ViviPet | Finding the Perfect Cat for Your Life Stage

ViviPet | Finding the Perfect Cat for Your Life Stage

ViviPet | Finding the Perfect Cat for Your Life Stage

Your life stage represents an important part of your decision in adopting a cat. If you wonder why just keep on reading. So, choosing the perfect kitten isn’t an easy task to do because it’s not always about the color, or the fluffiness, or the cute little paws.

Your new best friend has to fit your lifestyle and your lifestyle has to meet the needs of your fuzzy buddy. However, age isn’t what we refer to when we say “stage” but your current lifestyle instead. So, if you’re currently interested in buying or adopting a cat, we hope you’ll find out guide helpful. Now, let’s see what’s the perfect breed for you.

  • If you’re a single passionate cat lover, consider these breeds

If you live on your own, and you’re completely focused on your profession while working hard to achieve your aspirations, getting a cat that requires lower-maintenance is a smart thing to do. Assuming that you’re probably leaving your home early in the morning and you’re away for many hours, getting a Persian, Ragdoll or Bengal cat might not be the perfect choice for you. These breeds require high-maintenance. So, we recommend buying or adopting a young adult cat who’s already socialized and knows how to behave. And by ‘behave’ we mean knowing how to entertain itself when alone and how to use the litter. But don’t forget to redecorate and reorganize your home before you get a cat. Buy cat toys and things to climb and play when alone at home. If you don’t mind keeping two, getting a bonded kitten tandem who can keep each other entertained is a perfect option for you. But if you’re not ready for it, stick to only one at the start.

  • If you’re a parent with small children, this is the breed for you

It’s no surprise that more parents decide to buy or adopt a cat at the same time they have a baby or toddler. You might wonder why. Well, raising your child in a pet-friendly environment will teach it compassion. And we all know how important that is for a child to learn in order to grow up in a mature honorable human being. So, if you are a parent with young children and you want to surprise them with a furry friend, go for breeds such as Sphynx, Birman, and Maine Coon. However, don’t forget to pick an older cat because having small children is stressful enough. Plus, you won’t be able to give your pet the proper care if young because you will be too busy taking care of your children.

And this is why we recommend getting an adult cat who knows how to behave. If you go with an older cat, know that you’re making the right choice because the older the cat, the less it moves around. However, older cats are known for sleeping a lot. So, expect to see your dearest sleeping together with their new friend while watching TV. Now, we know we’ve suggested a few breeds to consider. However, if you want to teach your child real compassion, it’s best to adopt such a breed from a local shelter. Or adopt an older kitten and teach your child a first-hand lesson about kindness and compassion.

  • If you’re a parent with older children, go with these breeds

So, let’s assume you’re a parent and you have grown up children who want to have a cat around. What breed to chose to fit your lifestyle? Well, it’s where young kittens kick in because they’re just the perfect addition to any modern family. Although your children are already grown, let’s say around 13 to 15 years old, you will leave a great example and teach them how to take care of another living creature rather than themselves. You will also teach them compassion, kindness and most important of all, responsibility. And we all know how much children lack responsibility today. We say you go for the Siberian, Bengal or Maine Coon breed. They’re more energetic than other breeds. However, don’t forget you can always adopt from shelters and save a life while getting a new friend.

  • If you’re a passionate cat lover, choose between these breeds

For starters, as cat lovers ourselves, we have to say that there’s no perfect breed for a cat lover because we simply like them all. If we could, we would adopt each and every cat on the plant. We’re sure you agree with us. But unfortunately we cannot do that, so picking out only one or ten should be enough to make us feel happy (or not?). So, if you live on your own or with a partner, you don’t have kids, you have a good career or keep a steady job that doesn’t require much traveling, getting a cat is a right thing to do.

Besides keeping you company, adopting a cat will help you clear your home from all the negativity. So, if you buy/adopt a cat and it’s always sleeping one spot specifically, know that your cat’s working on clearing the negative energy. If you’re not in a relationship, go with the Egyptian Mau, Cornish Rex or Sphynx because they ask for extra attention and like to cuddle. Also, consider choosing between these breeds if you’re living with a partner, and instead of a child, you want to try taking care of a pet first.

Older cats might also be a good option for animal lovers, especially cat lovers because we all know how important it is for an older animal to be take care of properly as it deserves. However, keep in mind that the older the cat, the bigger the risk of getting sick, so you have to take better care of it and take it to the vet more occasionally.

  • If you’re a senior, this is the perfect cat breed for you

If you’re enjoying your retiring days and you wish for some companionship, a cat is a perfect choice. They’re the perfect pets to have around. You probably assume that adopting dogs requires more care and higher maintenance. And you’re probably right. Don’t get us wrong. We love dogs. But when you’re older and you’re not as vital as you were in your young days, going after a dog, walking it and training it, can be quite a difficult task to complete every day. Even though walking the dog on a daily basis may affect your health and physical condition in a positive manner, having a cat around will probably make you feel better. As we mentioned before, they’re good at chasing away the negative energy from the home. And let’s not forget that you don’t have to train a cat to know where to use the toilet and where not, unlike dogs who have to be trained to learn. Just

imagine petting your cat in your lap while watching your favorite series.

When you’re a retired senior, there’s not much difference if you go with an older or younger cat. You will have plenty of time to spend with your feline, so feel free to buy or adopt whatever cat you want. An older one will take an afternoon nap with you, while a younger one will keep you amused and energized. We don’t recommend any specific breed if you’re a senior looking for companionship. Not because we think you shouldn’t be picky but because every cat on this planet deserves the same treatment and love, no matter the breed. We hope you can use our guide to help you out with your choice.

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