ViviPet |  Important tips about pet grooming that you might not know!

ViviPet | Important tips about pet grooming that you might not know!

ViviPet | Important tips about pet grooming that you might not know!

One area of pet grooming you might be overlooking

When it comes to pet grooming, many owners usually have the basics covered pretty well. In fact, we would make a bet that your home grooming routines look something like this - washing your dog on a regular basis, brushing their hair afterward and trimming their nails when they grow too long.

This is actually an effective grooing routine to get into, the only slight change we would make is to add one small task to it.

However before diving into what that addition is, we’ve got a quick question for you.  We would probably be right in thinking you take good care of your own teeth, brushing them first thing in the morning and again before you go to bed right? Others may even stretch to three times a day, or even after every meal!

However, when it comes to looking after their pets this is a step that many owners overlook. This isn’t putting the blame on anybody. There is a lot of contrasting information out there regarding dog’s dental health and what exactly you should do about it, which only helps to confuse the situation.

Fortunately, it is becoming scientifically clear that giving your dog a little helping hand when it comes to looking after their teeth will go a long long way in maintaining their overall levels of health and hygiene. 

With this in mind, we ‘ve put together three quick tips to keep your dog’s teeth and gums in tip-top condition.


Find a dog toothpaste suitable for your pet

Finding the right product is vital in order to keep your dog’s oral hygiene to the levels they should be.

Luckily dog toothpastes are now extremely common and work wonders when it comes to cleaning your dog's teeth. Many dog kinds of toothpaste usually contain all natural ingredients and if possible these are the items we recommend.

By using organic products you can be sure that you are doing no lasting harm to your pet’s teeth or gums by avoiding unwanted ingredients such as alcohol as well as artificial preservatives and sweeteners.


Ensure you use the correct brushing technique

Ok, so you ‘ve purchased a specialist dog toothpaste, but what exactly do you do with it?

For owners who are new to grooming their pets at home, this is the important part and it is crucial you get this stage right if you want to improve your dog’s dental hygiene.

The last thing you want to do is more harm than good by brushing too furiously or failing to get into a regular routine that will not lead to any noticeable improvements in the care of your pet ‘s teeth and gums.

Luckily brushing your dog’s teeth is actually quite simple and you can actually use a very similar technique to the one you’ve been using to keep your teeth so clean all this time.

Start by brushing your dog’s teeth with an up and down motion from their upper gum to the lower gum line, working your way from one side of their mouth to the other. Once you feel your dog is comfortable enough you can also begin to clean the inner sides of their teeth as well to really leave them with that gorgeous grin. 


Supplement grooming with healthy treats

Now, this isn’t directly related to grooming your pet but it can go a long way in improving your dog's dental care and is the part we’re sure your pet will be most grateful for!

Treats can be an excellent addition to your dog's dental hygiene routine for a number of reasons. Not only are they valuable for training purposes (such as training your dog to sit while you brush their teeth) but if chosen correctly, treats can also are also a great way to fight off plaque.

Not only are they perfect for helping keep your dog’s teeth in check but if they’re chewing on a treat it means your pet is also less likely to be causing mischief and chewing on something else they shouldn’t be!

So, there you have three top tips for looking after your pet’s teeth. When it comes to grooming it is important you look after your dog’s oral hygiene in the same way you would their coat or paws however it is important to remember that you don't have to stop here either. Keeping your pet healthy is a full-time job and there a number of dietary and nutritional 'quick wins' that can have a lasting impact on your pets overall health. 

One of these is simply adding variation to your dog's diet in the form or greens or other vegetables. Just like our tip about healthy treats, adding staples to your dog's diet to boost their nutritional needs can have amazing benefits. In fact, adding vegetables to your dog's diet would also bring their feeding habits more in line with what they would eat naturally.

Another way to ensure your dog lives a long and happy life is to ensure they receive enough exercise. Regular walks are not only great for their heart but ensuring your pet comes in to contact with other dogs can also boost their immune system and will mean you raise a sociable and friendly pooch. 

One last tip that relates back to looking after your pet's teeth and gums is to make sure your dog drinks plenty of water. After a long walk, your dog will more often than not head straight for their water bowl, but it is also important that your dog is hydrated throughout the day as well. Drinking plenty of water will also mean they clean their teeth naturally saving you time when it comes to brushing their teeth. 

Written by CleanerPaws

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