ViviPet | Everything about Tofu Litter

ViviPet | Everything about Tofu Litter

ViviPet | Everything about Tofu Litter

Tofu litter is one of the most preferred pet litters produced from bean curd residue as main material, mixed with corn starch, vegetable adhesives and deodorant, and shape into columnar sand. Being made of 100% biodegradable and flushable materials that can be disposed into toilet or garden as fertilizer has been one of the advantage Tofu cat litter has over clay or silica crystal litter. It helps to prevent overloaded bins as cat owners now have a more convenient and faster method of getting rid of used cat litter now. It helps the cat owner with less track and its good and its Ultra-soft texture create a comfortable atmosphere for cats with sensitive paws. Tofu litter is composed of plant-derived particles with non-stick and special solidification formula that helps to create smaller and solid clumps thereby making it easy to scoop used cat litter and helps easy replacement.

Tofu litter is made from natural materials that has a Highly absorbent formula that soaks up cat urine faster than any other pet litter and also provides an excellent odor control system as it has an instant neutralizing effect to ammonia odor in cat’s urine on contact. It has a good and long-lasting Deodorization effect that enables its flavor disappears very slowly and making the litter effective for a long time. It has a Dust free formula that helps protect cat respiratory system and Keeps your litter box area and home clean and healthy.

The advantage of Tofu litter over other types of litters are;

  • Safe- it is produced from natural products which makes it harmless if swallowed by pets.
  • Soft Touch-Made from natural bean curd residue and corn starch with Ultra-soft texture that accommodates feline with sensitive paws.
  • Dust Free-It helps to protect pet respiratory tract with its zero dust components.
  • Super Absorbency and Deodorization- It quickly soaks up cat urine and neutralizes strong odors on contact.
  • Easy Disposal- The clump is highly flushable and biodegradable and easy to dispose into the toilet or garden as fertilizer.
  • Easy scooping- It makes non-stick solid clumps which is easy to remove.
  • Environmentally friendly- it produces a good smell despite cat urine and leaves an ecofriendly environment.
  • Less track, keep home clean

Tofu cat litter review

  • I love the pelleted size of Tofu litter, it’s smaller than wooden pellets I have seen, the product peach color left me in awe the first time I saw it because all I’ve ever known is a white Tofu. I was very impressed by the quick response I received from the company after I sent a mail to the manufacturer requesting for the composition of the litter. The peach color was derived from a food grade dye as I had the peach version of the litter.  There were other types like natural, green and lavender varieties!  Three documents detailing test results for toxicity, manufacturing process and specifications was also sent to me. This was brilliant information – Tofu litter have been the best so far.
  • It was easy to scoop out and stayed together well and the clumping was surprisingly good!
  • I think it has lasted more than the litters I’ve been using in time past. Though my pets prefer their usual litter as the other litter box got slightly dirtier.  I’m optimistic that they would get used to it as time goes on but at least it was encouraging to see some of them used it.

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