10 blogs to instantly inspire your new modern home

Getting ready to buy a home? Or are you solely just getting some inspiration in time for spring cleaning? There are always new trends happening as the season's change. To make life easier for you, we have gone through some of our favorite bloggers and Instagram accounts to get your home in tip-top condition. 


Go on continue scrolling for some stunning interior and styling finds! 


CHELSEA BIRD        1/10

Instagram: @chelseabirdd Blog: http://chelsea-bird.com/

Chelsea's Instagram and Blog post takes you through the designing process of her home. Keep an eye out on this blog if you are interested in her desert meets modern home. 

keeelly91    2/10 

Instagram: @keeelly91       Blog:https://keeelly91blog.eu/

Plants are an essential item to add to your home for the perfect spring vibe. Curious to see how Kelly does it? Go ahead and head to her Instagram or blog. 

lovedbysheila      3/10

: @lovedbysheila

A modern home does not always mean industrial furniture or exposed walls. Modern can also mean trends that are currently going on. A recent trend that has been going around is the Bohemian style. Bohemian got its name from its free-flowing nature. Check out this Instagram page if this style is something you are interested in. 


 juudithhome    4/10 

Instagram: @juudithhome  Blog: http://judith-huls.nl/plantenlamp/

Are you more interested in a more neutral palette? Check out Judith's home! Her home is filled with different grey and blue pieces! 

simplycozycharm  5/10

Instagram: @simplycozycharm    Blog: https://simplecozycharm.com/blog/

With the new season in full storm, add a few spring colors into your home to instantly brighten up any area. Go ahead and check out this blog if you're curious on how to do so! 

sarah_theresaa  6/10 

Instagram: @sarah_theresaa 

Minimalism is also another trend that has been showing up in a lot of home. Characterized by its space and simplicity, a little truly does go a long way. Go ahead and check out this Instagram account if you're interested in this style! 

dreaming_of_decor    7/10

Instagram: @dreaming_of_decor 

Spring has truly sprung with this decor. Never be afraid to mix and match patterns or even textures. This Instagram account will show you how it's done!

   yvonne_kwakkel    8/10 

Instagram: @yvonne_kwakkel  Blog: https://www.bloomon.nl/

Earthy tones! This style is super unique and matches spring beautifully. Different shades of brown tones are often underappreciated, so styling these pieces can be difficult. But go check out this Instagram or blog account to find your inspiration! 

acleanprismlife  9/10

Instagram: @acleanprismlife Blog: https://linktr.ee/acleanprismlife

True to her name, this blog really is filled with a clean color and style. White is a beautiful color to mix and match with especially during this time around. If you want some creative inspiration on how to style your rooms, go ahead and check this account out.
at_angies_place   10/10 

Instagram: @at_angies_place 

Last but certainly not least! This style of home is perfect for those who adore the neutral colors as well as the minimalist style as well. Every season calls for a new change in the house, so follow this account if you're interested in seeing what's next! 

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