Individual Packaged | Zoo Cat Toys - VIVIPET
$ 3.50
Individual Packaged | Sky Cat Toys - VIVIPET
$ 3.50

ViviPet Designed | Ocean Cat Toys - Individually Packaged

$ 3.50
Type: Accessories
SKU: CTY-O-Tetrafish

ViviPet introduces our newest hand-made themed toys! The packaging is designed to be reusable so as to not create more waste. It's beautifully crafted and is a ViviPet signature design so you won't find it anywhere else! Made with premium felt, individually crafted and designed with love.


  • MULTI-USE: We designed this product to be used in multiple ways. First, it’s intentionally made for cats to play with; they are sprinkled and seasoned with some meowijuana catnip). Once your cat is bored of it or when it is not in use, you can use it as your phone accessories or attach it to your keychain.

  • MEASUREMENTS: Each car toy is measured around 3.25" 

  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: an Individually packaged toy that can be used as a treat maze!

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