ViviPet | 11 Weird Things About Cats Explained

ViviPet | 11 Weird Things About Cats Explained

ViviPet | 11 Weird Things About Cats Explained

Cats are great. There’s no doubt about it. Whoever denies their greatness is simply wrong. But haven’t you ever wondered why they do what they do? Why do they knead? Why do they turn into some crazy possessed felines at night? And what’s the deal with all the boxes? Well, we found a few explanations for some of the weird things that cats do and decided to share them with you. Let’s see what they are.

  • Kneading. When they’re kittens they knead their mom’s tummy in order to let her know they want more milk. But when they grow up, it’s a sign that they’re relaxed and feeling comfortable. It may also be that whatever material they’re kneading reminds them of their mother’s stomach. So you should be grateful if she massages your belly. It simply reminds her of her mom’s hairy multi-breasted tummy.
  • Bringing you precious presents. What do you mean there’s nothing precious about a decapitated mouse or a dead bird? Of course there is! Your cat is sharing her success with you because you’re an important member of her gang. Or she could be thinking you don’t have enough to eat. If she’s a spayed female, the explanation is that she brings you half-dead beings in order to improve your hunting skills, you helpless baby. If she only brings dead animals, she finds you completely incapable of providing food for yourself – so basically, you’re worthless. Anyway, you might be doing worse by offering her attention when you receive the gifts because all you do is reinforce an unwanted behavior.
  • Showing you her tummy. This can be a two-way street if you don’t play your cards right. She might actually enjoy an occasional stomach petting, especially if you have given her these massages ever since she was a kitten. On the other hand, showing you the belly might mean that she is positioning herself in a fight mode and she’s trying to activate her strong back claws. So if you accidentally trigger her murder button, you will suffer the consequences!

  • Communicating with birds. You’ve definitely seen her do her thing when she sees a bird flying by the window. If you’ve ever wondered what this means, you should know that it is either a sign of frustration, because she can’t go outside and catch the bird. Or a simple reflex for getting the jaw ready to catch and chew her victim.
  • Communicating with each other and with people. There are over 100 sounds that cats make when they’re interacting with other cats. And none of these sounds is a meow. What do you know? As it turns out, cats don’t meow at each other. Well, they do it for a little while, when they are kittens and they need their mommy. But they will rapidly grow out of it, as their stealthy nature kicks in. It looks like they only meow when communicating with humans. And this behavior is likely to happen if you have the habit of talking to her.
  • Going crazy after you’ve switched off the light and went to bed. Yup, she just looks at the clock and goes: “It’s 2 a.m. I must run as fast as I can from one end of the house to a randomly selected location. And meow loudly!” Cats are naturally active at dawn or dusk, so this might be an explanation for the nocturnal lunatic behavior. And if she spends most of her daytime sleeping, it’s normal to become more active as soon as the whole family gets home in the evening. Also, cats don’t have the same sleeping pattern as we do. They have multiple sleeping cycles during the 24 hours in a day. So it’s normal that these cycles spread throughout the night. Furthermore, if she receives any form of attention during her night crisis, she’ll interpret this as a reward and she’ll repeat the pattern. And they say cats can’t be trained...

  • Bunting everything. You know how she rubs her head against every single thing she encounters: your legs, your face, the chair, another animal... Well, that’s her way of saying: “Hello there, I like you and since we shared pheromones, you have now become my territory. From now on, you must feed me and clean my poop and I shall call you my human. And there’s nothing you can do about it. Just let it happen and be thankful I chose you.” On the other hand, if she is rubbing her entire body on you, this is purely a form of affection.
  • Sleeping on the keyboard. Let’s say she does this because the laptop is warm and cats like warm places. Mhm... And what if we were talking about the computer’s keyboard? No warmth there... But you are aware that you won’t be able to work or scroll the Facebook news feed while she’s there. And you are aware that she knows that, right? It’s the same when it comes to newspapers or anything that may be catching your attention for too long. She needs some tender loving care exactly when you seem to be caught up in doing something else. Again, who said that cats can’t be trained? They seem to do a pretty good job training themselves. Aha, that’s the secret: they can’t be trained; they can only train themselves!
  • We’ve finally reached one of the most interesting facts about cats: the habit of squeezing themselves into small boxes or uncomfortable sinks. This has something to do with their hunting behavior; they hunt by camouflaging in all sorts of stealthy places, waiting for the right moment and then attacking. Does this behavior sound familiar? How many times has she scared you by jumping out of the box like a crazy beast and attacking your feet? Well, this is one of the reasons why they try to fit every single box they can find. They also feel safe from any kind of ambush in a small space. And... it’s warm!

  • They pee backward. If you’ve ever seen a cat spraying something out of his butt, you should know that his penis actually points backward when they need it to. It’s like normal peeing, but they do it to mark their territory or to cover another cat’s scent. A female cat can also do this, but it’s not as interesting as the male’s twist; the females don’t need anything reversed back there. Pretty cool, isn’t it?
  • They’re not actually afraid of cucumbers. They’re afraid of almost anything that sneaks up on them. Furthermore, the cucumber looks a lot like a snake, which is a lethal predator for them. Wouldn’t you be afraid if you turned your head and found a giant green anaconda sitting right next to you? Scaring your cat with a cucumber may seem like a funny thing to do, but they might injure themselves while jumping in the opposite direction or suffer from long-term stress.

These are only a few of the weird things about cats explained. They are very special creatures and we probably need a good amount of articles to cover a part of their weird nature. But they’re incredibly intelligent and loving. How can you not adore them, weird things and all?



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