ViviPet | Top Tips for General Cat Care

ViviPet | Top Tips for General Cat Care

ViviPet | Top Tips for General Cat Care

Our adorable cats have wild roots and special needs. If you’re considering bringing home a new bundle of fur or looking to step up your cat parenting game, there are some things you need to know and do.

Basic Cat Care
Basic Cat Supplies

If you’re preparing your home for a new cat or kitten, be sure you provide them with

  • Toys
  • A bed
  • Cat collar with your contact information
  • Water bowl
  • Food dish
  • Brush or comb
  • Litter
  • Litter box
  • Scratching post
  • Treats
  • ID tag
  • Cat carrier
  • Scratching post



Most cats do best with two petite meals per day or one larger meal.

When choosing your cat’s diet, you want to select a food that has a good reputation and high-quality ingredients. Always take a quick peek at the ingredient list to see what it offers your cat. Food with high levels of animal protein as a top ingredient is often better for cats.

Your cat needs taurine and amino acids.

Top Tips for General Cat Care


Feeding Your Kitten

Kittens from six to twelve weeks old should receive four meals per day.

As they get a little older (from three to six months), kittens need to be fed three times every day.

You can find kitten food at your pet store or online.

Avoid feeding your kitten or cat cow’s milk-based foods like yogurt or cream cheese. This can cause diarrhea.

Clean your cat’s bowl often.

Your cat’s diet should only be about 5-10% treats.

Cats need constant access to fresh water.

Top Tips for General Cat Care



Different cats have different grooming needs. While most cats do a good job of keeping themselves clean and tidy, you can use cat wipes to give your kitty a helping hand to stay fresh.

Brushing your cat regularly will reduce shedding and cut down on hairballs. You can also bathe your cat from time to time.

Top Tips for General Cat Care


Litter Box and Litter Training

All cats that live inside need litter boxes. A single cat house should have one to two litter boxes, placed in an easy-to-reach spot. Most cats prefer a private location like a closet or bathroom.

Cats will naturally use the litter box without much help.

Clean your cat’s litter box frequently but avoid using strong scents or fragrances.

Top Tips for General Cat Care



If you cat sneaks outside, you can help her find her way home by keeping an ID tag on her collar and having her microchipped. Be sure to register her microchip with your information.

Top Tips for General Cat Care


Exercise and Play

Cats need to play. They have the natural instinct to hunt. Cats usually prefer toys that mimic their natural prey and their prey’s movement. So, toys that look like mice, birds, frogs, and butterflies.

The type of play and boundaries with play you set when your cat is a kitten will stick with her as she matures into a cat.

Top Tips for General Cat Care


Scratching and Nail Sharpening

Cats have an instinct to sharpen their claws. This helps them shed the dull, older layer of their nails. A scratching post and a scratching pad can provide your cat with the opportunity to scratch in a positive way and avoid damaging your furniture.

Top Tips for General Cat Care


Health and Checkups

Kittens should visit the veterinarian based on their vaccines and booster shot needs. Adult cats should receive checkups annually or twice per year.

If you believe your cat has been injured or is sick, you should always go to the vet immediately.

Your veterinarian can spay or neuter your cat. Female cats need to be five months old. This will prevent pregnancy and encourage your male cat from trying to escape.

Ask your vet about flea and tick prevention.

Top Tips for General Cat Care


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  • I found it helpful when you said that kittens must visit a veterinarian based on their needs for vaccine and booster shots. This is something that my husband and I will remember since we are interested in purchasing Toyger kittens next Wednesday. We want to have companions at home, so it will make sense for us to properly care for our kittens.

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