Elevated Feeder - Aimi Collection (white)

SKU: pdt-a2-ww
$ 49.99

Looking for an elevated feeder that is not tilted? Our elevated dining table is designed at the perfect height for your cat to eat from at a flat angle. Beautifully handcrafted pine wood table which includes 2 cute cat-shaped bowls and a ceramic tray for growing wheatgrass to promote healthy eating!


  • PROMOTES HEALTHY EATING: elevated for maximum comfort when eating/drinking to prevent neck strain.

  • SAFE & MODERN DESIGN: The curvature o the bowl is designed to center food rather than having food scattered all over the bowl reducing stress for your cat.

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Dishwasher and microwave safe; easy to clean; and made to USA FDA standards.

  • MEASUREMENTS18” x 8” x 5.5”

  • CHOICES: includes set of 2 bowls and tray with choice of colors and patterns.

BONUS: includes Ceramic Wheat Grass Tray that can be used to grow cat grass to promote healthy eating as well as a pack of free Cat Grass Seeds & Water Beads.