Sparklers Cat Toy Set

by ViviPet

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$ 12.99

The Sparklers Teaser Cat Toy has everything your cat needs for a fun-filled session of play time. This cat teaser wand is made with a strong plastic pole that is attached to a sparkling head, so you can keep the game going even if your cat catches on, resulting in hours of interactive fun.

Key Benefits:

HEALTH BENEFIT: This teaser pom poms provide interactive, entertaining, and mental stimulation. Satisfy your cat’s instinct of curiosity and playfulness.
PROMOTES QUALITY TIME: Whether you’ve got a kitten or an elderly cat, our toy provides a fun way to get them exercising and engaging with you!
3 IS BETTER THAN 1: Good things come in threes. This colorful, fun toy set comes in three. You can place the sparklers everywhere around your house now! Especially one in the bathroom since your cats love to watch you… unload your dirty business.
STRONG, DURABLE WAND: This magical wand is made with strong plastic that can endure rough play from your cats. It is flexible for constant back and forth waving and twirling.


  • Pole: 19.25 inches long
  • Sparklers: 6.5 inches long
  • Color: Rose, Yellow, and Blue