ViviPet | What You Need to Know About CBD Oil for Cats

ViviPet | What You Need to Know About CBD Oil for Cats

ViviPet | What You Need to Know About CBD Oil for Cats

We’re sure you’ve been wondering what CBD oil is and how it can benefit cats. Well, we can help you better understand how it can quickly reduce pain and discomfort, anxiety and depression, and make cancer treatment more manageable for your kitty.

Learn more about why cat owners all over the country and beyond are turning to CBD oil to make their cats’ lives better.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is a medicine widely used by humans. CBD is an acronym for Cannabidiol which is extracted from the flowers, stems, and leaves of the cannabis plant. Most people recognize cannabis for its active compound, THC, but CBD is quite different from THC in that is does not have any psychoactive effects.

Unlike THC, CBD oil is used for healing and getting healthy and has become very popular in veterinary use. It helps improve a cat’s life by alleviating inflammation, stress, and pain. The oil form of CBD is highly concentrated which makes it highly effective as a therapeutic intervention and medicine for cats.

How Does it Work for Cats?

If you’ve ever given your cat a vitamin or supplement, you are familiar with how CBD oil works, especially if you’ve given your cat a gel capsule. The capsule dissolves, and the vitamin is dispersed through your cat’s body via her circulatory system.

CBD specifically interreacts with your cat’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) which controls and regulates your cat’s mood, pain sensation, and sleep. As you probably guessed, these are the areas affected by serious health problems. CBD oil adds cannabinoids to your cat’s ECS which can reduce pain, increase sleep, improve mood, appetite, and immunity.

CBD oil for cat

How Can CBD Oil Benefit Your Cat?

The more we know about CBD oil, the more we’re astounded with its wide range of benefits for people and pets, especially cats!

Cats often develop issues late on in life. CBD oil helps treat these in addition to

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Pancreatitis
  • Asthma
  • Arthritis
  • Digestive or gut inflammation, including Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Seizures
  • Cancer
  • Neuropathic pain
  • Nerve pain

Will Your Kitty Get High from CBD Oil?

Long story, short: no. While most people recognize cannabis as being related to THC, CBD oil does not contain THC, the active ingredient which results in a high. It’s physically and chemically not possible for your cat to get high from CBD oil.

Because it can’t get your kitty high, CBD oil is legal. THC is the only strain of cannabis that contains psychoactive properties. While both THC and CBD have pain-relieving properties and anti-anxiety characteristic, only CBD is not psychoactive.

When choosing a CBD product for your cat, make sure you choose a pet-safe strain.

CBD oil cats

How Should You Use CBD Oil?

When you first begin CBD treatment for your kitty, you want to start off slow and low. Let your cat ease into a CBD routine by adding it into her diet which can reduce the risk of negative reactions.

Your veterinarian can recommend the most accurate dosage amount for your cat. One common rule is that 1mg to 5mg is safe for every 10-pounds of your kitty’s weight. When you first start a CBD routine, keep the dosage around 1 to 5mg.

CBD Oil Side Effects for Cats

Most vets agree that CBD doesn’t have many negative side effects for most cats. Because cats are unique, you will want to consult a natural or holistic vet for additional advice for your cat.

One side effect many cat owners report is sleepiness and mild sedation in their cat. This can make your kitty seem more relaxed and lethargic. You can lower the amount of CBD oil to solve this if you find it to be an issue.

Other side effects you may notice include nausea, vomiting, increase or decrease in appetite, and anxiety. If your cat expresses any of these, ask your vet about them before continuing with CBD oil.

CBD Can Help Your Kitty Feel Better and Live More Comfortably

CBD oils have a wide range of benefits for cats! Remember to always use pet-safe varieties and pay attention to your cat’s side effects, but CBD oil can help your cat manage her pain, arthritis, anxiety, and many other ailments.

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    Kellee McCombie on

  • I fully support CBD for pets. My sweet standard poodle just recently passed at 17 years old and using CBD really helped her in her last couple years. It helped with her anxiety tremendously. She lost most of her sight and she would be very anxious when we weren’t home. The CBD really helped with that and helped to ease her aches I think. I think CBD is just a really great product that can help a variety of issues in pets and people
    IG: mymainebinx

    Binxsmom on

  • Thanks for sharing all this great info on CBD! I’m a big fan of using it with pets. Last year my kitten was unfortunately given a FIP diagnosis. Euthanasia was recommended immediately, but I didn’t feel he was ready to leave us. I got him some supplements including CBD to help make his remaining time with us a comfortable as possible. It worked like magic! He was able to eat, which gave him more strength. He fought the FIP for 3 months when the Dr didn’t think he’d make 3 days.

    IG- little_louie18

    Kristin on

  • I think it’s on awesome option for cats. I’m pretty positive that we used it for our recently passed cat to help increase her appetite. I love her and my cats so much so it’s nice to know that using something like this can help relieve and pain or problems they have to give them a better quality of life! on

  • I support all things CBD. Like humans, some cats’ life will be so much better! Cheers! 🐱🐱

    Joyce ( on

  • Though I confess I do have concerns with using CBD oil even at the recommendation of a vet. I feel my Shadow ,who is showing signs of age at the age of 16, could benefit from this and help her. I do have a question, if she isn’t reacting well to this oil, would she have any withdrawals? My cat even when going through a bad time doesn’t show signs of pain. She had surgery for an abscess on January and since then I feel she aged in ways she wasn’t showing before. I would really love to give this a try.

    @blue94eagle on

  • The CBD oil sounds amazing! Wish I could have used it for Mallow during the many visits to the vet and the clinic to keep him calm. Altho, would love to use it when we take Muffin or Toast to the vet – they get super stressed during car rides. We recently moved and would love to bring Toast over a couple times but am aftaid of how anxious he will get in the car every single time and I hate to see him freek out.. It’s so great that stuff like this excists to help kitties! The stress-relief isn’t even the best part like it’s helps for nerve-pains and cancer?! INVREDIBLE.

    Stefanie (@mallowthemarsh_) on

  • Would love to try this for my Hunter Ray! He’s quite an anxious little guy and I’m sure he would really benefit from this!!
    IG: @_kittysunshine_

    Stephanie McCurry on

  • edited to below post by adding my IG name I would love to try cbd for my cat. We love to take her on weekend trips in our car and she used to be really good with traveling with us, but the last year or so she has become increasingly anxious. We would rather not leave her at home alone or in boarding and would still like to take her with us if possible and cbd might do the trick! Thanks for this post. 😺😽

    @misspennysophia on

  • I would love to try cbd for my cat. We love to take her on weekend trips in our car and she used to be really good with traveling with us, but the last year or so she has become increasingly anxious. We would rather not leave her at home alone or in boarding and would still like to take her with us if possible and cbd might do the trick! Thanks for this post. 😺😽

    Penny on

  • I strongly encourage my friends who have pups to try CBD products because they help with common anxiety-related issues like separation anxiety. I like CBD dog products that contain no THC so my furry friend do not feel any of the psychoactive effects like he would with marijuana. I usually pay attention to absorption (high quality CBD product has higher absorption for more effective product), THC level, and other ingredients (natural and no fillers).

    Florentia Gozaly on

  • We have not any experience with it. But some from here probably helped. We believe in it!

    norwegerleben on

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