ViviPet | 😺The Benefits of Cat Scratchers🧶

ViviPet | 😺The Benefits of Cat Scratchers🧶

ViviPet | 😺The Benefits of Cat Scratchers🧶

Have you ever wondered why your kitty, or all cats for that matter, love to scratch? It’s not just because your cat likes the look of her own claws. It’s more than just needing to stretch her back. And spoiler: your cat doesn’t get joy out of ruining your sofa. Scratching is an extremely beneficial activity for cats. It helps them physically and mentally. Ready to be surprised by how much scratching can mean to your cat? Read on.


  • Scratching Helps Your Cat Feel Clean

There are several ways scratching helps your cat physically.

First, scratching is a way your kitty can groom her claws. The act of scratching lets her file, sharpen, and clean her nails, so they’re squeaky clean and ready to make muffins on your lap. Cleaning her claws also reduces and eliminates gross bacteria and viruses.

Cats prefer to be clean and well-groomed. And for grooming and healthy paws, your kitty scratches to remove the outer layer of the claw by scratching.


  • Scratching Helps Your Cat Stretch

Second, scratching helps your cat stretch her muscles and get in a little exercise. When she does this, her brain releases feel-good hormones.


  • Scratching is a Way of Marking Territory

When cats sharpen their claws, it is a way of marking their territory. This occurs through the visual process and signs that your cat has been there and by releasing a unique scent from glands in her paw pads.

By putting her mark in her territory, it lets your cat feel more relaxed and at home. When you adopt a new cat you may notice they are more on-edge until they have their space well marked.

 The Benefits of Cat Scratchers vivipet


Providing Healthy Scratching Opportunities😏

Since cats scratch every day, and it is normal and natural, they need their own scratching place or places. This will decrease the chances that they scratch the furniture and destroy things they should not as well. In the wild, cats use objects like old logs or tree trunks, but indoor cats need something nondestructive to scratch. Otherwise, it’s “Good-bye, sofa!”

There are many types of scratchers on the market. But by far the simplest cat scratchers and most effective are cardboard varieties. Cats enjoy most something they can shred and something that makes a noise as they shred it

To provide your cat with something she wants to sharpen her claws on, it must be appealing, attractive, and convenient from her point of view. Think about texture, shape, size, and location for your cat’s preferences. Several cardboard scratches are the perfect way to provide your cat with scratching opportunities around the house and keep your belongings from being shredded.

Place your cardboard scratchers in prominent areas where your cat can easily find them. Some could be on window sills, others in corners, closets, or under beds.

Once your kitty has discovered and claimed her scratchers, she will be less attracted to other objects in the house and will feel happy and secure in her self-marked area.


The Benefits of Cat Scratchers vivipet 


When Adopting, Welcome Kitty Home with a Cardboard Scratcher🥳

When arriving in a new home, a scratching post or pad is very useful in helping your newly adopted cat to feel at home. It can also help her burn stress by vigorously scratching. It will also provide a secure marker that is theirs in their new home.


Don’t Be Mad When Kitty Sharpens Her Claws😉

Sometimes kitty may scratch things around the house that should not be scratched. To prevent this it is very important to provide enticing alternative scratching options. After all, it is a natural and instinctive behavior for kitty. And every cat needs stimulation through interesting experiences and to feel comfortable and secure.

Surprise your cat with her very own ViviPet cardboard scratchers. Place them in surprising and interesting places around the house and enjoy watching her discover and use each one.

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ViviPet  Pawsome Feeder

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