Tabby the Tiger Toy - VIVIPET
$ 10.99
Rudy Roo the Rooster - VIVIPET
$ 10.99

ViviPet Designed | Ruby the Owl Dog Toy

$ 10.99
Type: Dog Toy

ViviPet introduces hand-made pet toys! Made with premium felt, individually crafted and most importantly, designed with love. Fun for small to medium-sized dogs. Soft enough for small dogs to chew on while tough enough to be chewed on.


  • MULTI-USE: We designed this product to be used in multiple ways. First, it’s intentionally made for dogs to play with. 

  • PROMOTES QUALITY TIME: Whether you’ve got a pup or a senior dog, our toy provides a fun way to get them to run around and engage with you!

  • MEASUREMENTS: Each cubed toy is measured around 6" 

Have a cat? We have a mini Harley the Hippo along with other animals for the Zoo Collection! Check them out here!


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