ViviPet | Summer Safety Tips for Cats

ViviPet | Summer Safety Tips for Cats

ViviPet | Summer Safety Tips for Cats

The summer air is full of chirping birds, chippering chipmunks, and dancing butterflies. And while your kitty may want to spend the day lying in the sun watching all these critters enjoying some summer fun, it may not be the best idea. Why? Because sunbathing in a full-fur outfit can lead to heatstroke.

Looking for another way to keep your kitty safe as summer heats up? We have tips to keep your kitty safe!


  1. Keep Your Kitty Hydrated!

Encourage your cat to drink, drink, drink by keeping plenty of freshwater available. Cool water will feel like a treat to your cat happily hydrated. Make the water bowl more exciting with a few ice cubes.

A water fountain will also increase your kitty’s water intake. The sound of flowing water will energize your cat’s thirst instinct and ignite a newfound love of water.

Summer Safety Tips for Cats


  1. Cats and Cars Don’t Mix

You’ve probably heard that you should never leave a dog in the car with the windows up, but this is also true when it comes to cats. Even with the windows cracked, the interior of your car can heat up quickly. The window’s glass magnifies the heat of the sun and turns your car into an oven.

Summer Safety Tips for Cats


  1. Don’t Let Your Cat Go on a Cat-Escapade

Keep the windows tightly closed and your window screens secure. Cats often try to sneak out when the weather heats up a bit. While you may allow your cat in the backyard from time to time, you don’t want him to have free reign of the neighborhood. Why?

You cat might not have access to water or may even get too hot outside.

Summer Safety Tips for Cats


  1. Create a Shady Oasis for Your Kitty in the Backyard

If your cat is an indoor/outdoor kitty, be sure he has some refuge from the sun. A beach umbrella or a little tent will do the job!

This can prevent your cat from getting a sunburn and from overheating.

You can put a little bed in the shade to make it extra comfy.

Summer Safety Tips for Cats


  1. Don’t Let Bugs Bug Your Best Friend

You may love summer, but do you know who else loves this season? Bugs. Don’t let them take a bite out of your buddy with flea and tick prevention. This doesn’t just keep your cat from getting bit, but it will also prevent more serious illnesses like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Summer Safety Tips for Cats


  1. Watch for Signs of Stress or Distress

Your cat could become quickly dehydrated or too hot. Some signs your cat may not feel her best include:

  • Sweaty paws
  • Pacing
  • Restlessness
  • Panting
  • Inability to catch her breath

Summer Safety Tips for Cats


  1. Don’t Skip Those Vaccines

Summer is a great time to stop by the veterinarian. While you’re there, be sure to check to make sure your cat’s vaccinations are current. Rabies, distemper, and FIV will protect your cat if she sneaks out and comes across an unwanted friend.

Summer Safety Tips for Cats


Summer may be filled with sparklers and sunshine, but there are a few safety issues you want to be aware of. From bugs to high temperatures, keep your cat safe and enjoying all the fun summer has to offer with our safety tips. Luckily, a bit of mindful attention and prevention will keep your kitty healthy and safe.


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