ViviPet丨Ceramic Mini Kitten Bowls - Set of 6


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Are you a crazy cat person? A universal bowl that’s perfect for both humans and kittens! Our Ceramic Kitten Bowl Set is designed to prevent whisker and stomach stress for your favorite feline as well as provide a pop of color to match your decor. It can also be used decoratively around the home.

  • PROMOTES HEALTHY EATING: elevated for maximum comfort when eating/drinking.  Cats are natural “crouch” eaters and do not like to eat in a standing position.

  • SAFE & MODERN DESIGN: the curvature of the bowl is designed to center food rather than having food scattered all over the bowl reducing stress for your favorite feline. Functionality meets fashion.

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: dishwasher and microwave safe; easy to clean; and made to USA FDA standards.

  • DIMENSIONS: 4” x 3" x 1” - Our Ceramic Bowl is perfect to alleviate stomach stress while eating/drinking for your small kitten.

  • CHOICES: Comes in 6 different colors (Blue, Green, Black, White, Orange, and  Yellow)

  • DUAL FUNCTIONALITY: Perfect for your favorite feline and yourself.