ViviPet Designed | Ceramic Q Bowl

$ 19.99

Did you know cats are natural crouch eaters and prefer eating from an elevated position? Our Ceramic Q Bowls are designed to prevent whisker and stomach stress for your favorite feline as well as provide a pop of color to match your decor. Functionality meets fashion.


  • PROMOTES HEALTHY EATING: Elevated for maximum comfort when eating or drinking.  Cats are natural “crouch” eaters and do not like to eat in a standing position.

  • SAFE & MODERN DESIGN: The curvature of the bowl is designed to center food rather than having food scattered all over the bowl reducing stress for your cat

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Dishwasher and microwave safe; easy to clean; and made to USDA, FDA standards.

  • DIMENSIONS: 6” x 5.5” x 4.5” 

  • COLORS: Blue, Teal, Pink, Yellow, and Purple.

Q Bowls_ Vivipet_ceramic

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    The advantage of Tofu Cat Litter over other types of litters: 

    Safe – Produced from natural materials making it harmless if swallowed by pets. 
    Soft Touch – Made from natural bean curd residue and corn starch with an ultra-soft texture that aids felines with sensitive paws. 
    Dust-Free – Helps protect pet respiratory tract with its zero-dust components. 

    Super Absorbency and Deodorization – It quickly soaks up cat urine and neutralizes strong odors on contact. 
    Easy Disposal – The litter is flushable and biodegradable making it easy to dispose into the toilet or be used as fertilizer for your garden. 
    Easy scooping – Non-stick solid clumps are easy to remove. 
    Environmentally Friendly- The litter is biodegradable which is safer for the environment. 

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    Review on cute cat bowl

    I like the cat bowls and so do the cats. My only complaint is you can not put much water in them because they tip forward a bit. I like the idea of tipping forward for older cats and they are on legs so they don't have to lean down. As a matter of fact one of my cats lays down and drinks from it. Both my cats are water drinkers so I am constantly filling it up. I still would buy them again if I needed to. Easy to clean also.


    Extremely Happy! These were recommended by a friend, and not only are they adorable but they helped get rid of my cats chin acne and that was exactly why I got them! Plus they shipped relatively quickly. Very satisfied.


    We have 2 cats, ages 15 and 6. Every morning they each get a portion of canned food. The problem is our older kitty had all but stopped bothering with his canned food and the younger one ended up getting both. My mom got a set of these bowls for them for Christmas and the difference was instant and drastic! From the first time we served them in these bowls, he licked it clean! I couldn't be happier as we were starting to wonder if age was catching up with him. Apparently he was just uncomfortable bending to eat and having his whiskers touching the sides of a traditional bowl. Great job Vivipet, I recommend these to anyone who gives their cats canned food!