Ruby the Owl Dog Toy


$ 10.99

ViviPet introduces our newest hand-made themed toys! They are so cute that you might want to keep them for yourself -- which you totally can. Made with premium felt, individually crafted and most importantly, designed with love. Fun for small to medium-sized dogs. Soft enough for small dogs to chew on while tough enough to be chewed on.


MULTI-USE: We designed this product to be used in multiple ways. First, it’s intentionally made for dogs to play with. Second, they're so darn cute even hoomans can collect them for fun! 

PROMOTES QUALITY TIME: Whether you’ve got a pup or a senior dog, our toy provides a fun way to get them to run around and engage with you!

MEASUREMENTS: Each cubed toy is measured around 3.5" 

COLLECT THEM ALL:  Did you know Ruby the Owl has 5 other friends you can collect?