ViviPet | Essential Supplies You Need for Your New Kitten

ViviPet | Essential Supplies You Need for Your New Kitten

ViviPet | Essential Supplies You Need for Your New Kitten

Essential Supplies You Need for Your New Kitten

Con-scratch-ulations! We mean Congratulations! Bringing home a new bundle of fur and purrs is one of the best experiences of a person’s life. Kittens are cuddly, sweet, and super playful, so prepare yourself for a ton of fun, you also want to prepare your home to be kitten-ready.

Even if you have an existing adult cat, it’s important to make sure your home is comfortable and you have what you need to keep your cat purring for years to come. Being a cat parent comes with the responsibility of keeping your cat safe and happy.

If your new cat-baby is coming from a shelter, you will want to prepare to properly socialize your kitten and prepare to keep her calm and safe.

Get ready for those sweet little meows and don’t stress out. We put together the purr-fect list of everything you need for your new kitten.

What You Need to Start Off On the Right Paw with Your New Kitty

  1. Toys, Toys, and More Toys

Cats are curious creatures that love to hunt. To keep your cat busy, stimulated and to keep from becoming your cat’s prey, you will want a ton of toys.

When choosing toys for your kitten, you will want to provide a wide variety to keep her interested. Find toys with feathers, catnip, lights, crunchy, and moving.


  1. Cat Scratching Post

Your cat will naturally want to sharpen her claws. If you don’t provide a proper place for your cat to sharpen her nails, she will likely choose your furniture or other places you might not appreciate.


  1. A Healthy Kitten Diet

Cat foods are labeled by the appropriate age range. You can find kitten food at your local supermarket or big box store.

Before your cat reaches six months of age, it’s very important to choose the right food. During this time your cat’s bones, muscles, and nerves form and fully develop, you want to support healthy growth.

Water is just as important as food when it comes to your kitten’s diet. Always provide plenty of fresh water for your cat.


  1. A Cute Kitten Bowl or Feeder

When choosing a bowl or feeder, you’re investing in your cat’s future and health. Your cat will eat most comfortably out of a quality feeder. Avoid plastic bowls since they can accumulate bacteria and breakdown over time.

Try an adorable, high-quality dish like our Mini Kitten Bowl or a feeder like out Mykonos Elevated Feeder. They come in a wide range of colors and help your cat maintain a natural posture while eating.


  1. A Litter Box and Cat Litter

Choosing the right litter and litterbox is important. Try unscented litter that clumps easily to make cleaning easier and keep particulate out of the air.

As for your cat’s box, you will want one per cat plus one more. And choose a box your cat can easily get in and out of while being large enough that she won’t kick litter all over your floors. We recommend you get one that she can grow into over time.

As your kitten is learning to litter train, put down a few weewee pads to catch any drop that may miss the box.


  1. A Warm and Cozy Cat Bed

Find a washable bed that is durable and made to last. Many cat parents prefer beds with a cover that zips off for easy washing. Don’t be offended if your cat snubs her bed at first, this is normal.


  1. Kitty-Friendly Cleanup Supplies

Nothing is worse than not having what you need when you have to clean up after your cat. Before stains set in or your cat makes a mess you didn’t expect, prepare yourself with pet safe cleaning supplies.

Make sure the cleanup products you choose are designed for your floorings and have enzymes that breakdown the proteins that cause odor.


  1. Collar, Leash, and Carrier

Before you pick up your new cat from the shelter or its current home, bring along a collar with an ID tag, a leash, and a carrier. You will want to get your cat microchipped, eventually.

A leash and harness cat give your cat the freedom to take a walk around the neighborhood and are wonderful for road trips.

When it comes to your cat’s carrier, you want one that won’t break and will keep your cat secure on trips to the vet or to boarding.


Most importantly, make sure you have a veterinarian nearby your home in case of emergency and for all those checkups and shots kitties need at the beginning of their lives.

So, make memories, have fun, and remember that your cat will love you as much as you love her.

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