ViviCat Selected | Self-Watering Planter & Cat Grass Seeds Combo

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Soil-free cat grass with the transparent planter will be a saver for your cat's healthy digestion. This combo is super easy to plant and more importantly, you do not have to deal with dirty soil.

Self-Watering Planter Set Content Description:

  • 1oz of domestic non-GMO organic wheatgrass seeds.
  • 1 Coconut Coir
  • 1 Self-watering planter/4''L x 5''H

Cat Grass Combo Content Description: *Refill option for self-watering planter

  • 1oz of domestic non-GMO organic wheatgrass seeds.
  • 1 Coconut Coir

Grass Seeds Content Description:

  • 1 LB of domestic non-GMO organic wheatgrass seeds.


Instructions for self-watering planter set-up:

  1. Thread the yarn through the larger hole in the white container. Keeping half of the yard inside the top white container and half of the yarn touching/sitting in the bottom clear container (where the water will go later).
  2. Place the coconut coir inside the white container. Wet the coconut coir enough to allow it to expand. Break apart the coconut coir to create soft bedding.
  3. Continue adding water to the planter. Make sure the water stops right before it touches the white container.
  4. Sprinkle seeds evenly on top of coconut coir.
  5. Place planter somewhere with fresh air and ideally in the sun, watch it grow!


* Remember to replenish water when it is running low. The "root" (yarn) at the bottom of the planter will draw water up.
* Please note that watering the plant cannot exceed the inner white basket container, it will cause plant death by waterlogging.

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The advantage of Tofu Cat Litter over other types of litters: 

Safe – Produced from natural materials making it harmless if swallowed by pets. 
Soft Touch – Made from natural bean curd residue and corn starch with an ultra-soft texture that aids felines with sensitive paws. 
Dust-Free – Helps protect pet respiratory tract with its zero-dust components. 

Super Absorbency and Deodorization – It quickly soaks up cat urine and neutralizes strong odors on contact. 
Easy Disposal – The litter is flushable and biodegradable making it easy to dispose into the toilet or be used as fertilizer for your garden. 
Easy scooping – Non-stick solid clumps are easy to remove. 
Environmentally Friendly- The litter is biodegradable which is safer for the environment. 

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