The TOFU Cat Litter 

that Solves All Problems

ViviPet Tofu Cat Litter

After two years of R&D, we developed the perfect formula for you and your cats!

Find Your Best Litter

Three nature formulas that make our life much easier

Clumps in 3 seconds, outstanding odor control, soft on paws, Design for kittens, senior and picky cats

Original formula primarily made with nature bean curd. Pellet cat litter with zero tracking

Unbeatable odor eliminations comes with 10% charcoal. Non-tracking, flush-able, dust free guaranteed


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Benefits That You Can Instantly Feel

2 years in development, over 1000 feedback, 10 Edge Advantages

  • 99% Dust Free
  • Anti-tracking, No mess

  • Last Longer, Five Times Saving

  • Incredible Odor Control

  • Fast Clumping In 3 Second

  • Flush-able & Easy To Dispose

  • Made With 100% Natural Soybean

  • Lightweight, Environmentally Friendly 


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What Cat Lovers Say

4.9-Star Rated

tofu cat litter customer review
tofu cat litter customer review

“I got this because my kitten was eating her other litter and I was scared she would get sick. She has ate a little of this and I feel better since it's tofu. Meow!”— Amanda, K.

"Research how bad clay litter is for our health and the environment and you'll never use it again. But with this, you won't even miss it."— Laura, R.

"Don't compare litters based on weight. This litter is a great price because it's lightweight AND works!"— Jessica, S.

"Worth the price!!! I've spent enough money on litter to buy a car. Lol. So, I'm glad I've found one that is worth the price. This litter lasts a lot longer than other brands I've tried and keeps my house from smelling like a litter box."—Gina, Y.

Easy Steps to Switch

Three Easy Steps to make our planet a better place!

Week 1

Switch traditional cat litter to tofu litter

Half tofu cat litter 

 Half litter cat usually use

Week 2

Switch traditional cat litter to tofu litter

2/3 tofu cat litter

1/3 regular cat litter

Week 3

Switch traditional cat litter to tofu litter

All tofu cat litter

Thank for being eco-friendly :) 


If your cats don't adopt to ViviPet Tofu Litter, we will refund you your money back!

It's More Than A Cat Litter

Three irresistible reasons to switch to ViviPet Tofu Cat Litter