ViviPet Designed | Duckie Squeaky Dog Toy - VIVIPET
$ 7.99
ViviPet Designed | Pawsome D Bowls - VIVIPET
$ 26.99

ViviPet Designed | Flying Squirrel Squeaky Dog Toy

$ 7.99
Type: Dog Toy
SKU: Dog-Toy-003

Your dog will definitely fall in love with this squeaky dog toy. It might just be their new best friend!


  • PERFECT SIZE FOR FUN: The Flying Squirrel Squeaky Dog Toy is a perfect size for small to large size dogs. Filled with squeakers that can entertain your dog.

  • BYE, BYE BORED DOGS: This super cute dog toy doubles as an interactive dog game that you can play with your dog! 

  • LONG LASTING TOY: This toy is made with a tough material that can help the toy lasts a lot longer than the regular plush toys. Made with Polyester and Cotton.

  • SQUEAK ATTACK: Each toy is stuffed with one large squeaker that keeps dogs playing longer with the squeaky sound they love.

  • 2-IN-1 PLAY: The fun doesn’t stop at the stump. Perfect for toss and fetch, these durable and tough toys are great for a fun game of fetch indoors and out!

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