ViviPet | 5 Way to Help Your Cat Cope with Stress and Anxiety

ViviPet | 5 Way to Help Your Cat Cope with Stress and Anxiety

ViviPet | 5 Way to Help Your Cat Cope with Stress and Anxiety

 Do you find your cat hiding under the bed when visitors come over? She could be letting you know that she’s stressed.

Our cats are creatures of routine. They also are notoriously neurotic in a cute and adorable way! There is one thing that no cat parent finds cute, though: kitty stress. When a cat is bumped out of her routine, it can cause stress and anxiety. How can you help your kitty overcome her stress?


Figuring Out the Source of Your Cat’s Stress

You can wrack your brain all day and night to figure out exactly what is stressing your cat out. This can prove frustrating. Sometimes it’s obvious: a new baby, a move, the absence of a family member and other times it can be an absolute mystery.

We wouldn’t suggest not trying to figure out what is causing your cat’s stress, but don’t feel bad if you can’t figure it out. Use your time wisely by helping you cat eliminate anxious energy rather than spending too much time trying to get to the bottom of the source.


How to Hope Your Cat Cope with Stress and Anxiety

The first step to helping your cat is recognizing the signs of stress.

Some of the most common signs of stress are subtle and can come across as normal cat behavior. But if you notice any of the following symptoms, your cat is likely nervous if not anxious, stressed, or fearful.

  • Rapid breathing
  • Seemingly random aggression
  • Urinating outside the box
  • Hiding
  • Lack of appetite
  • Excessive shedding or hair loss.

Do some of those symptoms sound familiar? If so, you’re probably wondering what you can do to help. We strongly believe that most comfort technique for cats can be easily achieved through natural and simple changes that will make your cat feel better.

Here are some recommendations you can try to give your cat some respite from their stress.

 Cat Stress

  1. Check All the Boxes: Keep that Litterbox Clean and Fresh

Your cat’s litterbox is an essential part of your cat’s day-to-day life. Keeping your cat’s box clean and smelling fresh can lighten her mood and alleviate anxiety.

  • Make sure you have one box per cat in your home plus an additional.
  • Scoop your cat’s box as often as you can. Using flushable tofu litter can help make this chore more bearable.
  • Make sure your cat can easily fit inside her litterbox. She should have enough room to easily get in, turn around, and space to bury her mess.
  • Is her box accessible? Sometimes older cats struggle to climb into litterboxes with sides that are too high. Watch your cat get in. Is she struggling? Does she show signs of discomfort? If so, it might be time for a change.


  1. Provide Plenty of Purr-tastic Playtimes

Excess, unused energy can lead to anxiety. Help your cat burn off some of this energy and give into her natural hunting instincts with some quality playtime.

Encourage better play with a variety of toys: different shapes, sizes, colors, textures, and functions.


  1. Give Your Cat Some Climbing Opportunities

Perches and platforms help your cat scope out her environment. This can provide a sense of stability and safety since they can see the surrounding area.

A perch can also help your cat feel like she can escape from her overly exuberant cat siblings or dog siblings.

 cat stress

  1. Create a Cat Getaway

Cats need places to hide, nap, and relax. Does your cat have enough area of her own where she feels safe, secure, and hidden?

Try opening a closet door, clearing out some space beneath the bed, or create a cat cavern with plenty of comfy blankets and pillows.


  1. Catnip and Pheromones

Catnip is a sure-fire way to calm your cat. It can also increase her excitement for play. Provide your cat with a source of catnip to keep her content.


You can also find pheromone sprays that mimic the pheromones that cats naturally produce when relaxed and at home. These work really well when you’re moving or experiencing a major life change like the addition of a baby or new pet.

Don’t let your cat’s stress turn into a catastrophe. Try some natural remedies and continue to give your cat plenty of love, affection, and attention. If your cat still seems anxious, take a trip to the vet.

Have a happy playtime with catnip, perches, and plenty of patience!

cat stress


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