Vivipet Potential Causes of Weight Gain in Pets

ViviPet | Potential Causes of Weight Gain in Pets

ViviPet | Potential Causes of Weight Gain in Pets

Do you know that once a small playful, energetic kitten you adopted some time ago? Well, your favorite feline has now become a full-grown cat who has her favorite place to lie and watch the world go by. As our cats grow, they get bigger, but how much bigger is healthy?  And if your kitty is packing on the pounds, what is causing her to gain more chub than she needs?


  • 🧶How to Tell if Your Cat Is Overweight🧶

Where do you draw the line between an overweight cat and a cat that’s just big? One way to tell is to check her ribs, if you cannot feel them easily she is probably becoming overweight. Your cat’s belly should not droop or sag, and her waist should snip in a bit in front of her hips.

 Vivipet Potential Causes of Weight Gain in Pets


  • 🐱What Causes Cats to Gain Weight?🐱

The most common reason a cat will gain weight is consuming more calories than they are burning. There may be other reasons as well. You should consider pregnancy as a possible reason if  your kitty is not spayed and goes outside. And there are many medical or health conditions that may cause weight gain.

Female cats are more prone to weight gain, and neutering your cat will also slow down her metabolism as well which may lead to weight gain. And because older cats are less active they may be prone to weight gain. 


  • 🧸Overfeeding and Under Exercising🧸

Caloric intake is how much you feed your cat. Your cat’s caloric intake should be balanced with how much energy she burns each day. If she burns more calories than she consumes, she will lose weight. If she consumes more calories than she burns, she will gain weight.


  • 💖How to Prevent Weight Gain from Your Cat’s Diet💖
  1. You should monitor and measure your cat’s meals. Your cat should have a set diet, and not be able to free-range eat throughout the day.
  2. Avoiding giving your cat extra treats and table foods. If your cat does get treats, be sure to deduct their calories from her next meal.
  3. Good quality of food with more protein and fewer carbs and fat can also reduce your cat’s weight gain.
  4. Graduating your kitty from kitten food to adult food once she seems to be gaining weight and slows down her constant playfulness. This usually happens around one year of age.
  5. Developing a daily feeding and play schedule is good for kitty although it may take some adjustment. Kitty will soon adjust to the change. Just make it work for your schedule, stay consistent and feed kitty twice a day. Cats need 10 to 20 minutes of play every day.
  6. Try different toys and laser lights, tunnels, and cat trees.
  7. Ask your vet for advice on how much food your cat should receive while on a diet.

 Vivipet Potential Causes of Weight Gain in Pets


  • 💪What If My Cat Doesn’t Lose Weight from Exercise and a Proper Diet?💪

If your cat still appears to be overweight, you must schedule a visit to the vet. Excess weight can sometimes be a sign of a deeper, more serious, health problem.

Excess weight can be a sign that your cat has parasites, is retaining fluids, or her prescription may need to be changed. She may even be depressed or have another undetected illness. Other health issues related to weight gain include hypothyroidism, diabetes, asthma, hypertension, congestive heart failure, liver disease, or urinary tract disease just to name a few. It could also be fluid retention related to heart disease or tumors or organ diseases or even genetic defects if the cat is young. Osteoarthritis could lead to less mobility and activity and weight gain, as well.


  • 🥰Keep Kitty on a Diet Keeps Kitty Around Longer🥰

Just remember that weight gain can quickly become a serious issue or may be caused by a serious underlying health issue. While your cat’s extra rolls may be cute, excess weight must be taken seriously and changes made to ensure a long and happy life for your cat.

Vivipet Potential Causes of Weight Gain in Pets

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