ViviPet | The Cat’s Meow: The Many Benefits of Cat Grass

ViviPet | The Cat’s Meow: The Many Benefits of Cat Grass

ViviPet | The Cat’s Meow: The Many Benefits of Cat Grass

Even though cats are carnivores, they still instinctively want to munch on green plants from time to time. This means if you let your indoor kitty outside, she would probably find some grass to nibble on. Cats are compelled to eat grass because it speeds up the digestive process and helps settle their stomachs. Even though your cat’s regular diet provides her with adequate nutrition, many cat parents choose to bring in the outdoors in by growing cat grass.

What Are the Benefits of Cat Grass?


The grass is a great source of dietary fiber. When a kitty eats cat grass, that fiber helps speed up and stimulate digestion. Because of its high level of fiber, cat grass works as a natural laxative to assist in breaking down constipation. It can even help your cat pass a hairball or other blockage. The detoxifying properties of cat grass also help eliminate toxins in your kitty’s system.


When your kitty’s stomach feels a bit funny, then cat grass can help her regurgitate, or vomit, to clear her stomach and feel better. If your cat eats something she’s allergic to or something toxic, she will naturally eat cat grass to help bring it back up.

Because cats are carnivores, they lack the enzymes that help break down plant matter like vegetables or grass. This makes grass induce vomit for your cat. If your cat vomits more than three times in a row, you will want to see your vet, though.

Fur Balls

All cats, especially long-haired, indoor kitties, struggle with hairballs. Cats’ barbed tongues catch and remove excess or loose fur as they groom themselves. They often swallow this fur which ends up in their stomachs.

Cats that are allowed to go outside will nibble on grass to help them process their hairballs, but indoor kitties don’t have this option. Cat grass can help them pass hairballs through their systems or cough them up if they’re too large to pass beyond their stomachs. Consuming cat grass regularly can also help your cat prevent hairball-buildups in her belly.

A Dietary Supplement Rich in Vitamins

Cat grass doesn’t just have valuable fiber, it is also an excellent source of vitamins. These include Vitamin A, niacin, and Vitamin E for a healthy heart. In addition to those helpful vitamins, cat grass also contains the range of B vitamins, including vitamins B12 and B3 which assist in keeping your cat’s skin and coat healthy and shiny, speeding up her metabolism, boosting her immune system, and preventing anemia. B vitamins have also been shone to lower the risk of pancreatic cancer.

If you notice your cat eating excessive cat grass, you may want to check with your veterinarian because it could be a sign that she’s lacking vitamins or other nutrients.

Stimulate the Circulatory System

When you think of grass, your kitty’s heart health may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but it should! Cat grass has folic acid and chlorophyll which are vital to the process that makes hemoglobin. Increased hemoglobin can reinvigorate your cat and bring out her playful side.

Cat Grass vs. Outdoor Grass

If your cat is free to graze outdoors, she could become ill. Our lawns can have harmful chemicals like herbicides or pesticide that can poison your cat. Indoor cat grass gives your cat a safe alternative. Indoor cat grass can also prevent your cat from eating poisonous plants like lilies if she goes outdoors.

How to Grow and Care for Your Cat Grass

You can grow cat grass from seed. Soak your seed in water for six to eight hours before sprinkling them over moist soil. Then place your seed tray somewhere dark. Water your seeds daily. It takes about a week for seeds to mature.

After your seeds sprout, keep your cat grass somewhere warm and sunny so it will survive indoors. You can also purchase cat grass that’s already grown!

Keep your cat grass where your kitty can freely graze.


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How to grow cat grass

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