ViviPet | Deluxe Pet Bed


$ 52.99 $ 59.99

Is your pet taking over your bed (and you secretly like it)? You can now add an additional relaxing place for your furball. It's like a mini couch/bed for them four cute paws. It's made with high-quality polyester and cotton mix to give a tough texture to withstand any itchy mouth.

How to grow:

    • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Say NO to pet sofas with cheap, uncomfortable fillers. Our beds are made with EPS foam that will not lose its shape, ever. High-quality materials for your highness.

    • EASY TO CLEAN: It's SUPER easy to clean. The soft, fuzzy mat is removable, along with the whole bed is washable. Remove the EPS foam filling and cotton pillows before putting it the washing machine.

    • GO GREEN: We celebrate Earth day every day! With that being said, we love to encourage people to put their old clothes and toys up for another purpose. We design a Pet Bed case just so it could be stuffed with broken toys, used clothes, lonely single socks. Let's give them another purpose to serve you!

    • Pet Bed case can be purchased separately at a discounted price.