ViviPet | How to Keep Your Cat’s Teeth Healthy 🦷

ViviPet | How to Keep Your Cat’s Teeth Healthy 🦷

ViviPet | How to Keep Your Cat’s Teeth Healthy 🦷

You may only think about your cat’s teeth when you get the occasional smooch. Or maybe you never think about her chompers. Either way, it may be time to think about your cat’s teeth more frequently. Keeping your cat’s teeth and mouth healthy can improve your cat’s health and quality of life as she ages. Plus, taking care of your cat’s teeth can save you on vet bills over time.


  • Why Does Your Cat’s Dental Health Matter?

It may seem strange that our cats need us to help them take care of their teeth. Didn’t their ancestors get by just fine after all? Well, our cats have very different diets and routines than their wild ancestors. In fact, wild cats used to consume their prey whole, and chew on their bones, which worked like very cave-kitty toothbrushes. Our domesticated kitties don’t have the luxury of bones, so we have to help them ou

What will happen if you don’t care for your cat’s teeth? Your cat will be more likely to develop dental disease. And there are too many cats suffering from dental disease, with 50% to 90% of cats four and older experiencing dental disease.

Cats suffer from gingivitis, periodontal disease, and tooth resorption. All of these can cause your cat pain, make eating more difficult, and significantly lower your cat’s quality of life over time.


What Can You Do to Help Your Kitty Maintain Clean, Healthy Teeth?


  • 🎀Brush Those Bicuspids🎀

This may seem like quite the feat, but once your cat is used to having her teeth brushed, it’s no big deal and will significantly improve her dental health.

Start getting your cat used to having her teeth cleaned by petting her whiskers and around her mouth. After a few days, begin rubbing a cotton ball or Qtip over her teeth and gums.

If your cat can’t stand having her teeth touched, sweeten the deal with some treats and chicken or beef broth.

After your cat is used to having her teeth rubbed, put a small amount of cat toothpaste on the brush and allow her to lick it off.

Then, gently lifter her top lips, rubbing the brush in a circular motion over her teeth.

After your cat becomes accustomed to having her teeth cleaned, try to brush them every day.


ViviPet | How to Keep Your Cat’s Teeth Healthy 🦷


  • 🎀Choose a Diet for Positive Dental Health🎀

You can find a lot of prescription diets made to help your cat’s mouth stay in tip-top shape. Dental diets help to remove plaque and scrub your kitty’s teeth. They’re often made with a unique texture made specifically for knocking off plaque and tartar.

A good dental diet will also contain ingredient that supports strong teeth and increase saliva production.


  • 🎀Bring Your Cat to the Vet for a Cleaning🎀

Just like us, our cats need regular dental cleanings. This means at least once per year. Your vet will likely look at your cat’s teeth during a regular exam and tell you how often your kitty should receive dental cleanings.

Why can’t you just rely on brushing your cat’s teeth? Sometimes tartar is too stubborn to be removed with a brush. Your vet can thoroughly clean your cat’s mouth for the best dental disease prevention. Your vet can also take Xrays to ensure your cat doesn’t have underlying oral health issues.


ViviPet | How to Keep Your Cat’s Teeth Healthy 🦷


  • 🎀Invest in Some Dental Accessories🎀

Your job isn’t done when you put the toothbrush down. You can help your cat maintain healthy teeth by adding some dental toys and treats to her repertoire. There are catnip toys, textured toys, and toothpaste-filled toys that help keep your kitty’s pearly whites white and clean. You can also add a few drops of a dental additive to her water to help increase the effectiveness of these products.

Think about it: it’s a win-win situation. She enjoys tasty treats and some fun while you know she’s improving her dental health.


Having a cat with a healthy mouth sure gives you a reason to smile! Providing your cat with a healthy mouth provides her with a happy, healthy life. Remember when it comes to your cat’s teeth, brush, bring her to the dentist, provide her with healthy dietary habits, and don’t forget to play.

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