ViviPet | The Best Ways to Keep Your Cat Warm During the Excruciating Winter Period

ViviPet | The Best Ways to Keep Your Cat Warm During the Excruciating Winter Period

ViviPet | The Best Ways to Keep Your Cat Warm During the Excruciating Winter Period

Are you going through a hard time trying to figure out how to keep your pet cat warm and safe during the winter period? Well, you are without a doubt in the perfect place. For many animal lovers, the safety of their pets is always put into consideration before cashing out the bucks when acquiring them. As an animal fanatic, I more often than not find myself crossing my fingers, and praying for the well being of my pets whenever the weather plays tricks on me. With the five senses humans were blessed with, keeping ourselves safe whenever danger strikes is as easy as 1, 2 and 3. However, for animals, their safety solely depends on our actions, and how dearly we hold them in our hearts.

Cats not only bring us a sense of pride in our homes, but also act as security agents against rodents that create havoc in our stores, living rooms, and worse, our bedrooms. The icing on the cake about cats is that they act as anti-depressors’, since they invoke a sense of love and affection with human beings, mainly when they curl themselves on our bodies. The feeling that one has when a cat snuggles and snarls when we are deep inside the blankets is way out of this world. However, they make us feel uncomfortable when they flex their muscles in a bid to fully feel relaxed and warm.

Each and every house has that one part which is warmer than the rest despite the weather conditions. They might be the rooms near the kitchen or close to the living room where a furnace is always on heat. One of the greatest ways to ensure that cats are perfectly warm is to direct them to these strategic positions. Whether cold or not, cats develop a tendency to position themselves where their masters designated them to. This move keeps them at bay from poorly insulated areas, therefore saving them from the wrath of Mother Nature.

We all got a glimpse of when winter knocks at our doorsteps, right? This knowledge can go a long way in getting us fully prepared for its consequences. Carrying out a feasibility study of our surroundings early enough saves the amount of money and time spent on making rational decisions. The ample time we have to budget and implement measures to curb the adverse effects of winter gives us a leeway through which one gets their windows fully insulated, re-caulking the windows and putting downdraft door stoppers. Having successfully put in place such measures, one can rest assured that frost will not snake its way into the interior of the house.

Improve Your Cat’s Beddings

Cats have the tendency to take a nap more often than not, especially when they are not out on a hunting spree or a walk in the neighborhood. It is often said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but have you ever asked yourself the way to a cat’s nine lives? Well, the answer is right here, beddings. Nothing keeps a cat warm and happy than a cozy bed equipped with high-quality beddings. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a king-size bed; a simple cotton box tucked with high-density beddings can work the magic. Should the beddings not rise to the occasion; a heating pad can be incorporated inside the beddings where the cat is fond of laying their body.

However, you must keep a close eye on them whenever they are under the comfort of a heating pad, as their fur might be prone to extensive damage, should the pads heat too much.  Furthermore, you can simply lift their bed off the ground to slightly some feet higher, to protect them from being affected by cold air that might sink in the ground. This keeps them warm despite the high-end side effects of winter.

Where Do You Place Your Cat, Indoors or Outdoors?

Different pet owners have different tastes and preferences on the mode of housing for their animals. However, one must keep in mind that the animal’s lifespan and well being solely depends on the owner’s preferred mode of upkeep. Despite the possibility of letting your cat out of the house, their primary habitat should always be inside the house, most especially during the winter period. But one should see to it that the housing should be far away from the basement, to avoid being prone to sabotage by the cold weather.

For those who may find it a daunting task to live with their cat under the same roof, it is advisable that they lay a strong foundation on the cat’s habitat outside. An outdoor housing may, on the other hand, be a dangerous move by itself. Not only will your cat be open to harsh climatic conditions, but also leaves them at the verge of being attacked by outsiders with ill motives. Keep your Garfield safe by raising the shelter off the ground, and ensure that it is well insulated to protect them from the adverse wind and cold. Help them keep warm by attaching a heat lamp in its interior, but one should liaise with the local authorities first on the best outdoor lamps.

How to Prepare Food for Your Cat

It goes without saying that whenever winter knocks; the best resort for me is draining few cups of coffee down my throat. Just like human beings, animals are also in need of foods that aid them in keeping their bodies warm especially during cold seasons. However, not just any foods will help your little beautiful pet in the best form. It is, therefore, prudent that one engages a qualified veterinary to conduct a feasibility study on the best choice of foods that will ogre well with your cat.

A cat’s average body temperature ranges between 102.5 and 99.5, and therefore requires more physical activities in order to attain this range whenever it is extremely cold. Your cats will become more aggressive and hungry during winter, a move which will necessitate the need for regular feeding. Moreover, feeding them substantially will pave way for you to engage them physically by indulging in gaming activities. By doing this, your cats will be kept warm in the most natural way. 

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