ViviPet Designed | Wheatgrass Water Beads Combo

$ 7.99
Type: Accessories
SKU: CGS-0030003NT-A1

Organic Wheatgrass will help your cat with their hairballs tremendously. With the water beads included in the package, you don't need to constantly watch and nurture the grass.

  • PROMOTES HEALTHY EATING: A healthy diet for your cat includes a balance of highly digestible real meat and vitamin-rich vegetables. Not only this will help with hairballs and it also provides additional nutrition for your pet's diet.

  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC: The package comes with 1 pack of Hydro clay pebbles and 1 pack of domestic Non-GMO organic wheat grass seeds; Non-fade, Non-Toxic, 100% Biodegradable, Non-Flammable guaranteed; USDA certified.

  • SAFER OPTION: Homegrown cat grass is a safer option for your feline as you need not to worry about what they might be eating outside of the home.

  • EASY TO GROW: Easy to plant and you don't have to deal with the dirt; keep your home tidy.

  • COMBO SET: Buy together with the Ceramic Pot.

    How to grow:

    • 1: Pour water and hydro clay pebbles in the container and soak for about 6 hours. Remove excess water after beads have expanded.

    • 2: Soak seeds in another container for about 6 hours. Remove from water and rinse. Soaking for too long will affect plant growth.

    • 3: Sprinkle seeds evenly on top of expanded beads. Do not move beads and keep container lid closed until seeds germinated. Remove lid after seeds germinated.

    • 4: Place growing container somewhere with fresh air and ideally in the sun. Do not let waterline reach higher than 1/4, otherwise, it will affect plant growth. Keep grass moist with water spray daily. Under most circumstances, grass can be served in one week.

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    The advantage of Tofu Cat Litter over other types of litters: 

    Safe – Produced from natural materials making it harmless if swallowed by pets. 
    Soft Touch – Made from natural bean curd residue and corn starch with an ultra-soft texture that aids felines with sensitive paws. 
    Dust-Free – Helps protect pet respiratory tract with its zero-dust components. 

    Super Absorbency and Deodorization – It quickly soaks up cat urine and neutralizes strong odors on contact. 
    Easy Disposal – The litter is flushable and biodegradable making it easy to dispose into the toilet or be used as fertilizer for your garden. 
    Easy scooping – Non-stick solid clumps are easy to remove. 
    Environmentally Friendly- The litter is biodegradable which is safer for the environment. 

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