Impeccably Smooth Makeup Blending Sponges


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No woman's makeup collection is complete without a cute makeup sponge for smooth, flawless blending to create a perfect radiant nothing but skin complexion.


  • [UNIQUE DESIGNS AND MULTI-FUNCTIONAL]: Our makeup sponges come in a unique variety of colors and shapes designed with different needs in mind. They are for all purpose use, perfect for concealer, primer, foundation, powder, cream, blush, bronzer, etc.

  • [LONG LASTING AND HYGENIC]: These sponges are made from a latex-free, antimicrobial foam to help combat any bacteria (although we would still recommend washing it regularly) and are built to last. By using a dense elastic, these sponges will be blending your makeup flawlessly for more than just a couple months.

  • [USE WET OR DRY]: We recommend using these sponges wet, but they can also be used dry. When wet, these sponges expand and become softer to better blend.