ViviPet丨Elevated Feeder - Pawsome Collection


$ 49.99

Our dining table line is much more than a pet feeder. It's your pet's very own dining table. The elevated feeder is made of compressed real wood, one of the most luxurious water resistant finishes which will not stain and 1 premium ceramic bowl that fits perfectly with the dining table. The finishing touches include the sleek diamond-shaped design under the ceramic bowl representing the unique and luxurious brand.

  • PROMOTES HEALTHY EATING: Raised pet feeders allow your dog to have a healthy posture while eating which helps improve their digestive health. This feeder measures 7” high which is perfect for medium sized dogs -- like the doge Shiba, Corgi, Bulldog, Collie, etc…
  • CLEAN FEEDING: Elevated bowls keep the food off the floor since moisture underneath pet bowls is a great place for bacteria and mold to grow. This feeder comes with a high-quality ceramic bowl that can hold up to 2 cups of dry/wet food.
  • MODERN DESIGN: This raised pet bowl stand is well made with 3 easy to install pieces (head, neck, and stand). Not only it is good for your dogs, it also looks nice in your home.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: The stand is made with real compressed wood, which will withstand any forces or pressure. There are 4 layers coating on this feeder stand to protect and reduce water and scratch damages. There are two types of ceramic bowls, one is a regular bowl and one is slow feeder bowl. We also designed the Slow Feeder Bowl for dogs who eat too fast and choke often when eating
  • SIZE: Feeder comes in one size.

CHOICES: This elevated wooden feeder comes in 4 colors (white, black, pink, and blue), along with 2 colors of the ceramic bowls.