ViviPet | Price Match Guaranteed!

ViviPet | Price Match Guaranteed!

ViviPet | Price Match Guaranteed!

Price Match Promise with High-Quality Product and Prompt Customer Service!

If you find our price is higher than the same product sells on, we guarantee a refund for the difference. We curve cost on every aspect, but never compromise on product quality and customer service!

💓Get More While Paying Less💓

  With ViviPet, your money goes further to offer your cats more love and fun! How do we offer such low prices? We buy our products in bulk order to save on cost. This results in prices that can be 50% to 70% lower than typical retail prices! When we buy bulk, we help the cat loving community save a meow-tain of money!

ViviPet also buys and sells directly without a middleman getting in the way of your value. Other platforms like Amazon and Chewy get a commission from sellers for listing products on their sites (often around 15%). This cost is passed onto you, the customer, and that’s not fun or fair.  We order directly from 17 overseas manufacturers, eliminating the middleman and commission, and passing the saving onto you!

  Our packaging saves trees and saves you money, too! Our space-efficient, eco-friendly packaging helps keep shipping costs down without the waste of obscenely large and bulky boxes. Just another way our cat loving consumers help save the Earth while saving money.


💓We Love Cats as Much as You Do💓

  We think cats are absolutely purrrfect, and we love all the things that make cats meow-y and purr! As cat lovers, we shop like you do: we want to find the best products for kitties and cats. We understand cat parents want the best for their purr babies, and we know what their feline friends want and need. 

Of course, we also make sure cats love our products as much as we think they will by letting our seven cats test all products. If our cats give a product four paws up, we put that product onto our website. And just to make sure we’re offering the best quality selection, our ViviPet Team also inspects each item for craftsmanship and safety. 

  We work hard to make sure we offer a wide range of products that your cat will love to use and play with, and we offer products that make humans smile, too. At ViviPet, we’re cat people who love to find and offer the best products to cats and their loving parents.


💓We Support the Lifestyle You Want💓

  Life shouldn’t be boring for you or your cat. Our goal is to make your and your cat’s lives more pawsitive! We offer the element of surprise with the latest and most exciting new products on the market. We find the toys, dishes, and products that will make your heart flutter. 
  Between your daily rituals of feeding your cat to the socks you put on, we want you to fall in love with each ViviPet product. And with our low prices, it’s ok to treat yourself with the cutest, most innovative cat products. We believe you and your cat deserve to be spoiled. Cats and cat loving hoomans make the world better and deserve products that are useful and beautiful.

Say “Good-bye!” to piles of unnecessary products that your cat ignores. Returns and refunds are convenient. We don’t ask many questions. If your cat doesn’t love the product, send it back. We don’t charge a restocking fee.

We want our community to live the luxurious and splendid lifestyle that you each want and deserve!


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