ViviPet | How to be a great cat sitter

ViviPet | How to be a great cat sitter

ViviPet | How to be a great cat sitter

There’s no doubt that your cat misses you when you’re away. But knowing he’s in the best care while you’re out of town can help him feel better and give you peace of mind. From interviewing to instructions, there are some tell-tail signs that someone truly cares about your cat.

Does Your Cat Sitter Make the Most of Her Time with Your Cat?

The best cat sitters don’t just show up, feed your cat, fill his water, and turn around and leave. They try to make the most of the visit to give your cat affection, attention, and a bit of play.

Cat Sitter Interviewing Tips

When you’re interviewing your potential cat sitters, be sure to ask them what activities they have planned for the time the plan on spending with your cat. They should have a few play activities that immediately come to mind. They should also ask you what kind of play your cat may prefer.

  • When interviewing potential cat sitters, let your kitty give them a sniff and introduce them to one another.
  • Make sure your sitter asks for your vet information and fill out a questionnaire that helps them get to know your cat better.
  • Cat sitters often have liability insurance, ask about this.
  • Watch for those natural efforts to engage with your cat.
  • Take the time to let your sitter know any quirks your cat may have. The last thing you want to happen is your cat sitter to rush your kitty to the vet because she notices your cat has a little scar on her ear. You also don’t want your cat to bite or scratch the cat sitter if she’s shy or has areas she doesn’t like to be petted.
  • Make sure the sitter knows to never force your cat out of hiding, but you may want to let her know where you cat often seeks refuge when strangers come over.
  • Ask for references and why they got into cat sitting.

How to be a great cat sitter

Before you leave your cat in the care of someone else, there are some things you can do to make the process easier.

  1. Leave instructions for care, even if you went over them in the interview. Cat sitters meet a lot of people and cats, interviews are stressful. Your sitter may not remember your instructions perfectly. Having them written down is a great reference they can use. Include an emergency contact that can help if something goes wrong.
  2. Establish a communication plan. Will your cat sitter text you when she arrives, leaves, or if she has questions? Make sure you have a backup plan in case your phone doesn’t have reception, your phone gets lost, or you are in meetings. Who can your sitter contact locally?
  3. Have a point of contact to keep an eye on things. Ask a neighbor to make sure the cat sitter is showing up. There should be other signs they’ve been over as well. Are the newspapers piling up? Is mail being brought in and the trash out?
  4. Have an emergency plan ready to go. This should include your regular vet, an emergency after-hours vet, some hidden cash or your card on file with the vet, extra food, litter, medicine, and a carrier with first aid kit.

How to be a great cat sitter

Some Small Touches to Help Your Cat Feel More Comfortable While You’re Away

To reduce stress and help your kitty miss you a tiny bit less, you can do some minor things that make a major difference.

  • Leave a t-shirt or pajama shirt where you cat likes to lounge. Your scent can be quite comforting.
  • Use a pheromone plugin like Feliway to naturally reduce her stress.
  • Leave the tv on. There are even cat-specific YouTube videos she might enjoy.
  • Try to find a sitter that will keep your daily routine similar.
  • Leave plenty of treats for the sitter to bait your cat with.

While You’re Away, Your Cat Will Play

When you go away on vacation, try your best to enjoy yourself. Knowing your cat is in good hands helps tremendously. When you’re interviewing, be sure to not rush the process and wait until the last minute. Leave toys and ask your sitter to play as much as possible with your cat. Play can help calm your cat and reduce your cat’s anxiety.

When you get home, be sure to plan a special little staycation for your kitty complete with catnip, new toys, and plenty of love.

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