ViviPet | 3 DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Pet

ViviPet | 3 DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Pet

ViviPet | 3 DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Pet


While dressing up for fun is a blast during Halloween, dressing your cat or dog up is at least twice as fun! Why? Because costumes make our already adorable pets extra cute. From sushi to aliens and flamingos, costumes help your pet embrace their animal alter ego.

All it takes is some creativity and a little bit of time to transform your fuzzy friend into a ghoul, daisy, or hipster. And we have the cutest costumes you can imagine along with simple steps that make DIY D-I-EASY.

Simple and Inexpensive DIY Costumes for Dogs or Cats

Cat or Small Dog Flower!

Let your best friend’s personality bloom with an easy to make (and adorable!) flower costume.


  • 2-3 colors of felt
  • Velcro or glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Marker

First, pick out two colors that you think will look nice on your pet. Purchase felt in these colors and some adhesive Velcro (if you have a hot glue gun this can be used instead of Velcro). If you want to add a leaf or two, be sure you also get green felt.

  1. Measure the widest part of your pet’s head to make sure the flower will fit gently, comfortably, yet securely on her.
  2. Draw two circles on the center of your felt: one the width of your pet’s head and one an inch smaller. Connect the circles by drawing perpendicular lines from the inner circle to the outer. About six lines will do.
  3. Draw your flower petals around the circle. Make one color larger than the other.
  4. If you want leaves, draw those and go ahead and cut them out.
  5. To cut out your flower, fold the felt in half with the circles showing. Cut out the smaller circle and cut along the six lines to the outer circle. It’s ok to cut a little beyond these for a little extra wiggle room.
  6. After the circle is complete, cut along the shape of your petals.
  7. Layer the smaller flower on top of the larger with the leave on the bottom but sticking out beyond the edge of the flower. Hot glue or Velcro the pieces in place.

Say “Boo!” with an Adorable Ghost Costume

This one is all about classic Halloween with a sense of humor.

You’ll want to pick up:

  • A white sheet or pillowcase. Thrift stores are great for this.
  • A black marker
  • Scissors

DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Pet


How to Turn Your Cat or Dog into a Spooky Spirit

  1. Gently and patiently place the sheet over your cat or dog so the fabric lays evenly from her head to his feet. You probably want to have a few treats and an extra pair of hands to help with this one.
  2. Mark where your pet’s feet land on the sheet.
  3. Then gently and carefully mark where the top of her head lands and where her eyes and ears are.
  4. Remove the sheet. Pinch where the top of the head mark is and draw a circle around where your pet’s feet were. Don’t worry it doesn’t need to be perfect.
  5. Cut the sheet about 3 inches above the circle you drew. You can also keep the sheet a longer where it will cover y our pet’s back.
  6. Cut out circles wise enough that you can see your pet’s eyes and a ring of fur around them. Cut out ear holes too.
  7. Enjoy taking pictures of your spooky fur baby.

DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Pet


Hipster Pet

Because your pet is so darn cool, you can celebrate his originality with an easy to make hipster costume: no cutting required!

You will need:

  • A red or blue bandana (a scarf can work too)
  • Plastic framed glasses (check the thrift store!)
  • A beanie
  • Rubber band
  • Brown felt and hair spray (optional)
  1. Collect all of your items.
  2. Optional: draw and cut out a mustache from the brown felt.
  3. Remove the lenses from the glasses.
  4. Connect the arms at their ends with a rubber band for cats or small dogs.
  5. Spray a tiny bit of hair spray to the felt to get it to stick to your kitty’s or dog’s ‘stache.
  6. Tie the bandana and slip it over your pet’s head. Position the bandana around your pet’s neck.
  7. Place the glasses on your pet. Then the beanie.
  8. Chat about poetry, indie bands, and how trick-or-treating is overrated.

DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Pet

Remember to take pictures and most pets will try to escape the clutches of any costume after just a few minutes—and that’s ok because our pets are just so cute and so adorable just as they are. If you really want a photoshoot worthy moment, try dressing yourself up as your pet!

DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Pet

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