ViviPet | Enrich Your Summer with These Cat-tastic Activities!

ViviPet | Enrich Your Summer with These Cat-tastic Activities!

ViviPet | Enrich Your Summer with These Cat-tastic Activities!

The dog days of summer are for cats too. Don’t let your kitty fall into a rut of boredom. While your kitty may seem happy tucked neatly under the bed, she may need a bit of excitement. And it’s always important to provide your purr-buddy with plenty of mental and physical stimulation for long, happy life.


  1. Build a Boredom Busting Box

Have you ever noticed cats love boxes? It’s true! Take advantage of your cat’s natural curiosity and relationship with boxes by building a rooting box! This allows your cat to search, dig, and dive right in to find treats, toys, and fun!

Find a box lying around and fill it with outdoor materials like grass, leaves, sticks, and rocks. Hide some treats and toys at the bottom and between sticks and leaves. Leave the box on your patio or inside where your cat can explore the box at her own time.

Remember to avoid grass and clippings that may have been exposed to pesticides or fertilizer that could hurt your kitty.

Enrich Your Summer with These Cat-tastic Activities


  1. Plant an Indoor Cat-Friendly Garden

Your cat doesn’t have to go outside to enjoy the summer foliage and greenery. Plant some indoor cat-friendly plants in a planter box. If you have a patio or balcony, create a cat-tastic eco-system.

Make sure you plant catnip and cat grass. This will promote healthy digestion and create a space where your cat can roll and forage. Catnip will help her get more in touch with her playful side.

Enrich Your Summer with These Cat-tastic Activities


  1. Here Kitty, Kitty: Go Fish!

While cats don’t like baths, they do like fishing. Create a go-fish sensation by filling your tub or sink with water. You can even fill a storage bin or bowl.

Float some of your cat’s favorite water-friendly toys in the water. If you want to treat her to some new tub toys like ping-pong balls and rubber frogs or lizards. You can even try some battery-powered toys designed for kids that will swim on the top of the surface.

Your cat will have a blast as she swipes at the toys and tries to scoop them out!

Enrich Your Summer with These Cat-tastic Activities


  1. Walk on the Wild Side

If your cat spends most of her days indoors, she may enjoy some outdoor time in the morning or evening. To make this experience safer, put your kitty in a harness that fits snugly but allows her to easily walk.

Let her explore your backyard and watching the squirrels and birds. If you want to bring her outside during the hotter times of the day, create a shady oasis with a blanket or towel and some stakes.

Or take your cat on a walk. This adventure will light up her senses and fulfill her desire to escape for some summertime fun.

Enrich Your Summer with These Cat-tastic Activities


  1. It’s Time to Hunt

Cats are naturally skilled hunters. Get your cat’s heart racing by setting up a game of hunt. All you need are a few toys, string, or feathers. Your cat’s eyes will ignite as she sees these bits and bobs wiggling, crawling, or waving from a distance.

You can bet she will crawl, wiggle her bum, and pounce on this make-believe prey. Switch it up from time to time and excite her sense with catnip and jingle bells.

Let your cat indulge in some summer fun. You’ll bond and build a sense of adventure in your kitty while giving her the attention, exercise, and mental stimulation she needs. Gather those feathers, leaves, and watch you’re your kitty let loose!

Enrich Your Summer with These Cat-tastic Activities


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