ViviPet | Improtance of interactive PLAYTIME with your cats 🧸

ViviPet | Improtance of interactive PLAYTIME with your cats 🧸

ViviPet | Improtance of interactive PLAYTIME with your cats 🧸

Play is a way to show your kitty you care and a way to help keep your cat content. When you play with your feline friend, you are showing her that you love her while building a stronger bond. Play also provides your bundle of purr with exercise, anxiety-relief, and mental stimulation. Even though cats can entertain themselves for hours chasing feathers, playing with your cat comes with loads and loads of benefits!

Play can help your cat:

  • Satisfy her hunting instinct
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Bond with you
  • Sleep more restfully afterward
  • Elevate her heartrate for better heart health

Play acts as a form of therapy for your cat. When you take the time to play with your cat, the activity is so much more fun for her! You increase the element of surprise and the difficulty of catching the prey. Don’t underestimate how much your cat enjoys spending time with you while chasing, swatting, and biting a toy!

Are Your Playing with Your Kitty the Best Way Possible?

Your cat might need some extra playtime if she expresses any of these signals:

  • Your cat is super needy and demanding of attention
  • Your cat is hanging back and hiding
  • Your cat is chunky
  • Your cat strikes when you don’t expect it.

Improtance of interactive PLAYTIME with your cats

Here are some things to have in mind when it comes to keeping your kitty’s play appetite satisfied. Help keep your kitty’s waistline trim and amp up the energy with a few of these tips:

  1. Try a variety of toys to see what your cat prefers. Once you’ve figured it out, don’t forget that she may get bored and want to try something new from time to time. From toy mice to adorable felt toys, yarn, ball, bells, and feathers, toys ignite your cat’s natural hunting instinct.
  2. Catnip can increase the excitement. If your cat isn’t in the mood to pounce, don’t hesitate to encourage her playful side with some fresh or dried catnip.
  3. Give your cat a place to climb. Climbing helps your cat connect to her sense of adventure. Hide some treats to make the game even more fun and interactive.
  4. Let her sharpen her claws. A cat tree is a wonderful way to let your cat climb and keep her claws in tiptop shape without ruining your furniture.
  5. Try a cat puzzle. For some of our senior kitties, it can be hard on their bodies when they have arthritis. Don’t let them miss out on the benefits of playtime with a cat puzzle that helps them exercise their minds.

Improtance of interactive PLAYTIME with your cats

In addition to amping up the excitement of your cat’s playtime, ensure she’s getting enough time to stretch her legs and sharpen her claws by setting aside time reserved just for play. How much? Your cat should receive a few 10- to 15-minute play sessions throughout the day or one longer playdate of thirty minutes daily.

Try changing locations and keeping the time random to help keep your kitty on her toes. If you have a roommate or significant other, encourage them to play with the cat too. You can even do double duty by playing while streaming Netflix.

Final Thoughts

Play is essential to your cat’s mental and physical health. It can bring your closer to together with your kitty while helping her indulge her wild side. Have fun and you will see a new side to your fuzzy best friend!


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