ViviPet | 5 Basics Items to Provide for Your Cat

ViviPet | 5 Basics Items to Provide for Your Cat

ViviPet | 5 Basics Items to Provide for Your Cat

You don’t have to have a high-tech cat camera or a nine-story cat tower to be a great cat parent. Cats want loving, caring owners, a safe place to call home, and they can get by with the bare essentials when you first bring them home. If you’re thinking about adding a new cat-baby to your home, but you’re unsure if you have what you need, we have you covered.

Cat owners, both first-time owners, and more experienced owners, want a healthy, happy, and content pet. In order to achieve this goal and keep your kitty purrfectly content, there are five items the owner must provide.


  • ❤️Make Sure You Can Get Your Cat Home and the Vet Safely with a Carrier❤️

The first item needed immediately upon adoption is a carrier to bring the kitty home in.  This will make the trip safer and keep your new precious purr box safe and secure while traveling in the car. The carrier will also come in handy upon all future trips to the vet or plan on traveling or moving in the future.

There are hard carriers and soft carriers. The hard carriers are sturdier but take more room to store. Soft carriers often provide better ventilation. Some have openings in the top, which come in handy when you’re dealing with a wary cat.

Whichever carrier you choose, they are necessary and practical.


ViviPet | 5 Basics Items to Provide for Your Cat


  • ❤️Keep Your Kitty Healthy with Adequate Food and Water❤️

Your treasured kitty needs to eat and drink to survive. This means bowls for dry food, moist food, and water are a must. Also, a mat under them establishes kitty’s set place to find food and water. And also keeps the area very clean. There are plastic, glass, and stainless bowls.  Stainless steel are easiest to disinfect and also durable, ceramic dishes are clean as well, but may chip or break. There are also double bowls and raised bowls.

Separate bowls make it easier to keep each type of food or water fresh. Whichever type of dishes you decide upon, a cat must be fed and watered daily, and there are an infinite number of adorable and helpful dishes, so you can find the perfect one for your cat.


  • 🧸Don’t Forget the Fun: Toys🧸

All cats need fun and exercise and there are so many great toys to stimulate them. There are toys that make noise, toys that include feathers, some contain catnip and others move around. There are towers and tunnels, for them to climb and run through. There are also scratching posts and scratching pads. Activity mats and wands! The list goes on. But the fact remains that it is important to provide toys for stimulation and exercise for any beloved cat. This keeps them mentally and physically healthy, not to mention out of trouble.


ViviPet | 5 Basics Items to Provide for Your Cat


  • ❤️When They Got to Go: A Litter Box and Litter❤️

The next item a cat owner must provide is not as fun and exciting as the toys, however, an indoor cat cannot get by without a litter box.

They range in price from under $10 to nearly $500. Some are covered, some have tops. Others have doors or openings in the top. For a small kitten and low, simple litter box is best. Some of the more expensive ones are self-cleaning and quite complicated. If you decide on the simpler type, you’ll also want a scoop.

As for cat litter, you may want flushable tofu litter that’s ecofriendly. Clay litter is also available at most stores.


  • 💤A Place to Rest Her Fuzzy Head: A Bed💤

Your cat will want a place of her own to snuggle up. A cat bed fits the bill. If your cat wants a little more privacy or you want a more versatile option, try a bed that fits in her carrier.

You can find beds that are heated or covered to keep kitty in the lap of luxury. The perfect bed can depend on the climate or the age of your cat. Orthopedic beds may be perfect for an older cat. While a younger cat may enjoy a pillow bed more. No matter the age or type of your cat,  they all need a comfortable clean bed.


When considering adopting a new cat or expanding your pet family, it’s important to take inventory of items your kitty will need. The carrier is needed whenever transporting the cat. Foods, both dry and moist and water must be served in bowls, the cat needs fun and exercise and there are a vast number of wonderful toys and towers, the cat needs a litter box and scoop for elimination, and last but not least a comfortable bed for resting contently.

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