Happy Easter Sunday!


Ahh... Easter...It is that time again where easter bunnies roam across all grocery stores and malls. Whether it's in a full body costume or even as sweet little treats in the candy aisle at a store. Let's get your heart ready for Easter.

Here are 10 pet Instagram accounts that you should be following to get you into that Easter spirit. 

Are you ready?

 1. Easter bunny brought me toys! 


Looks like Easter came early for this kitty. Check out all these cute toys the Easter bunny brought for this kitty at our store vivipet.com 


2. Am I EARresistible? 


Please don't go! Come back and give me more head pats!! 


3. Oh my gosh.. they're staring at me 


Maybe if I stay still enough, the hoomans will think I am the easter bunny...


4. I'm the cutest meowdel out there



I'm ready! I'm ready! Is Easter here yet? 


5. Sparkly.. sparkly... 


Hey hooman... can cats eat eggs? No? Well what about a bunny? 


6. EveryPawdy these are mine 


Easter only comes once a year! Please do not take these away from me. 


7. Eyes up on me, please 


It may be Easter, but that does not mean I can't get the spotlight. 


8. I am a bunny...I am a bunny...


I heard around town that if you're a bunny they'll give you catnip. Am I wrong?


9. Wait... can I eat this? 



Hehe silly kitty. Treats are for eating! 


10. Talk to me when it's Easter 


Are you saying I can't have my Easter treats until it's Easter? How does that even make sense? 

These are only a few of the many accounts out there on Instagram. If you're interested in any of the pets featured in this blog post, feel free to check out their Instagram. If you want to be featured in our next blog post, make sure to follow us on Instagram and tag us in your posts! Have a safe Easter weekend! 

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