Cat Stories | Read These Touching Stories About Buddy, Betsy, BG, Sebas, and More!

Cat Stories | Read These Touching Stories About Buddy, Betsy, BG, Sebas, and More!

Cat Stories | Read These Touching Stories About Buddy, Betsy, BG, Sebas, and More!

1. The story from Buddy

Buddy was a neighborhood kitty who had been visiting us for a few years. Last year we started feeding him twice a day and he officially adopted our front porch. When the Camp Fire happened November 8th 2018 we thought we would just be evacuating for the night. I got the dog kennel out and scooped him up with his breakfast dish and secured him right away. Sadly, we never got to come home after that. We escaped with just my dog Dexter, indoor kitty Marceline, and now our new official rescue Buddy. He has been a strictly indoor cat since that day and has adjusted surprisingly well. I am so grateful he came for breakfast that morning so I didn't have to worry and wonder if he survived the fire. He is now part of our new little family as we try to rebuild our lives from scratch.

By Jenna

"Thank you for sharing your story about Buddy, Jenna. Happy to hear everyone was safe." - ViviPet Team


2.The Story from Betsy

My little girl Betsy did not have much time left. She was the very, very sick lone survivor of a feral litter at my work. Thanks to a co-worker Bob, who caught her, I put her in my cat carrier I always have in the car and took her straight to the vet. Through the efforts of my friends Paulette and Cathy, little Betsy is a happy girl living in her forever home. She might not be able to see a lot due to her eyes being damaged when she was sick, but she is certainly a happy, spoiled kitty who will turn 3 this summer.

By Beth

"Thank you for sharing Betsy's rescue story! Glad she has a furrever home!" - ViviPet Team


3. The Story from BG

BG was born at a breeders house. No one wanted her because she is a calico and didn’t show the patterns of her mother. I rescued her at six months out before she was going to be put down. She has the sweetest and sassiest personality. I don’t know what I would do without her. She helps with my anxiety and PTSD.

By Brittany

"BG is beautiful! You're lucky to have her Brittany!" - ViviPet Team



4. The Story from Sebas

Your Stories I’ve been loving cats since I was a teenager and all the cats that we had all came to our house by one way or the other and we loved everyone of them. My sweet baby Sebas came to us almost a year after I lost my beloved Benito. It was one month before I got married and he was outside underneath my sister’s car so we offered him food and put him in a kennel. He was this little ball of fur and he was angry! So we let him sleep in my grandma’s room with food, water and a bed and by the next day he was a complete sweet little boy! He was so malnourished that the vet thought he was 3 months old, but after he moved in with my husband and me he got so big! (FYI my husband didn’t really wanted a cat but hey I convinced him!). He’s been with us for almost 6 years!

By Alejandra

"Sebas has such a sweet face! Glad to hear he's happy and healthy!" - ViviPet Team


5. The Story from 'LOVE BITES'

Volunteering at a cat rescue when a six kittens brought in. Tossed away in a box like yesterday's trash. Fast forward a year and all adopted, except one. Sweet Eros, black with speckles of brown the only one not to find a new family. She just loved to give 'love bites' and no one seemed to want her. She and I became real good friends. So I decided to 'foster' her. But I knew as soon as I brought her home, she would become a permanent member of our family. She has become the queen of the house, as you can see, making her fur-sister's doggie bed her own.

"Eros is such a queen! Thank you for sharing her story!" - ViviPet Team


6. The Story from Teddy

On August 8th 2018, sadly one of my cats, Teddy was killed by a car. Teddy was the most loving and caring cat i have ever had. He was born at home by my other cat, River. 

Teddy was a very photogenic cat, he would pose for you any time. He would play hide and seek with me and would meow all over the place trying to find me, and when he did, he would start to cuddle me. 

Teddy was a fast learner when it comes to learning tricks. He would sit whenever you told him to and he would give you a high five too. He would playfully attack his mother just to get her to play with him. Whenever he wanted me to pet him, he would push his head into my hands and would start rolling around. 

Teddy was a very unique cat, he brought home many presents such as a bird, a rat and even half a snake. I am happy i had him in my life and that I got to make happy memories with him. This is the story in honour of Teddy. Rest in Peace Teddy. 

By Sara

"Teddy was a beautiful cat! Thank you for sharing his story, may he rest in peace!" - ViviPet Team


7. The Story from Francis

Francis my cat was abandoned in front of the animal hospital I used to work at. Where we live there are coyotes and it gets cold in the winter. Our veterinarian was leaving and called us telling us that there was a bag in front of the hospital. We go to grab it and there’s the cutest cat. We keep him in isolation for a couple of days. I fell in love with his sweet calm personality. He was about two when we found him. I wanted him but convincing my boyfriend who is stationed in japan. Was the hard part. I kept sending pictures of me and the cat. Finally he relented. We did bloodwork to make sure there were no problems. He had a clean bill of health. The only issue is he gets hairballs. I brush him daily and give him hairball control food. He’s my little buddy.

By Laura Balke

"What a handsome boy! Thanks for sharing Laura!" - ViviPet Team


8. The Story from Momo

I wanted a cat all my life, but it just never seemed to be the right time. Shortly after moving in with my boyfriend, we heard of an abandoned, 3-week old kitten. Although we had no experience with cats whatsoever, it felt like fate – so we adopted him.
We had an incredible time! He was quite a handful, but we were so close that we could do things like go on walks together (no leash) and sunbathe in outdoor cafés during summer. He was the best cat one could wish for! 1,5 years later, he was hit by a car and left to die on the pavement. Coming home to an empty apartment was too much to bear, so we went to the shelter for the first time.

Momo was found emaciated, roaming the streets with a gift ribbon around her neck when she was about one year old. She must have been an unwanted gift since nobody came looking for her at the shelter. She was battling the cat flu but seemed curious and very interested in us. We instantly fell in love with her and took her home. We soon realized that she would be an indoor cat. She had asthma attacks for the first couple of weeks and has a weird habit of eating things like plastic, ribbons of any kind or human hair. Our first cat just got hit by a car, so we weren’t mentally ready to let her roam the area by herself anyway. We couldn’t leave her alone all day while we were gone either, so we quickly decided to get her a sister.

We went back to the shelter and entered a room full of kitten (a dream come true!). I had my eye on a ginger one that was a little bigger, but a teeny tiny tuxedo girl kept approaching us, curling up in our lap. She chose us, we thought, so little Toni came back with us to her new home. She was so tired and fragile all the time that we decided to bring her to the vet for a check-up a couple of days later. But it never came to that. She had some kind of stroke that very same night. We took an hour-long drive in a cab to the only vet that had office hours at night, but nothing could be done. Toni had to be put down. Heartbroken, confused and empty-handed, we went back home. We were about to give up on a sister for Momo, when our families convinced us not to let bad things pull us down. So we went back to the shelter again.

Cleo was found on a parking lot. She was only 10 weeks old and had crushed hind legs, so she had to wear an external fixture for about two months until her bones grew back together. The vets really did one hell of a job! Her hip is a little underdeveloped and she can’t sit properly – other than that, she’s healthy and good-spirited. She constantly asks for cuddles, meowing until you drop everything to give her the attention she wants. Sometimes I even feel her curling up on top of my head at night to sleep on the upper part of my pillow, right next to me.
Seeing Momo and Cleo run around and playing with each other warms our heart every single day. It somehow makes everything we had to go through worth it. They still need to get used to each other some more and their very different characters make life chaotic sometimes, but we love every minute of it.

By Annabelle

"We're so sorry to hear about your passing cats. Happy to hear Momo and Cleo are in you life. The pair sounds so sweet to be around! " - ViviPet Team


9. The story from Barbossa

Found this little special kitty at a shelter. 2 years old and was left abandoned by their dumpster. Fell in love with him at first purr. Didn't realize he was missing a leg till he stood up. Didnt change my mind. We walked out with him and he is so happy now in his New home

By Joanna

"Thank you for sharing Barbossa's story, Joanna!" - ViviPet Team


10. The story from Hutch and Paisley

You have made my Hutch so very happy! He absolutely loves cat grass and this new system is amazing! Hutch even let his little sisfur share it with him! Thank you for this pawsome product!

By Kathy 

 "Glad to see Hutch and Paisley love the cat grass!" - ViviPet Team


11. The story from Scarlett and Gemma 

My Sweet Scarlett and Gemma were both rescued when they were kittens, we found them outside a local grocery store, covered in fleas mom had been hit and didn’t survive, we tried to get some of the others but all so scared to death of people and cars, now 5 years later I have two beautiful healthy fluffy kitties that we love to death.

By Jenny

 "Scarlett and Gemma are so lucky! We are happy to hear they are happy and healthy kitties 5 year later!" - ViviPet Team


12. The story from Penelope

I've always worked in the pet care industry. In my early years, working for a pet product store, I was a groomer. Everyone knew I was the cat lady to go to for any cat related issues. One morning, the problem of the day was about to become one of my most favorite memories. Because it lead me to my cat Penelope. Back then, she had no name. She didn't even have a person to care enough about her to alert someone before they dumped her in the pet bed aisle and left the store. There she was, probably around 6 weeks old, hidden away, without anyone knowing she was there. The store was closed up for the evening, and she wasn't discovered until the following morning. One of my co-workers came into the grooming salon and presented me with this tiny grey fluff ball that fit right in the palm of my hand. She had no family, until that moment. When my husband came to pick me up, I simply lifted her up in my hand, showed him what had been left behind, and he sighed "get in the car," knowing there was going to be no argument. She was coming home with us. She's now 12 years old, just a little plump old lady, who has lived a life where she never had to know loneliness again.

By Alicia

"What a great story about Penelope! Thank you for sharing Alicia!" - ViviPet Team

13. The story from Tanner

I had begun a journey in kidney failure, I could no longer work and was doing dialysis at home. My husband and I would walk a mile down our road for exercise and to combat depression. One afternoon in early June we were taking our walk and when we reached the end of our road it came to a T intersection as we stopped to cross the road, a small tan kitten came running across the road in front of a truck. The driver slammed on his breaks to avoid hitting the kitten, the kitten ran straight to me climbed up my pant leg, shirt and sat on my shoulder with its paws around my neck. I was happy it was not harmed but not sure what to do, my husband did not want pets. He looked at my wide eyes and said you can keep it. We took it home and feed it and went out and bought everything a kitten needed. The next day we took the kitten to the vet, found out it was a girl we named her Tanner -Tan-Tan for short. That was 13 years ago and she is still our baby, I have only been away from her once when I was blessed to get a kidney transplant 12 years ago. I was gone for 4 days and my sister kept her for me, she let me know she didn't like that by walking in front of me and turning her back to me. She has never left my side while I recover she slept by my arm and would snift my stitches as I healed. She is getting older a little slower but she will all ways be my baby. 

By Sharon

"Thank you for sharing Tanner's story, Sharon!" - ViviPet Team


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