! Someone could’ve taken her in (not informing me, of course), she could’ve ended up at the shelter, she could’ve starved, been run over by a car or hurt by some animals. I put up flyers, asked around but found her by mere luck! (I was calling her name to one of the ventilation holes in the basement for several minutes). She came out of there, shocked, squinting at the daylight, not snow white anymore but brownish with dust and dirt. I took her back and brought her to my mother’s house, where she would be safe from crazy roommates. She’s had 5 kittens with some stray cat. They are adorable.

By Ana

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 Sima is so lucky to have such a loving hooman like you! Thank you for sharing your story! - ViviPet

5. The story from Baskerville

My mom bought this wonder for $1 in the street from an old lady who had two kittens. Mom chose this one because she felt bad for him as he was crying endlessly and feeling seemingly worried, while his brother was sleeping peacefully and looking healthier. I was 4 at the moment. Baskerville is now almost 15 years old, living his happy life with us and being his lazy and a little bit noisy self without feeling gulity at all. Our family is literally in love with him.

By Catherine

Cat stories cat stories

 We would easily fall in love with that cute face! Thank you for sharing! - ViviPet

6. The story from Bubica

My uncle found her in front of his door where she was hiding from the rain. She had an eye infection and was full of fleas and very skinny, maybe a month old. He brought her to me, and I fell in love with her as soon as I saw her. She was so scared, but soon started purring and licking my cheek. I named her Bubica, that means "little bug" in my language, and it's used in the context of "baby". She's the most beautiful kitty in the world and I love her so much. She's everything to me.

By Milja

 Cat stories Cat stories

 Bubica sounds like such a sweetheart, thank you for sharing with us! - ViviPet

7. The story from Charli

When I was watching my 3-year niece, she decided she loved Charlie, my chubby baby. Of course, Charlie was super scared of her! She’d shriek and run at him. He’d dive under the bed or hide in the closet. If he couldn’t escape, he’d hiss at her. My poor baby. Haha. After three days, I caught him crawling into bed with her for a snuggle. And after she went home, he laid by the door. I think he missed her.

By Leona

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 Thank you for sharing this sweet story with us! - ViviPet

8. The story from Maple 

Maple is nine years old. She likes to lay in the sun and snuggle with our black lab. Sometimes she begs for dog treats when out lab does her tricks. I let her have some because she’s amazing even though she doesn’t know any tricks. The other day, I was eating blueberry pancakes and she started meowing. I thought she wouldn’t like them, but she was begging, so I let her try some. She loved them!!! I also shared a little with our dog. I’m happy to let her be as lazy or spoiled as she wants to be! She can even eat pancakes because she’s the best cat.

By Coco

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 You can never spoil a cat too much! Thank you for sharing! - ViviPet

9. The story from Tango

Tango was born with a birth defect that made his spine malformed. He looks like he’s dancing when he walks, so we named him Tango! He may be different from other cats, but it doesn’t slow him down! Our wiggly baby just has a little extra pep in his step.

By Amy

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 It's okay if Tango is a little different, more reasons to love him! Thank you for sharing your story! - ViviPet

10. The story from Shelby

I’m missing my girl Shelby so much today! She had a lump growing on her belly. I took her into the vet and he said it was a tumor. We got it removed. And she seemed like she was doing better. She was healing and becoming more energetic. But two month later she had another lump on her Xray in her abdomen. The doctor said she had a type of cancer that grows rapidly and is hard to control. He said that we could do another surgery but cancer would probably come back and spread. So we took a week to say goodbye. I cuddled her every night. I gave her tons of treats and tuna and kissed her so much! Then my husband and I brought her back. She went peacefully in my arms but it was so hard to say goodbye. It’s been two months but I still miss her every day. She was such a good cat. I’m glad she’s not in pain anymore. But I wish she didn’t get sick.

By Lay

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 We're so sorry to hear about Shelby, but her beautiful memory will live on. Thank you for sharing with us! - ViviPet


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