ViviPet | How to Understand Your Cat’s Behavior through Their Tail 🐈

ViviPet | How to Understand Your Cat’s Behavior through Their Tail 🐈

ViviPet | How to Understand Your Cat’s Behavior through Their Tail 🐈

We love our cats and want to do whatever we can to understand them. Unfortunately, our cats have yet to master human speech. You may even notice your cat’s body language and postures but it helps to know what these postures mean.  Which is why we are carefully defining the specific meanings of feline body language. This article focuses on the subtleties of the graceful, silly, and sometimes fluffy tails of our precious kitty cats.😼

ViviPet | How to Understand Your Cat’s Behavior through Her Tail🐈


💗Tail Wrapping💗

When your kitty is weaving around our legs, she’s telling you she loves you! As she does this, you may notice, she wraps her tail around your legs. Her tail is up, her fur flat and she clearly trusts and feels bonded to you. She is content and confident and may even be asking for some affection or something to snack on. Sometimes the straight-up tail may even be quivering and showing that she is extra loving and glad to see us.


🤎Tail Angles🤎

The angle of a cat's tail has slightly different meanings and becomes more clear the more we consciously observe the signs. At a slight angle and straight, she may be saying she is unsure of what is happening.

If the angle is a bit lower and curved she may be saying she feels kind and friendly. She is not aggressive or fearful. Her tail may even form a curl or question mark shape and this also shows she is unsure but friendly.

However, a straight-up quivering tail in a cat that is not neutered or spayed may indicate that they are about to mark their territory by spraying.


🤍The Puffed Tail🤍

Sometimes your kitty might feel terrified, and she shows this with a straight-up tail with the fur puffed out. When she puffs up she is trying to make herself look bigger, and she may even hiss or yowl or growl if she still feels threatened. Her back may become arched and her entire body puffed like a feather duster if she feels more threatened.

ViviPet | How to Understand Your Cat’s Behavior through Her Tail🐈


🧡The Thrashing Tail🧡

When your kitty is angry he may begin to thrash his tail back and forth. This may start with a slight twitch with his tail up high.  But the tail may also be down lower and the angrier he gets the faster he thrashes. He is saying that he has claws and teeth and may be ready to use them. This tomcat is furious-- So look out!


💛A Low Tail💛

When the cat’s tail is low it shows that they are wondering what is going on and that they do not like it. They may be preparing to fight if need be.


💜The Tucked Tail💜

Sometimes your kitty may feel anxious, and we may see kitty’s tail is tucked between her legs. In this case, she is showing submission. She seems to be saying, “I am making myself as small as possible, please leave me alone.” This shows she’s willing to do whatever you want to avoid further interaction. On the other hand, when kitty is offended, she may turn her back and swing her tail slightly.


💙The Horizontal from the Body Tail💙

When your cat's tail is straight out or horizontal, she is feeling very relaxed and mellow. She will probably be seated or lying down as well.

The horizontal tail with a slight flick means your cat is likely to be absorbed and focused on something she enjoys watching. This can translate to her tail swishing slowly or barely flicking at the tip. This may also remind us that cats can take on a predatory role even if it is only a tiny bug or moth she is fixated on. If you wait a moment, you may see her swat a paw at whatever she’s focused on as it begins to move or fly.


❤️️Know Your Cat’s Tail, Know her Mood ❤️

Even though our pets don't know the words to share with us how they feel, cats have many forms of body language that clearly communicate their moods and reactions. Their tails can tell us specifically how they feel. The more bonded and attached we become with our cats the more clear and obvious their messages become. And the better we know them, the better we can keep our goal to make them happy and content as they share their joy and affection with us.

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