ViviPet | Anti-Ant Feeder


$ 49.99

Do you have a problem with ants invading your cat's food bowl? So did we, so we've designed this cute and functional feeder to keep those pests out. 


  • EASY TO USE: Simply fill the bottom dish with some water. Put the top bowl into the water-filled tray and voila! No more pests in your pet's food bowl.

  • SAFE & MODERN DESIGN: The width of our bowls are designed to be wide and flat enough for cats of all breeds and sizes may comfortably enjoy meal time without their whiskers getting in the way. The curvature of the bowl is intentionally made to center the food, reducing the mess that we know our pets can make.

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: 100% Human grade Ceramic. Dishwasher and microwave safe which makes them a breeze to clean; and made to USA FDA standards. We make only the best for your kitties.

  • MEASUREMENTS: 5.5in x 10in x 10in

  • MATERIALS: Ceramic

  • INCLUDES: One large food bowl and one large water tray