ViviPet | Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Your Pet

ViviPet | Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Your Pet

ViviPet | Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Your Pet

COVID-19 has been hard on all of us. We’ve relied on our pets more than ever for comfort and companionship. So, if your four-legged best friend has a summer birthday, there’s a good chance you want to repay your pet’s love with an unforgettable and unbelievable summer birthday bash.

Getting your friends together to celebrate your dog or cat is a great way to release some of the pent-up stress from quarantine. Plus spending time with our beloved pets isn’t just fun, it’s good for you, so sharing the love with your friends and their pets just makes sense.

Are you ready for pawty that will be a blast for your best buddy, other pets, and your human friends (Don’t’ worry—we have social distancing suggestions and ways to celebrate digitally)? Try one of these pet-friendly and fun party ideas:


  1. Have a Pup-tastic Picnic!

Fresh air, tasty food, and furry friends: what could be better? Planning a picnic at a nearby park is a great way to celebrate your canine companion’s birthday. Invite your human friends and their dogs. Help the birthday boy or girl stand out with a special hat, a new collar, or a festive outfit.

Reserve a pavilion or bring along blankets and folding tables. Remember to bring lots of water bowls (and water) for the puppers. Plan dog-friendly games like fetch, blowing bubbles, and guess-the-hand.

Make or order a dog-safe cake and party favor treats to take home.

COVID-19 modifications: remind guests to wear face masks, provide hand sanitizer, stay 6-feet apart, and BYO-food-and-drinks.

 ViviPet | Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Your Pet


  1. Create a Pet-Friendly Photoshoot

Want the most Insta-cute celebration for your dog or cat? Plan a party and make it a social media sensation with bright and bold photo backdrops. Adding in props and a banner for your pet amplifies the fun and photo opportunities. Be sure to order party hats and accessories that will fit your dog or cat.

Your pet will feel special as he or she gets to pose, play, and party with other guests.

How can you make the purrfect photo backdrop without breaking the bank? Use birthday wrapping paper taped to the floor and wall, with streamers on the sides or toward the front for a bit more dimension. Don’t forget the balloons and pennants while you’re at it.

 COVID-19 Modifications: Have a face mask decorating contest. Whichever guests shows up with the best facemask design will win a prize.


  1. Webcam? Yes Ma’am

With the risk of COVID-19 and a second wave, your best bet may be to have a blast with your best friend and invite your entourage to join digitally. You can still enjoy decorating your home, dressing up your dog or cat, and getting to see your loved ones.

If you don’t feel up to decorating, you can just make a small backdrop or use a digital background and position the camera in front of it. To help your dog or cat focus on the webcam, put a bell, squeaker or toy above or beside it. You can even hang a feather wand toy nearby the webcam to help your kitty steal the show.

Remember to take screenshots and captures to post to social media.

 ViviPet | Summer Birthday Party Ideas for Your Pet


  1. Throw a Themed Party

No matter which option you choose, you can always make it better with a unique theme. Themed parties get everyone involved and excited long before the party starts. Remember that everybody loves a costume party!

Some creative, quirky, and hilarious themes include:

Swapping Places: Pets dress like their people and vice versa

Halloween in Summer: Spooky or kooky, show up in your best costume

Christmas in July: Elves, Reindeer, Santa, and more!

Red, White, and Zoo: Dress up as your favorite animal

Poodle Skirts and 50s Shirts: Show up in your best retro or vintage outfit


  1. One Fun Celebration for Your Cool Cat

With times being tough for so many, consider having a box or giftbox decorating contest for your cat instead of gifts. Your cat will love the boxes and your friends can show off their crafting abilities. DIY cat toys are another great gift that won’t break the bank.


Happy Birthday to Your Best Friend!

Don’t have a lot of time to plan? When all else fails, you can always set up a few kiddy pools for your canine friends and enjoy some cool drinks as you watch them splash about.

We hope your pet’s summer birthday party is paws-down the best time you have this year! From celebrating virtually to having a picnic, we hope you’ll get creative and celebrate in a way that is just as unique and special as your pet.

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